Cole Summer: Episode 2


  1. KryptonIstheFuture

    KryptonIstheFuture3 ヶ月 前


  2. favour okor

    favour okor4 ヶ月 前

    Who knows the name of the song at 2:29

  3. Random Person

    Random Person4 ヶ月 前

    favour okor before I’m gone

  4. PSG PSG10

    PSG PSG105 ヶ月 前

    My man Omen

  5. Christopher Hussle

    Christopher Hussle5 ヶ月 前

    I couldn't stop staring at that pimple bruh.

  6. Martin Washington

    Martin Washington6 ヶ月 前

    2019 And Cole remains. THE G.O.A.T


    CHRIS PEI 2020 SG ECHHS年 前

    2018... still not another artist like cole

  8. Angie Paszek

    Angie Paszek2 ヶ月 前

    almost 2020 ;)


    THA BEAST2 年 前 I have faith if you listen you won't be upset, he is working a 9-5 and did this in his closet!

  10. olai kintel

    olai kintel2 年 前

    Comparing cole to "big" rappers like wale? WALE??🚮🚮

  11. Bimmer Boy

    Bimmer Boy2 年 前

    Damn, I remember looking back at these Cole summer episode 5 years ago waiting impatiently for the Sideline Story to drop. 5 years later, I still get the chills just thinking about his next album, still waiting impatiently. That's what REAL music and REAL artists do. Cole World! GOAT!

  12. Fight Week! Podcast

    Fight Week! Podcast2 年 前

    Bimmer Boy u a gay ass nigga

  13. N TP

    N TP2 年 前

    Bimmer Boy 4 your eyez only 🔥

  14. LifeAndTimelessArt

    LifeAndTimelessArt2 年 前

    j cole let me be part of the team please ...

  15. nut master

    nut master3 年 前

    Cole look so different with a buzz cut lmao

  16. Jose Guerra

    Jose Guerra3 年 前

    whats the name of the first song

  17. KO

    KO3 年 前

    Return of Simba

  18. Chron1cG4mer

    Chron1cG4mer3 年 前

    He sounds so happy over a couple thousand Now look at him

  19. I Love Chicago

    I Love Chicago3 年 前

    Look at him now!! 😢🙌🏾 dreams do come true

  20. TheRelentlessKnight

    TheRelentlessKnight3 年 前

    is that coles brother? 3:45

  21. TDE

    TDE年 前

    no maybe cousin

  22. Umm Junaid Nur Moebius

    Umm Junaid Nur Moebius3 年 前

    Proud of the Man he is and the way he carries himself.

  23. jaidyah b

    jaidyah b3 年 前

    1:08 Dad? Is that you?

  24. Mini L

    Mini L3 年 前

    J.cole is incredible to come from where he did and have his mind set he is remarkable I wish I had known of him sense he first started but 2 year supporter here.

  25. Rayson Godson

    Rayson Godson3 年 前

    Better sooner than later I always say. Respect to cole for making music with substance in a watered down culture.

  26. Ron Lowe

    Ron Lowe4 年 前

    Cole my #1 new rapper but Kendrick, B.O.B, Drake, Wale, Nippsey all are the greastest generation of rappers we had since Tupac, Biggie, Nas, Jay z, AZ and Snoop started out!

  27. Shaba Clank

    Shaba Clank年 前

    Ron Lowe you only had two artists right in that 5 you listed lol. Never know what the future holds

  28. olai kintel

    olai kintel2 年 前


  29. jstuy1

    jstuy14 年 前

    +Mario Vega kill ya self just die

  30. Mario Vega

    Mario Vega4 年 前

    Biggie is wack

  31. Derrick Johns

    Derrick Johns4 年 前

    Lil snupe? Meek mill?

  32. filay

    filay5 年 前

    Before I'm Gone

  33. Carlos Gamino

    Carlos Gamino年 前

    Will always be my favorite J Cole track

  34. L00N3Y C00N

    L00N3Y C00N3 年 前

    Guessing that's the song so thanks lol

  35. Domoanother1

    Domoanother15 年 前

    Prolly the 100th time watching this jcole is just a poet of life, fan forever

  36. AyWaL TeeZy

    AyWaL TeeZy5 年 前

    this a real nigga

  37. Daniel Imahiyerobo

    Daniel Imahiyerobo5 年 前

    Hey whats the song playing from about :30-1:00?

  38. Kh Lh

    Kh Lh5 年 前

    return of simba

  39. Chris Tolbert

    Chris Tolbert5 年 前

    The Biggest Mixtape to drop In the Carolinas! The hottest upcoming and independent artist hosted by me (@Who_IsSwale) ->

  40. JoJo_all day!

    JoJo_all day!5 年 前

    what's the song at 5:11

  41. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee5 年 前

    before I'm gone - friday night lights

  42. Ruth Munguia

    Ruth Munguia5 年 前

    El es tan noble *-*


    WINKY BROWN5 年 前

    hoops dreams

  44. Amboo !!!

    Amboo !!!5 年 前

    cold world.....+ I got cold man shit

  45. The Water Empress

    The Water Empress5 年 前

  46. Shyanne Harrison

    Shyanne Harrison6 年 前

    noooo, his Auntiee

  47. Christopher Hussle

    Christopher Hussle5 ヶ月 前

    that pimple tho

  48. Brian A.

    Brian A.6 年 前

    Arthur Agee on that intro.

  49. Wilvin

    Wilvin6 年 前

    How can he be half white and mostly black? To be "mostly" something means MORE than half. But if he's already half white, he can't be more than half of any other race.

  50. B-Rai87

    B-Rai876 年 前

    he's half white but mostly black

  51. nash ibrahim

    nash ibrahim6 年 前

    Love u! U're really the best! One in a million!

  52. JUAN

    JUAN6 年 前

    Whats the first song the one on the intro?

  53. spiritual lyrical individual

    spiritual lyrical individual年 前

    JUAN return of simba

  54. Faith S.

    Faith S.6 年 前

    mine toooooo, so dope

  55. Travor Jackson

    Travor Jackson6 年 前

    my favorite

  56. hardballete1

    hardballete16 年 前

    his aunt

  57. Kemani Glenn

    Kemani Glenn6 年 前

    Aunt @jacob ball

  58. I Love Chicago

    I Love Chicago6 年 前

    Yesss like Drake! His ass too fuckin cocky!!

  59. Raghu Nath

    Raghu Nath3 ヶ月 前

    Get a life bitch!

  60. HU₵₵I

    HU₵₵I6 年 前

    Hov ask me is you ready fo it, I looked around at all his nice things told him nigga you already kno it.

  61. Kacidilla

    Kacidilla6 年 前

    I love you...and these more!!

  62. alifeofgratitude

    alifeofgratitude6 年 前

    Return of Simba - J. Cole

  63. juldup11

    juldup116 年 前

    grown simba, light please, unnabomber, cant get enough, nice watch

  64. zeke marshal

    zeke marshal6 年 前

    whats that track from the start

  65. spiritual lyrical individual

    spiritual lyrical individual年 前

    zeke marshal return of simba

  66. juan coronel

    juan coronel6 年 前

    Hoop dreams damn

  67. oshea bryan

    oshea bryan6 年 前

    What the name of the intro song ?

  68. spiritual lyrical individual

    spiritual lyrical individual年 前

    oshea bryan return of simba

  69. tury55

    tury556 年 前

    Return of Simba

  70. mike wiederkehr

    mike wiederkehr6 年 前

    whats the song in the beginnig?

  71. The Greatest Ever

    The Greatest Ever年 前

    mike wiederkehr return of simba

  72. 604jade

    604jade6 年 前

    E. Cordova Downtown East Side Vancouver Canada thats wild sick show at vogue theatre way back be4 album dropped!

  73. LifeOn8s

    LifeOn8s6 年 前

    and look i made it bitch actually haha but yeah classic

  74. E Jay

    E Jay6 年 前

    Don't kill my vibe Kendrick lamar (E. Jay cover)

  75. Iana Franks

    Iana Franks6 年 前

    i hope fame doesn't get to his head like the rest of these rappers/artist... keep up the good work Jermaine babbyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Raghu Nath

    Raghu Nath3 ヶ月 前

    Never happened! We in 2019!

  77. The Greatest Ever

    The Greatest Ever年 前

    Iana Franks nope

  78. RL 301

    RL 3012 年 前

    Iana Franks nope didn't happen

  79. Romina Weezy

    Romina Weezy6 年 前


  80. Shaun Palmer

    Shaun Palmer6 年 前

    Fayattenom's Finest

  81. G Flamee

    G Flamee6 年 前


  82. nsc18

    nsc186 年 前


  83. Paige Johnson

    Paige Johnson6 年 前


  84. itsabeautifullife100

    itsabeautifullife1006 年 前

    The fuck is my Dreamville T-shirt at???

  85. Anthony

    Anthony6 年 前

    I think it was Hoop Dreams