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  1. Lanie DiFrancesco

    Lanie DiFrancesco17 時間 前


  2. Tom Walsh

    Tom Walsh17 時間 前

    Can you pleeeeease use metric numbers also. US cups only apply to the US. Australian and New Zealand cups are bigger and the rest of the world uses metric in recipes! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Haley

    Haley日 前

    The yo-nut. Oh my god.

  4. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian Weathington日 前

    14:20 Alex "so is this going to be a daily thing? 👀" That's exactly why I dont cook at work 🤣 Also Chris spelled Donuts (doughnuts) correctly.

  5. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian Weathington日 前

    After watching the "its its alive episode"... Chris' doughnuts are clearly superior.

  6. Darrian Weathington

    Darrian Weathington日 前

    Chef Mike left best buy to go work at McDonald's as their head chef...

  7. omgturtlz

    omgturtlz2 日 前

    Man now I wanna go get donuts but its 10 til midnight and the nearest place with doughnuts is a gas station a 10 minute walk and 5 minute bus ride away... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Mei Mei

    Mei Mei2 日 前

    cream cheese style doughnut with yogurt? a yogurt doughnut in the method of a cream cheese doughnut? a cream cheese doughnut with yogurt? it’s a *_A YO-NUT_*

  9. Mandy Linehan

    Mandy Linehan2 日 前

    Has anyone tried this recipe? In the video he uses two eggs but on the BA website, the recipe says two egg yolks

  10. Lexis Larrinaga

    Lexis Larrinaga3 日 前

    this is great! where can i find a recipe? :D

  11. RJFlute

    RJFlute6 日 前

    Who else came here after the most recent Sourdougnuts Part 1?

  12. Bi Al

    Bi Al6 日 前

    Hey Chef Mike! Quick tip, sugar is generally considered a wet ingredient in baking.

  13. Koko

    Koko6 日 前

    The BA Videoverse has come really far since Chris was the distant, aloof and seemingly snarky side character to literally the cutest boy.

  14. Elke Biesendorfer

    Elke Biesendorfer6 日 前


  15. Zed Gee

    Zed Gee7 日 前

    how brown is his tounge?

  16. TheM0M

    TheM0M7 日 前

    Dude I really like how Chris' personality shines now, before I remember people saying he's boring but he's actually pretty quirky

  17. Alexander A.

    Alexander A.7 日 前

    This boy is slow, sluggish, and disgusting. Doughnuts are vomit-inducing food too for the lactose intolerant and those who endeavour to stay in shape.

  18. Alexander A.

    Alexander A.7 日 前

    Also, he acts like a homosexual.

  19. Jaysho palmz

    Jaysho palmz7 日 前

    Haha that zoom in for is this a daily thing now?

  20. Heather Murray

    Heather Murray8 日 前

    If I have to watch that stupid magnum ice cream comercial one more time I’m boycotting

  21. Charles Fernandez

    Charles Fernandez8 日 前

    Just came here from Brad and Claire Make Doughnuts Part 1 on It's Alive. Now to quote Chris: "...when it comes to doughnuts, the best doughnut you will ever have is the one that you make yourself, because they are SHOCKINGLY easy to make."

  22. Eleanor Radaza

    Eleanor Radaza8 日 前

    Ohhhh.... Chris spelled "DONUTS" but this video is titled "DOUGHNUTS"..... hmmmmmmmmm

  23. Саб Зиро

    Саб Зиро8 日 前

    I wish Chef Mike is okay with his new job.

  24. Dom Bo

    Dom Bo8 日 前

    Chef Mike is Brad's evil twin : confirmed.

  25. King Whyvern Dragoon

    King Whyvern Dragoon8 日 前

    It’s a Yo-Go-Dough-Nurt

  26. Dawn Depictions

    Dawn Depictions8 日 前

    Came for Claire, stayed for Chris! ILYSM XOXO

  27. Kim Alexander

    Kim Alexander8 日 前

    Where is the recipe? No amts for butter or vanilla.

  28. P M

    P M8 日 前

    Great work! I enjoyed this video so much! I would love to see Chris trying to make some molecular gastronomy dishes with regular utensils. Maybe playing with textures or to try some modern approaches to old dishes. For what I can see he has a very unique detail-driven way to cook and always gives very insightful advices on taste.

  29. tyra Jackson

    tyra Jackson8 日 前

    I came back to watch this after Brad and Claire's disaster lmao

  30. Anna Doll

    Anna Doll8 日 前

    "Oh yeah, Velociraptor number five really brought it home" ┐(゚д゚┐) *hiss*

  31. Michiru Sato

    Michiru Sato8 日 前

    I lowkey hate Rappo for wasting those beautiful doughnuts

  32. 삔쎄요

    삔쎄요9 日 前

    timbits > doughnut holes

  33. scicodude

    scicodude9 日 前

    Ok, this is like the third video Ive seen him in...WHO is that cute guy in the background? Grey sweater, orange apron straps...

  34. Magooch86

    Magooch867 日 前

    While we're being thirsty, girl with high pants at 5:08 too pls

  35. Roshan Pais

    Roshan Pais10 日 前

    13:47 Did she really put that donut on her phone?!?!

  36. Avengersoul

    Avengersoul10 日 前

    Best doughnuts I've had is from just buying one of the tubes of biscuits from a store, cut out a hole from the center of the biscuits (I used one of the old style orange juicing tools) Then deep fry them in oil until golden brown. Put whatever covering you want, sugar/powdered sugar/brown sugar, etc.

  37. Eibhleann Clyne

    Eibhleann Clyne10 日 前

    More of Chris please! He's a dang delight.

  38. Crystal Ortega

    Crystal Ortega11 日 前

    I lost you when the girl in the mustard sweater started talking...anyone catch what she was saying regarding the avocado?

  39. Callum Jones

    Callum Jones12 日 前

    Is no one talking about the bowl that was swiftly taken

  40. Danielle M Hall

    Danielle M Hall12 日 前

    Chris is not above Lost World and Chris Pratt Jurassic Park movies. I knew I liked him!

  41. celine ibrahim

    celine ibrahim13 日 前

    How much butter did he use ?

  42. Kevin Dudlers

    Kevin Dudlers13 日 前

    🍩⭕🍩⭕🍩 So enjoying me some good good Galaxy doughnuts after this video. Gonna put up some Delta Parole and AFI rock music while I bake em up again so they crisp again then come back to this vid.

  43. Melissa Larose

    Melissa Larose13 日 前

    Ingredient list please!

  44. Callum Jones

    Callum Jones12 日 前

    Its on there website

  45. Baskinshannah Craftco

    Baskinshannah Craftco14 日 前

    So for the glaze, can I use milk instead of water??

  46. Maknae Bae

    Maknae Bae14 日 前

    2 cups ap flour 2 1/2baking powder Kosher salt Half cup sugar 2 Eggs Butter melted 1 cup Greek Yogurt

  47. Maknae Bae

    Maknae Bae14 日 前

    Vanilla extract

  48. Chad Carteret

    Chad Carteret14 日 前

    Um, can someone please fix the title? Because @14:40 proves that Chris, in fact, did not make "doughnuts" 😛

  49. sebeckley

    sebeckley15 日 前

    Veil of glaze is exactly right. The best.

  50. Sydney Henderson

    Sydney Henderson15 日 前

    We need more chris content

  51. faith

    faith15 日 前

    I love Chris, feel like he'd be a great uncle

  52. Ekrem Tequin

    Ekrem Tequin16 日 前

    Ein grandioses Video abermals, selten sah ich besseres!

  53. John Rankin

    John Rankin16 日 前

    The man, The myth, The Morocco

  54. Fields Carlisle

    Fields Carlisle16 日 前

    Can you all at BA please do more of a Krispy Kreme style yeast doughnut instead of these cake-style ones?