Colby Lets Sam Pick His Girlfriend: Sam & Colby | Bestie Picks Bae

Sam Golbach and Colby Brock are expert ghost hunters, as we all know from their channel Sam & Colby, but how are they at BAE hunting? We put their friendship to the test to see if Sam could find Colby a girlfriend. Sam probably knows Colby better than anyone, but will he pick the right girl for his bestie? And if he doesn't, Colby could leave Sam and Colby forever.
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  1. Seventeen

    Seventeenヶ月 前

    Is Sam a better ghost hunter or bae hunter?

  2. Emely _

    Emely _22 時間 前

    Ghost lmao

  3. Anaaya Panjwani

    Anaaya Panjwani2 日 前

    Seventeen I think a ghost hunter

  4. Ash Hale

    Ash Hale2 日 前

    He hunt all the ghosting girls

  5. Seline Kue

    Seline Kue3 日 前

    Seventeen BAE HUNTER BRUH!!!

  6. Tristin Smith

    Tristin Smith3 日 前

    Telling us who to murder \ who Colby dates we murder

  7. MaddyX X

    MaddyX X2 時間 前

    Colby and Lane are definitely in love

  8. Cusi 420

    Cusi 4205 時間 前

    “There’s at least 25!” Me: “there’s 10”

  9. xplr knj

    xplr knj11 時間 前

    god dangit izzy was my favourite

  10. Izzy Saks

    Izzy Saks29 分 前


  11. Carlos De vil

    Carlos De vil22 時間 前

    I love how Sam always says "god dang in it" it's so cute

  12. Savannah Smallwood

    Savannah Smallwood23 時間 前

    colby is so cute

  13. Sephora Y.

    Sephora Y.日 前

    *Colby: Gets ghosted by more girls than spirits* lmfao

  14. Mocha Deer

    Mocha Deer日 前

    Knew it the blonde girl she kinda looks dopey tho tbh 😤

  15. Jaylen Gary

    Jaylen Gary日 前

    Nathan Drake for Uncharted

  16. Amanda S

    Amanda S日 前

    Ngl, I liked the girl that was choosen. Compared to other videos like these, this one was the most enjoyable because it seemed less forced. Still, it is, but also it was more of a fun thing watching this specific one.

  17. Natalie Stahulak

    Natalie Stahulak日 前

    My name is Natalie too and that’s sounds like something I would say

  18. Ugly Turtle

    Ugly Turtle2 日 前

    That made me pee my pants The horror stories part

  19. Cr0ssmyheart96

    Cr0ssmyheart962 日 前

    Izzy and graveyard girl aka Bunny are so similar

  20. kiyana helena

    kiyana helena2 日 前

    no ones gonna talk about how colby checked almost all the girls out when they walked away😏

  21. Kim Seokjin

    Kim Seokjin2 日 前

    Me beingvin his age limit and liking him alot Him:i need a person who is careing i need someone to cry on... Me: I AM RIGHT HERE!!!

  22. R C

    R C2 日 前

    if i wouldve known colby was like that he would have been married already like oof especally if he cries like yes baby lets have breakdowns and cuddle afterwards

  23. Kaitlyn Corcoran

    Kaitlyn Corcoran2 日 前

    My bae broke up with me

  24. Marie Ofur

    Marie Ofur2 日 前

    Sam: He Really likes eggplants Me: I knew it😂

  25. Taylor Robinson

    Taylor Robinson2 日 前

    Marie Ofur they make so many jokes I’m starting to think he’s actually gay lol

  26. Andreah Van Wyk

    Andreah Van Wyk2 日 前


  27. Alexia gacha Lover

    Alexia gacha Lover2 日 前

    That black hair girl shouldn't been the winner!!!!!!!!!!! :

  28. Bella Nelson

    Bella Nelson2 日 前

    Colby: I don’t mind dating a fan 12 year old girls: My time has come

  29. Dlysnay Nunez

    Dlysnay Nunez2 日 前

    I think Juiliana would have been a better fit

  30. Shaela Creech

    Shaela Creech2 日 前

    bruh izzy is one of the annoying " mean girls "

  31. Creamy Cookies!

    Creamy Cookies!2 日 前

    I will curse out people coby didn't pick don't be mad at coby be mad at sa- wait nooo

  32. Creamy Cookies!

    Creamy Cookies!2 日 前


  33. ayanna ford

    ayanna ford2 日 前

    None of them

  34. Jacque Ruiz

    Jacque Ruiz2 日 前

    The winning bae looks annoying

  35. Carrie 108

    Carrie 1082 日 前

    you see the snapchat video encounter thing, yh i see that like everyday so does my freind. it speaks to me when im asleep like in dreams and stuff

  36. Skylar 101

    Skylar 1012 日 前

    Hi sister!

  37. Mikayla Povey

    Mikayla Povey3 日 前

    Are you emma chamberlains brother?


    XxSAD SUICIDE xX3 日 前

    Guys i miss u please post some vids

  39. Ellie-cayla Cosby

    Ellie-cayla Cosby3 日 前

    “I can hide a body” me in 5 words

  40. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen3 日 前

    Using astrology for personality actually is one of the best things to do. The reason here is we do like compatible elements - like Aries and Aquarius- fire and air - etc. astrology represents an aspect of our personalities however, in the end, our goal is to be of ALL signs. Colby is a very sweet person - he will meet the woman of his dream but I also say ... unfortunately to some ... the perfect ones won't' come until you've worked out all of your dark shadows- if you cry at least once a week do you ask why?

  41. Julia Zaimaj

    Julia Zaimaj3 日 前


  42. Karlyle Wilson

    Karlyle Wilson3 日 前


  43. glowing_twinkle

    glowing_twinkle3 日 前

    I wanted Laney to win so badly 😭

  44. Emily Yust

    Emily Yust3 日 前

    idk if its true or not but i saw a meme that said the word Bae in danish means poop

  45. Kelly OBrien

    Kelly OBrien3 日 前

    i sub aswell

  46. Twix and Potato

    Twix and Potato3 日 前

    Colby:Im Cool to be dating a fan 7 year old:OMG I WANNA DATE HIM

  47. Tristin Smith

    Tristin Smith3 日 前

    I say we MURDER NATALIE RIGHT😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😁😈😈😈😈😈😈