[Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - HIT

[Choreography Video] SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - HIT
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    EXO AERI8 時間 前

    Omg i think im going to stan them !!! Their dance is sooo perfect

  2. crnnvtrbl

    crnnvtrbl10 時間 前

    If it's about choreography, ofc, they never disappoint us. Not even once 😭😭😭😭

  3. Jung

    Jung19 時間 前

    I love SEVENTEEN but they need to turn some light on

  4. Emily Kumar

    Emily Kumar日 前

    Who else is annoyed with he MAMA 2019 awards of best performance -_-

  5. ian sari

    ian sari日 前


  6. Itzel Villagomez

    Itzel Villagomez2 日 前

    the transitions were amazing omg

  7. HD Tutorials

    HD Tutorials3 日 前

    I made a full step-by-step dance tutorial for this song. Please come check it out 😊

  8. wooshifeather

    wooshifeather3 日 前

    how did they not win the dance award bruh this is literally what a great performance is + queen fear is amazing

  9. shinta tulus

    shinta tulus4 日 前

    seungkwan Aku cinta kamu

  10. Go to bed; tired is stupid

    Go to bed; tired is stupid4 日 前

    we all know this deserves 100 best dance performance awards

  11. i like ice cream lol HAHAA and food basically

    i like ice cream lol HAHAA and food basically4 日 前

    someone pls explain to me why didn’t this win best dance performance(mama 2019)????

  12. Huang Renjun

    Huang Renjun4 日 前

    seventeen: lets wear black n white outfit and don't tell the8 and woozi

  13. Puteri Maisara

    Puteri Maisara4 日 前

    This is Unfair how Seventeen not winning Best dance male performance In MAMA

  14. Psyche Navarro

    Psyche Navarro4 日 前

    I still can't believe that these are the boys that were being robbed for a best dance performance award (even though fear is the one nominated).

  15. Isabel Vargas

    Isabel Vargas5 日 前

    Eu fico impressionada com a sincronia de vocês Toda vez me surpreendo

  16. SHU

    SHU6 日 前

    0:24 누가 이거 원숭이같다는데

  17. لَ

    لَ7 日 前

    ابطال سفنيتن انا فخوره فيكم جدا😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. あきね

    あきね7 日 前


  19. 휴지is huge

    휴지is huge8 日 前

    한국 댓글이 안보여

  20. İlkay Dolunay

    İlkay Dolunay9 日 前

    Benim çocuklarım büyümüş de daesang mı almış 😭😭😭

  21. Eugenie Kwak

    Eugenie Kwak9 日 前

    0:31 *me trying to escape the fandom but failing everytime

  22. DoubleB

    DoubleB9 日 前

    Where the hell did Seungkwan go??? And did you see how smooth he came back in

  23. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire8 日 前

    He injured his ankle so he didn't participate in the whole choreo

  24. 365사계절

    365사계절10 日 前

    개 빡세다 진짜...

  25. Marceline

    Marceline10 日 前

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Seungkwan: ight imma head out

  26. Marceline

    Marceline10 日 前

    Turn the damn lights on

  27. kim yoona

    kim yoona11 日 前

    how tf does wonwoo manage to keep his glasses on like bOi

  28. Aufa Awliya

    Aufa Awliya12 日 前

    3:14 Seungkwan running out of nowhere

  29. [Yeondalrae]연달래

    [Yeondalrae]연달래12 日 前


  30. ραχвσ

    ραχвσ12 日 前

    *nobody:* *literally no one:* *not even joe mama:* *their shoes: squeak squeak*

  31. e u

    e u13 日 前

    hard part comes: nobody: seungkwan: *aight imma head out*

  32. BTSgot7WannaOneBoys

    BTSgot7WannaOneBoys13 日 前

    i was exhausted for them.

  33. Gianella Cuevas

    Gianella Cuevas13 日 前

    Sigo hablando mientras lo veo y no sé porque lo hago porque lo ví millones de veces a todos los videos pero recién ahora estoy hablando y no sé porque weno alv a disfrutarlo xd

  34. me

    me15 日 前

    bitch at least they didn’t do this choreo 2x on weekly idol😳

  35. Jessyka

    Jessyka15 日 前

    In each group there are always who are the main dancers and they stand out from the others but in this group everyone dances excellent ... Fans take good care of them. I have a fixation for the blond-haired boy my eyes kept following him, in other videos he's with long hair is very cute, what's his name?

  36. rap vernonie

    rap vernonie15 日 前

    His name is Jeonghan, 95blinernand hes from vocal unit

  37. 이아시옐

    이아시옐15 日 前


  38. Asia Facco

    Asia Facco15 日 前

    can anyone tell me the name of the member with the yellow shirt please?

  39. Asia Facco

    Asia Facco15 日 前

    rap vernonie ohh I actually thought it was Minghao but I wasn’t sure! Thanks 💓

  40. rap vernonie

    rap vernonie15 日 前

    His stage name is The8, his from performance unit, 97 liner and chinese king

  41. Kwang Jae Jung

    Kwang Jae Jung16 日 前

    Did anyone noticed that Seungkwan wasn't danced in the last chorus?????

  42. Kwang Jae Jung

    Kwang Jae Jung16 日 前

    @ouji kun thanks you

  43. ouji kun

    ouji kun16 日 前

    Yes because at that time his ankle hurt.. And now he's fine..

  44. xtsgistitsk kxykyx

    xtsgistitsk kxykyx16 日 前

    Turn on the light pls lol

  45. ChanBaek New

    ChanBaek New17 日 前

    Hoshi 😍😍😍

  46. Sabrina Shaw

    Sabrina Shaw17 日 前

    i really love this song and the dance to it; its too good