Courtney Opens Up About Her Sexuality - SmoshCast #3 Highlight


  1. Courtney Miller

    Courtney Miller6 ヶ月 前

    As I said on Twitter, thank you guys so much for the support you’ve been sending my way. It means more than you know. I wanted to come out and be open about who I am because that’s what I’ve always done. And I want to instill that openness and freedom in all of you. Again, thank you. 💓

  2. Ayden Mcminn

    Ayden Mcminn2 ヶ月 前

    Courtney Miller I’ll always support you personally I’m a attack helicopter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. E Fluty

    E Fluty2 ヶ月 前


  4. Natalie Pettigrew

    Natalie Pettigrew3 ヶ月 前

    @Izzy McKenna it is only two genders pan is where you like everyone

  5. Ayden Mcminn

    Ayden Mcminn4 ヶ月 前

    We will always love you ❤️ and support you

  6. A YouTube Commenter

    A YouTube Commenter6 ヶ月 前

    Courtney Miller I know that you're trying to figure out what sexuality,and obviously it's not like for sure or I'm telling you exactly what you are but I still want to help out, and by what you said (specifically "Everyone's hot") you might be pansexual. Of course I don't know your mindset or what you are going through so obviously I could be wrong but basically pansexual means you like all genders so if that applies to you, maybe you should look more into it, but obviously I don't know your situation. I'm just trying to help you as much as I can through a comment on a video because I've been through what you're going though and it's really tough

  7. Advice Queen

    Advice Queen20 時間 前

    Tis i, the lesbian of the table!

  8. business daddy

    business daddy2 日 前

    the fact that the first people she told were joe and matt makes my heart melt,,, smosh dads... :’)

  9. Tuti A

    Tuti A2 日 前

    She said she started liking girls realizing she was looking at comics that were over sexualizing women, everyone in the comments just proud of that fact.... 😎

  10. George Antonelis

    George Antonelis3 日 前

    Buurn the witch

  11. A BCD

    A BCD3 日 前

    Shes bi... saved you 4mins .. thank me.later

  12. Hunter - PUBG Mobile

    Hunter - PUBG Mobile4 日 前

    Courtney is Straight Bisexual for me i think she likes men more

  13. Jalen.T Productions

    Jalen.T Productions4 日 前

    And Shartney died

  14. Gamy Palit-ang

    Gamy Palit-ang5 日 前


  15. Leus Angeles

    Leus Angeles6 日 前

    I loooooove her sooo much and Olivia Sui

  16. SpAzSpAnIeL

    SpAzSpAnIeL8 日 前

    I’m bishreksual

  17. Faith Rae

    Faith Rae11 日 前

    I relate to her so much.

  18. Drawing with Tamar פרל

    Drawing with Tamar פרל11 日 前

    YAAAAAAAAS my bisexual queen💙💜❤️

  19. Oliver Mackenzie

    Oliver Mackenzie12 日 前

    Courtney is my favourite member of smosh....she’s just the best and that’s facts

  20. elizabeth.barks127

    elizabeth.barks12713 日 前


  21. SomeEarthBean :3

    SomeEarthBean :313 日 前

    There’s Straight (attracted to the opposite gender) Bisexual(attracted to both genders) Pansexual(Dating dude to personality) Homosexual(Attracted to the same gender) Lesbian and Gay (Same as Homosexual) (Sorry if I missed one) Whatever you are, I support you! Be proud :)

  22. Peggy Schuyler

    Peggy Schuyler17 日 前

    " i don't know! everybody's hot! " as a pansexual, i so feel this. courtney, you are amazing. 💖💗

  23. Rosina Burr

    Rosina Burr17 日 前

    COURTIVA!!! I ship them so hard it hurts lol

  24. Squicx

    Squicx17 日 前

    Courtney liking girls... nice! (I’m 15 I’m allowed!!!)

  25. cm gm

    cm gm19 日 前

    is... Is Courtney like... pan?

  26. Nathan Lake

    Nathan Lake19 日 前

    I totally accept you Courtney! Love you!

  27. p e t t y

    p e t t y21 日 前


  28. Løvey Lies

    Løvey Lies21 日 前

    Corntey: isnt straght shyne: WHHYYY

  29. Nevan Skene-Baker

    Nevan Skene-Baker22 日 前

    Good on Courtney

  30. CharL Leclorc

    CharL Leclorc22 日 前

    Wait doesn’t she like Chris Pratt????

  31. Rose C

    Rose C22 日 前

    Court, I think the word you’re looking for is Pansexual :)

  32. Mano Mano

    Mano Mano24 日 前

    Don't understand is she sayings that's she is transsexual ?!!

  33. Victoria Alexandra Scaggs

    Victoria Alexandra Scaggs24 日 前

    Maybe pansexual fits better. I’m pansexual and genderqueer. I support you. I love Courtney. I’m also really Really Really attracted to her.

  34. Thatone_emogirl

    Thatone_emogirl27 日 前

    It sounds like your pansexual

  35. Artifex Serena

    Artifex Serena29 日 前

    Queer or Pansexual would be the best label if you've really decided you aren't straight. I go by Pansexual because it's personality based and open to all genders and sexualities whether they're male, female, gender fluid, gender queer, non binary or non gender conforming, whatever it doesn't and won't affect how I Love them. Queer is basically an umbrella term for people who don't identify as straight. Though, you don't need to label yourself. Although your sexuality in some Light does define you, it's not what everyone should focus on. You can just say "I'm not straight" and leave it at that.

  36. BubbleGriffin

    BubbleGriffinヶ月 前

    loving all genders and sexualities is called pansexual.

  37. kelsea mae

    kelsea maeヶ月 前

    Maybe pansexual?!!💛💖💙 ily courtbourt i’m biiiii lol

  38. Scarlet Clough

    Scarlet Cloughヶ月 前

    thank u for being so open about this courtney

  39. Leo Roy

    Leo Royヶ月 前

    2:33 Damien's awesome supportive friend moment 3:27 Ian's awesome supportive friend moment Maaaaaaaaan, people can be super cool sometimes :)

  40. Daring Dog

    Daring Dogヶ月 前

    So does Courtney think she might be pan or just bicurious or something or does she not want to put a label on it? I don’t mind? I’ll support her either way, but it just seems like she’s describing herself as pan

  41. Kylie Belverstone

    Kylie Belverstoneヶ月 前

    okay but...Wonder Woman is everyone's type

  42. NickIsAStick 11

    NickIsAStick 11ヶ月 前

    So is she pansexual?

  43. LeadTheElite

    LeadTheEliteヶ月 前

    I no longer like Courtney.

  44. Kuudere Chan

    Kuudere Chanヶ月 前

    So are you pansexual I’m flat out gay which is fun

  45. Jackie Arellano

    Jackie Arellanoヶ月 前

    Ugh I love her so much marry me please!

  46. Rudolph Minda

    Rudolph Mindaヶ月 前

    Courtney I support you cuz I'm bisexual and I'm glad that you were able to come out to this many people like millions! And I could already tell that you were not straight,and that is perfectly fine. I could only come out to like five people in my family.and so that is why I think it's amazing that you can just open up to people just like that,and I know it wasn't that easy.i love you girl and you be you😘😍😻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  47. Justin tastic

    Justin tasticヶ月 前

    I always thought I was straight but I started getting aroused around drugs

  48. Fun with Ally

    Fun with Allyヶ月 前

    Sounds like pansexual to me

  49. WinterxMidnight MSP

    WinterxMidnight MSPヶ月 前

    I fully suport you courtney (BTW my name is courtney!)

  50. Robert HUN

    Robert HUNヶ月 前

    I feel like we will reach a point in the world where gay people will look down on straight ones , because the world works in strange ways , but it might as well just be extinction at that point

  51. Robert HUN

    Robert HUN21 日 前

    @Dragon Ritterstein I didn't think about that , but it makes sense that being said at that point I'd rather see extinction

  52. Dragon Ritterstein

    Dragon Ritterstein21 日 前

    Robert HUN Nah. They will just use Modern Technology to reproduce.

  53. Leaves

    Leavesヶ月 前

    I'm hetershreksual.

  54. the randums

    the randumsヶ月 前

    Pan is for every one

  55. Sarah Suntheimer

    Sarah Suntheimerヶ月 前

    She articulated my feelings exactly! Love you girl. Everybody's hot.

  56. Jamila Cortez

    Jamila Cortezヶ月 前

    So... Damien eventually nodded for more than 30 times.

  57. Bano Banana

    Bano Bananaヶ月 前

    Thanks, it’s not everyday someone can come out and be completely honest about how they feel

  58. Dev

    Devヶ月 前


  59. The Salt shaker

    The Salt shakerヶ月 前

    I'm 99.99% lesbian that .01% is for Joven

  60. Anelia Holterman

    Anelia Holtermanヶ月 前

    Thank you courtney this helped me so much to come out.

  61. christinamodelstits

    christinamodelstitsヶ月 前

    It’s 2019 and now it’s trendy to be more than ‘just straight’

  62. Richard Drake

    Richard Drakeヶ月 前

    Cortney everyone's type is wonder wonder woman that's the one constant

  63. Casey Miller

    Casey Millerヶ月 前

    "idk everyone's hot." Me, a pansexual: *nods enthusiastically*

  64. Drawing with Tamar פרל

    Drawing with Tamar פרלヶ月 前


  65. Krysta Andersen

    Krysta Andersenヶ月 前

    I feel the same and I'm super happy she talked about this because I've never heard someone say something this close to how I feel

  66. McKenna Galatas

    McKenna Galatasヶ月 前

    Courtney if you see this great but if not thats ok. you have been my favorite from smosh since the beginning (i still love everyone) but you are kinda like me, blonde, blue eyed, and just tries to be their best self but awesomely funny (last one was manly you) and our story is kind of the same and i understand your confusion and i love how you helped ian and damien to understand your story, just thank you, your funny and great

  67. coco_bottles

    coco_bottlesヶ月 前