Carried Away | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Mickey and Minnie are launched into a crazy canoe ride around the world.
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Mickey Mouse has been synonymous with Disney since first came into our lives in 1928 with a whistle and two step in the classic Disney cartoon Steamboat Willie. Mickey has appeared in over 130 films including “Brave Little Tailor” (1938) and “Fantasia (1940), as well as television shows like the Mickey Mouse Club and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Along with his gang of trusted friends, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and even his nemesis Pete, Mickey is back for more fun and adventure in the brand new series of Mickey Mouse shorts, created by Paul Rudish.
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  1. Aric Wizzard

    Aric Wizzard8 時間 前

    Anymore Mickey mouse

  2. Anthony Diaz

    Anthony Diaz23 時間 前

    Mickey and Minnie or my best friends 😊😊😊😊😊❤️

  3. Jeff Kane

    Jeff Kane日 前

    Rest in peace russi taylor and you will always be minnie mouse's best of friends in the whole wide world

  4. Trang minh Vlogs

    Trang minh Vlogs日 前

    *i love you* 😘💕

  5. Swe Dyl

    Swe Dyl日 前

    Really missing mickey mouse shorts

  6. Maria Irizarry

    Maria Irizarry日 前

    Mickey your are the best cartoon I ever saw on a youtube channel and funny cartoon and make long film videos

  7. Christina Ravnholt

    Christina Ravnholt2 日 前


  8. ChillArtist

    ChillArtist2 日 前

    well shes right about one thing. _shes getting carried away_



    2:13 istanbul? Or not?

  10. xukc

    xukc3 日 前

    Is this your last video????😱😭😱

  11. Heaven Santos

    Heaven Santos3 日 前

    I can really hear Russi’s voice in this cartoon as she aged rip :(

  12. Daniel Langston

    Daniel Langston4 日 前

    The last Mickey Mouse cartoon because of Russi Taylor's tragic death... 😭

  13. Wolfe _ chan

    Wolfe _ chan4 日 前

    Omg I saw all there videos and it was the last one

  14. Wolfe _ chan

    Wolfe _ chan4 日 前

    Rest in peace russi taylor

  15. Alyssa Francesca Esquejo

    Alyssa Francesca Esquejo4 日 前

    i meant "uwaaaaaaaaatttttt

  16. Alyssa Francesca Esquejo

    Alyssa Francesca Esquejo4 日 前

    Hahaha i like when mickey said "WhAaAaaAaaaaaaAAAAAaaaTtTttTTTT

  17. BlueScarabGuy

    BlueScarabGuy5 日 前

    I love these shorts because even though they get up to a lot of Looney Tunes-esque ridiculousness, they always find a way to make the endings really wholesome. Rest in piece, Russi Taylor.

  18. Mew Shadow

    Mew Shadow5 日 前

    I love how everything Minnie sings it happens to Mickey is perfect 🤩 did Mickey think Minnie didn’t hear and probably see all of that!!????

  19. Nayara Shanelle

    Nayara Shanelle6 日 前

    I'm waiting for the new one,,pleaasee

  20. The Crazy Life of Elly

    The Crazy Life of Elly5 日 前

    me too... but they're looking for a new Minnie voice actor, probably wont be a new one for a while :(

  21. OZziLA

    OZziLA6 日 前


  22. Chris Neufeld

    Chris Neufeld6 日 前

    The fact that Russi Taylor passed away after this aired is just sad. Who the next Minnie voice will be, nobody knows yet... 😢

  23. commentzillak none of your business

    commentzillak none of your business8 日 前


  24. commentzillak none of your business

    commentzillak none of your business8 日 前


  25. commentzillak none of your business

    commentzillak none of your business8 日 前


  26. isabelle gauthier

    isabelle gauthier8 日 前

    I. Like. De. Song

  27. Johnny English

    Johnny English8 日 前

    So the entire series stopped because of the death of russi taylor

  28. Salt and pepper

    Salt and pepper9 日 前


  29. supah comix

    supah comix9 日 前


  30. Audie Renolds

    Audie Renolds9 日 前

    Will there ever be another Mickey Mouse short

  31. Dragon Soul

    Dragon Soul9 日 前

    That moment with Mickey saying "Whhhhhaaaaaaaa?" with the explosion behind him had me dying laughing!!!!!!!

  32. FAB ROD

    FAB ROD9 日 前

    News channel: breaking news! Russi Taylor aka the voice actress of Minnie Mouse has passed away! Me: 0:24

  33. Tea Radojcic

    Tea Radojcic10 日 前

    who is there in 2019?

  34. Fire

    Fire10 日 前

    I think this was the final Mickey Mouse Paul Rudish short because of Taylor’s passing exactly two days later

  35. Nuha Alla

    Nuha Alla10 日 前

    Hello, I am a great fan of Mickey Mouse and love watching his adventures. I watched almost all the short episodes you guys made, and loved each and every episode. I am writing this because I am a little worried, you haven't uploaded in more than 3 months. I hope you are okay and aren't facing any difficulties. I truly love Disney and wish you guys the best. Love and admiration from your loyal fan

  36. The Crazy Life of Elly

    The Crazy Life of Elly5 日 前

    @Nuha Alla No problem :)

  37. Nuha Alla

    Nuha Alla5 日 前

    The Crazy Life of Elly , thank you so much for delivering me this information. I wasn't aware

  38. Nuha Alla

    Nuha Alla5 日 前

    I am so sorry, I didn't know. Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolence. May her soul rest in peace

  39. The Crazy Life of Elly

    The Crazy Life of Elly5 日 前

    Russie Taylor (Minnie's voice actor) passed away a few days after this short was made, they probably wont make a new one for a while :(

  40. Simon Tide

    Simon Tide10 日 前

    My childhood ship. I will ship till I die.

  41. Siegel-Julca Family

    Siegel-Julca Family10 日 前


  42. LegoReader12345 hello

    LegoReader12345 hello10 日 前

    Dedicated to Russi Taylor, you will be missed. You were a great Minnie!

  43. Kailah Gomez

    Kailah Gomez11 日 前

    happy halloween mickey

  44. Adrian Martinez

    Adrian Martinez11 日 前

    You know sandy fox will be a great voice for minnie.

  45. Chris Corley

    Chris Corley11 日 前

    Love my Eva Gaelle. 🌹 _c.

  46. NotYourMom

    NotYourMom12 日 前

    I love these kind of cartoons.. Just old and clasic.

  47. Nadine Emad

    Nadine Emad12 日 前

    That. Mast. Hert

  48. A youtuber 1mil

    A youtuber 1mil12 日 前

    After minnie voice actor pass away they decided to end the series and this is the last episode we will ever see in the Mickey Franchisee.

  49. Wolfe _ chan

    Wolfe _ chan4 日 前

    Wait how do you know

  50. Noah Trainz

    Noah Trainz13 日 前

    When will they make more ?

  51. Mikaejah Williams

    Mikaejah Williams14 日 前

    That explosion though

  52. Pee wat Buttman

    Pee wat Buttman14 日 前

    0:25 double chin

  53. Wofieman 800

    Wofieman 80015 日 前

    Russi Taylor’s last performance before her death

  54. Mateo Aray

    Mateo Aray15 日 前

    They haven't posted in 3 months I miss these shorts

  55. the amazing teddy show

    the amazing teddy show12 日 前

    Me to

  56. Falix Toon

    Falix Toon15 日 前


  57. Sea Blue

    Sea Blue15 日 前

    I wish the song itself was on iTunes

  58. Ian

    Ian16 日 前

    I'm sure you all notice but have you realize all the events that happened matches Minnie song

  59. Ian

    Ian16 日 前

    2:07 when shows have no logic and Micky notices that

  60. Maximiliano Rozas

    Maximiliano Rozas16 日 前

    WHAT.....( explosion in the back ) 🤯

  61. Hot Cake

    Hot Cake16 日 前

    This song is really good

  62. Nourhan Farouk

    Nourhan Farouk16 日 前

    where is mickey mouse?

  63. Altaf Khan

    Altaf Khan16 日 前

    Where is the next video I am waiting for 3 mouth 🙏please upload video 🙂...

  64. deadpool Jeremiah

    deadpool Jeremiah16 日 前

    My cousin Kai love it

  65. Frank Bryant

    Frank Bryant16 日 前

    When will the new Mickey Mouse cartoon come out

  66. Sonic ball Z

    Sonic ball Z17 日 前

    2:25 can anyone see max hare and toby tortoise also rest in peace russi talyor

  67. Trurl

    Trurl17 日 前

    Apparently there are not coming any more new videos. Possible reasons: - death of Minnie's voice actress - JPgo demonetized the channel because of a new policy which doesn't allow ads on child content - Disney wants to have exclusive content for their new service Disney+