[Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - HIT


  1. caylum styles

    caylum styles26 分 前

    I wonder what Sofia thinks over her brother body rolling for a bunch of people

  2. Dwinda Riyana

    Dwinda Riyana35 分 前


  3. Ivette Mercado

    Ivette Mercado2 時間 前


  4. vickie

    vickie2 時間 前

    Woozi breaking my heart 😻

  5. soonyoing

    soonyoing5 時間 前

    centre jun and soonyoung r SO POWERFUL

  6. Екатерина Жирнова

    Екатерина Жирнова7 時間 前


  7. Amy María Vilchez Navarro

    Amy María Vilchez Navarro8 時間 前

    soy la unica que ve que no baila tanto Seungkwan :')...y me preocupa y quiero saber el por qué

  8. Nam Le

    Nam Le8 時間 前

    Seungkwan isnt dancing in most of the choreo, why is that?

  9. isy rocha

    isy rocha2 時間 前

    he is recovering from an ankle injury.

  10. KyuwonCarat

    KyuwonCarat10 時間 前

    when I have a blurry vision and this freaking filter is so dark.... "UH EXCUSE ME WHERE ARE THEY?!"

  11. Zhang Yixing31

    Zhang Yixing3111 時間 前

    How to lose weight : try dancing to this 😂😂😂

  12. carat_ rengi

    carat_ rengi13 時間 前

    The choreography is insane!!!!❣️

  13. Freedom Village

    Freedom Village15 時間 前

    2:48 Seungkwan Joshua improve his dance talent good😂😂😂😂

  14. Lucie A

    Lucie A16 時間 前

    So.. Powerful

  15. werine yera galana

    werine yera galana16 時間 前

    jeonghan : "... if you can see..." me : NO JEONGHAN I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING BCS IT'S TOO DARK AND TOO FAR

  16. Chwe Cheese

    Chwe Cheese18 時間 前

    This is why I don't have a bias they're so talented ???? Asdfghjk

  17. Ggyeu ll

    Ggyeu ll18 時間 前

    저만 영상 어둡게 보이나요 ?

  18. Althea Bernabe

    Althea Bernabe18 時間 前

    Super layo haha

  19. Katrina Ramos

    Katrina Ramos20 時間 前

    I watch this everyday and I'm not regretting it. I'm so proud of these boys. I hope Kwanie heals well. Jun is so amazing huhuhu and deym Hannie is dancing in the whole song with only a few break. SEVENTEEN is so amazing. I'm proud of them and CARATs my family💜💜💜💜💜

  20. Larga Wu

    Larga Wu23 時間 前

    Got dam the choreo is beautiful, seventeen’s choreographer deserves and award

  21. Elizabeth Chu

    Elizabeth Chu23 時間 前

    I can’t help but notice that joshua kinda missed a beat at 1:18

  22. Annisa Maulida

    Annisa Maulida日 前

    My king❤

  23. Ariel Taclawan

    Ariel Taclawan日 前

    Why is that one member always leaving and coming? Sorry I don't know about it Pls no hate.

  24. Ariel Taclawan

    Ariel Taclawan23 時間 前

    @Jessica ohhh thank you...

  25. Jessica

    Jessica23 時間 前

    Because he has ankle injury so he only participates in some parts

  26. Andrea

    Andrea日 前

    Okay but remember how Jeonghan said that he doesn't get the choreography easily??? And now he's dancing almost throughout the whole song??? Imagine all the effort he put just to perfect the whole choreography????? Like???? Jeonghan??????!!! *Jeonghan?????!!!!!*

  27. bellis amore

    bellis amore日 前

    me shook....

  28. Din Din

    Din Din日 前

    who is this guy in panama?

  29. puppygyu

    puppygyu日 前

    Din Din i assume you’re talking about Vernon

  30. Irene Conde

    Irene Conde日 前

    Oh my wow O.O

  31. Alis Jones

    Alis Jones日 前

    One of the best choreo dance practices ever recorded. FACT 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥

  32. I B

    I B日 前

    HOW. DO. THEY. DO. THAT. SEVENTEEN choreos got me shocked every single time.

  33. Leah

    Leah日 前

    Seventeen once again never failing to be perfectly in sync. They might as well be one body. Great song, great dance!!!

  34. Jonginie

    Jonginie日 前

    Their energy is no joke scfaf

  35. loissmc

    loissmc日 前

    Definitely top era


    ELNI YATI日 前

  37. away far

    away far日 前

    안무를 너무 멀리서 찍는다 아쉽

  38. po po

    po po日 前

    순영아 진짜 대박이다

  39. shu shu

    shu shu日 前

    미쳤다 나 준이랑 디에잇 보고 눈 못 뗌 왜케 춤 잘 춰???? 사람이야??????

  40. Codel Karinah

    Codel Karinah日 前


  41. 0l gevl

    0l gevl日 前

    회색 옷 누군지 아시는 분...

  42. 라현

    라현日 前


  43. Indu Kirana

    Indu Kirana日 前


  44. Poco Loco

    Poco Loco日 前

    Which ones are jun and jeonghan?

  45. Carat17Army

    Carat17Army日 前

    0:09 Jeonghan 1:00 Jun

  46. Hani Hani

    Hani Hani日 前

    okay that was rude , buy my eyes dinner first before you show them a good time

  47. Meisya Cindi erella

    Meisya Cindi erella日 前

    Jun is the best

  48. christine Hoseok

    christine Hoseok日 前

    this Choreo was insane

  49. WIZ*ONE

    WIZ*ONE日 前


  50. Princess Parkex

    Princess Parkex日 前

    Why their dance practice are getting darker and darker ?

  51. naila ocean

    naila ocean日 前

    It's just me or SEVENTEEN is reAlLy gOod on EVERYTHING BAKSU FOR SEVENTEEN👏👏👏

  52. Siti Mariam

    Siti Mariam日 前

    Seventeen is all about sync n i just love them 💓💓

  53. itzel ramos

    itzel ramos日 前

    Chale, no veo nada. -.-

  54. Twisty Wirly

    Twisty Wirly日 前

    Litttttttt 🔥

  55. gogh forth

    gogh forth日 前

    Seokmin and Jeonghan being constant bros @ 1:56 🖤

  56. Eidrian Christian

    Eidrian Christian日 前

    It still amazes me how they have such a crazy amount of stamina to keep up with this choreo.

  57. SvtMonstax Talentedgroup

    SvtMonstax Talentedgroup日 前

    Their song getting closer just not much people doing cover dance cause it so hard and this hit song will mabye just little bit people cover this dance cause this is so hard

  58. Tamaeva Ravel

    Tamaeva Ravel日 前


  59. Forget

    Forget日 前

    0:59 0:59 0:59 0:59 0:590:59 0:59 0:59 0:59 0:590:59 0:59 0:59 0:59 0:59

  60. Ася Sm

    Ася Sm日 前

    Ять, как синхронно. ✌️✌️✌️

  61. Pearl Aubrey

    Pearl Aubrey日 前

    What's with light? Ahhahahahaha

  62. Ideal아일

    Ideal아일日 前

    2:48 승관이 화면 밖으로 나간다 3:15 다시 돌아옴ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  63. Netty Rintje

    Netty Rintje日 前


  64. WeScavrat •

    WeScavrat •日 前

    Right at the end of the choreography look to the right. What do you see??? All I see is a gathering of ships.

  65. Skye 2740

    Skye 2740日 前

    WOW! Even from the beginning it was so powerful!

  66. Aya Dominique Tan

    Aya Dominique Tan日 前

    I just realized Wonwoo was wearing glasses all this time

  67. Jade194

    Jade194日 前

    Hello Carats~ i did a dance cover of Seventeen’s HIT, do give it a view if you are free ^^ jpgo.info/bideo/a5igw5Cg0aWpxqg.html

  68. soshiprint

    soshiprint日 前

    I love that more people are recognizing Jun and DK more this era. It's what they deserveee

  69. A rt

    A rt日 前

    Bish! This group never fail to amaze us! Synchronize! 💗Jun just kicked my soul out hahahahaha!! No The whole group!!! Hahahah

  70. 内山俊彦

    内山俊彦日 前


  71. Omar Firdaus

    Omar Firdaus日 前

    anyone notice that seungkwan left when 2:48 . and then he comeback at 3:15 . at the right camera

  72. Teguh Nugroho

    Teguh Nugroho日 前

    INSANE CHOREOGRAPHY! but.. why doesn't Dino has any spotlights? :((

  73. sqooshy bean

    sqooshy bean2 日 前

    y'all know that ya didn't have to pop off like this

  74. Jisung Pwark

    Jisung Pwark2 日 前

    the devil works hard but Seventeen works harder

  75. Dedi Hidayat

    Dedi Hidayat2 日 前

    *This is JUNs ERA* 😍👍

  76. marlise lima

    marlise lima2 日 前

    Seventeen deveria ganhar prêmio de coreografia tbm!

  77. Katie Kim

    Katie Kim2 日 前


  78. Katie Kim

    Katie Kim2 日 前


  79. Katie Kim

    Katie Kim2 日 前


  80. Cynthia Sav

    Cynthia Sav2 日 前

    1:15 they are not humans... THEY ARE NOT HUMANS DO YOU HEAR ME?!?

  81. Nicole B

    Nicole B2 日 前

    I guess fandoms lend themselves to hyperbole. But really, in this case it's no exaggeration to say this group oozes talent. They bring their A game to every single thing they do.

  82. sxjida

    sxjida2 日 前

    Hey guys! Don't forget to vote for svt on idol champ !! We dropped to second place ! •download the app •log in/sign up •go to the main page or the voting page and scroll down to "show champion 4th week of August comeback" then vote for svt (you can vote three times a day) happy [email protected] don't give up :)

  83. y s

    y s2 日 前

    0:59 in this part i have two eyes, one for jun, whose footwork is amazing, and dino, whose moves are sharp and powerful

  84. egitya saraswati

    egitya saraswati2 日 前

    Jun jun jun jun , omg 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  85. jyoti majhi

    jyoti majhi2 日 前

    Breathless seventeen 🤪save them

  86. Tiffany Lee

    Tiffany Lee2 日 前

    Who is the one that is wearing all black, black hat but has the one with the white stripe going halfway down the pants? Man they're a group I just never got into even though I've paid attention since their debut, I like their songs, I can even clearly remember their debut 😭 I'll watch their MVs when they have a comeback, but I never have gone around to know the members like that :( I definitely need to. I know about 8 of them? This choreo is fireeee! They work so dang hard.

  87. Tiffany Lee

    Tiffany Lee2 日 前

    @DramamamaCarat * Thank you :)

  88. DramamamaCarat *

    DramamamaCarat *2 日 前

    That's DK!