Contagion movie review

A virus threatens mankind and the race to find a cure is on in contagion. As a big fan of viral threat movies, Jeremy gives his opinion on the lates pathogen thriller.
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  1. Lance NewJersey

    Lance NewJersey7 分 前

    Oh I get why JPgo recommend it in 2020

  2. Nick's Film Corner

    Nick's Film Corner12 分 前

    At least once a day this video’s been recommended to me since the beginning of March.

  3. Marlon S.G.

    Marlon S.G.時間 前

    You were not looking for this video it just should up in your feed

  4. FA S

    FA S時間 前

    Why did this just get in my feed?

  5. eric castellanos

    eric castellanos3 時間 前

    This review is 7 years old. Why is it in the recommended to me right now I wonder?

  6. alback

    alback3 時間 前

    Thanks JPgo!

  7. Mebli Jebli

    Mebli Jebli4 時間 前

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  8. Mauricio Vasquez

    Mauricio Vasquez7 時間 前

    Oh OF COURSE JPgo recommended this to me now…

  9. Glodus Muspell

    Glodus Muspell7 時間 前

    He looks like Jason Biggs

  10. hunnerdayEDT

    hunnerdayEDT9 時間 前

    The sequel is rated: a hard time, lots of alcohol least 60%...😭😭🍺🍺😷😷

  11. YaBoiJay TheGamer

    YaBoiJay TheGamer9 時間 前

    In all seriousness I love the movie and watch it every now and then but... its gonna hit different next time I see it.

  12. YaBoiJay TheGamer

    YaBoiJay TheGamer9 時間 前

    Fuck you JPgo, I don't need this horrifying movie reccomended to me right now...

  13. harlemdeni

    harlemdeni13 時間 前

    Well, who would've thought this shit will turn out a real worldwide situation.

  14. Milky Eggs

    Milky Eggs14 時間 前

    Why does Younger Jeremy look older than old Jeremy

  15. Bret.Stang4.6

    Bret.Stang4.616 時間 前

    Oh March 2020 JPgo recommendations you think you’re funny huh.

  16. ethan

    ethan17 時間 前

    Woah your face without a beard

  17. Venkatesh K

    Venkatesh K19 時間 前

    April 2020..its real bro 😭😭

  18. The Terbear

    The Terbear20 時間 前

    Who's watching this since Covid-19 happened?

  19. HeroInaHalfPint

    HeroInaHalfPint21 時間 前

    why did this come up in my recommended 😳

  20. Seriously Synical

    Seriously Synical21 時間 前

    This film turned into a documentary in 2020!

  21. Anna Goosman

    Anna Goosman22 時間 前

    The JPgo algorithm has to be joking

  22. Mike Faller

    Mike Faller22 時間 前

    He looks so weird without his beard...

  23. Austrian Alucard

    Austrian Alucard22 時間 前

    Maybe you should wash your hands more often.

  24. ClickBait101

    ClickBait10122 時間 前

    Why was this suggested to me

  25. Michael Watkins

    Michael Watkins23 時間 前

    Netflix took it off in Australia. I wanted to watch it for shits and giggles 😿

  26. Shubham Chavan

    Shubham Chavan23 時間 前

    I'm Pretty Sure you wouldn't like its sequel in 2020, Jeremy.

  27. Yeet Motzirilla

    Yeet Motzirilla日 前

    Literally I have a shit ton of videos about this movie in my recommendations... shit

  28. D-Town 7639

    D-Town 7639日 前

    Who would have thought that this movie was based on a true story but in the future..... lol

  29. Fabrizio Lorenzo

    Fabrizio Lorenzo日 前

    Of course this is in my recommended...

  30. knight

    knight日 前

    Bieber fever lol simple times

  31. USMCHernandez

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  32. Sak Reacts

    Sak Reacts日 前

    Not suprises, JPgo recommended me this

  33. Nimm Maina

    Nimm Maina日 前

    I'm from the future .. Yeah .. Shit got real

  34. G.T.O. The Public Beta Test

    G.T.O. The Public Beta Test日 前

    JPgo’s algorithm is an asshole.

  35. cyan10101

    cyan10101日 前

    watching this during the Coronavirus in 2020, man Jeremy looks so young without facial hair!

  36. Y2J Guy

    Y2J Guy日 前

    I'm Jeremy subscriber but JPgo has been recommending this old ass review from before even I was subscribed like 6-7 years ago but now I see why

  37. Red Davis

    Red Davis日 前

    The true ending hasn't even begun.

  38. Silvio Benenati

    Silvio Benenati日 前

    Damn JPgo. Your recommendations are getting dark.

  39. Sidhant Wankhade

    Sidhant Wankhade日 前

    This movie is aged the best

  40. Andrés Maya

    Andrés Maya日 前

    Who dis? 😱😱😱

  41. Vic Holtreman

    Vic Holtreman日 前

    So glad you grew the beard.

  42. iamlasbrey

    iamlasbrey日 前

    in 2020, Life imitating Art

  43. Bmanritchie

    Bmanritchie日 前

    Corona 2020 anyone?

  44. Alex 物の哀れ

    Alex 物の哀れ日 前

    Thanks for the suggested video youtube.....Assholes.😂

  45. Jason Ruediger

    Jason Ruediger日 前 we're living it.

  46. Mathew Lourido

    Mathew Lourido日 前

    Just here on earth while the sequel is being filmed world wide.

  47. Bo Cowan

    Bo Cowan日 前

    I love how JPgo recommended this 😂

  48. Twinblades

    Twinblades日 前

    Thanks JPgo lol

  49. Quin Kelly

    Quin Kelly日 前

    2020 corona virus this video is so topical

  50. Namukolo Siyumbwa

    Namukolo Siyumbwa日 前

    So uh...this is awkward.

  51. Stick Wan

    Stick Wan日 前

    corona virus outbreak.... youtube recommendations:

  52. Rock Zombie

    Rock Zombie日 前


  53. piffpiff17

    piffpiff172 日 前

    Why did JPgo recommend this now? 🤨

  54. og87

    og872 日 前

    Love these kind of movies now Jeremy? 😂 HOW ABOUT LIVING IN IT.

  55. Uncomfortable Cat

    Uncomfortable Cat2 日 前

    Thanks, JPgo.

  56. Khandar William

    Khandar William2 日 前

    Well well well Who's watching this in 2020 pandemic?

  57. Sadman Sobhan Raabith

    Sadman Sobhan Raabith2 日 前

    2020 anyone?

  58. Derek Larsen

    Derek Larsen2 日 前

    I watched both of them in back to back nights. Agree with your review. Especially in today’s times, I feel like Contagion had A TON of relevant stuff that we’re currently dealing with with COVID. But there’s much left out that could’ve made this epic. Outbreak is slightly better. Though unrealistic. At least until we have a virus with a 100% mortality rate that is airborne and kills in 48 hours. Then, maybe. But this storyline was dramatic and was much more about how a military response vs. scientific response to saving people and I enjoyed that dichotomy.

  59. N****Plz

    N****Plz2 日 前

    Oh, shit.

  60. ohryan9872

    ohryan98722 日 前

    Omg no beard

  61. Jack Isacksen

    Jack Isacksen2 日 前

    its here. lol... Like he said "we're all screwed". #2020

  62. Wayne Nicholson

    Wayne Nicholson2 日 前

    As long as we're not visiting 'Walking Dead' reviews in 2021 and saying "Well Shit"

  63. Amanuel Girma

    Amanuel Girma2 日 前

    I wish Jeremy knew that he just reviewed a preview of corona virus

  64. The Lancer

    The Lancer2 日 前

    well it had to happen right...

  65. MurderGiraffe19

    MurderGiraffe192 日 前

    Hey guys, anyone know why this was in my recommended?

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  67. Andrew M

    Andrew M2 日 前

    I do not like how this showed up in my recommended in march 2020. Not funny JPgo

  68. Jimmy D

    Jimmy D日 前

    Same here... like, no, I don't need to be reminded everywhere of what's happening. I'm already trying to find a (mental) escape!

  69. Daniia Roxyo

    Daniia Roxyo2 日 前

    How are you holding up?

  70. 22RiaKon22

    22RiaKon222 日 前

    This vid just showed up in my recomended and... damn, someone got much more handsome with their age ;)

  71. drethekiller

    drethekiller2 日 前

    JPgo has a sick sense of humor recommending this video on March 2020... And I love it! Happy Corona guys

  72. Rangil

    Rangil2 日 前

    I got this in recommendation. Hmm jeremy, do you know something that we don’t 🤔🤔?

  73. Conrad Monson

    Conrad Monson2 日 前

    Bieber fever 2 years ago. Wow, amazing how time flies

  74. Inappropriate Username

    Inappropriate Username2 日 前

    Thanks recommendations

  75. AuGustine

    AuGustine2 日 前

    Wow... This movie is sooo 2020

  76. Gavin Puccio

    Gavin Puccio2 日 前

    Oh the great algorithm has suggested this to me in these trying times. What humor JPgo has

  77. Kunal Arora

    Kunal Arora2 日 前

    This movie became relevant again after 9 years damn

  78. borgtennis

    borgtennis2 日 前

    This movie is spot on when you are in 2020, The good news is as of March we will probably not have millions of deaths in the US.

  79. KrazyKris93

    KrazyKris932 日 前

    Wow I just got recommendationed this video just as a pandemic happens.

  80. Markus Mattila

    Markus Mattila2 日 前

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    4TH AJG PLAYS2 日 前

    i guess this just popped up on my recommendations because of the corona virus

  82. James Edwards

    James Edwards2 日 前

    Goodness, he looks like a bebe.