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Let's chat about life! :D
Gentle hand movements 03:40 , 18:40 , 20:40 , 26:50 , 41:10
O2:20 Fire show (unexpected)
03:25 Candle tapping, warming you up
04:52 Ground breaking year
05:25 Mila, having a baby
07:17 Moving
08:27 Business fail
12:04 Nailpolishes line up
18:15 Lake Tahoe
19:10 My parents' trip
22:50 Changes in me this year
27:19 Finding yourself in your child
30:34 Being a new parent
32:00 Expectations, dignity, saying NO
33:55 New ASMR world
34:41 Celebrities ASMR
36:40 Jewelry and makeup changes
Thank you spending this time with me! ♥
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  1. Gentle Whispering ASMR

    Gentle Whispering ASMR28 日 前

    Let's chat about life! :D Gentle hand movements 03:40 , 18:40 , 20:40 , 26:50 , 41:10 O2:20 Fire show (unexpected) 03:25 Candle tapping, warming you up 04:52 Ground breaking year 05:25 Mila, having a baby 07:17 Moving 08:27 Business fail 12:04 Nailpolishes line up 18:15 Lake Tahoe 19:10 My parents' trip 22:50 Changes in me this year 27:19 Finding yourself in your child 30:34 Being a new parent 32:00 Expectations, dignity, saying NO 33:55 New ASMR world 34:41 Celebrities ASMR 36:40 Jewelry and makeup changes Thank you spending this time with me! ♥

  2. Taryn Wells

    Taryn Wells3 時間 前

    Gentle Whispering ASMR you should look into the enneagram test! Helped me in understanding my perfectionistic tendencies and quieting my inner critic-classic type 1. Maybe you’re the same!

  3. A Christian Communist

    A Christian Communist9 日 前

    @Jennifer Björklund um.....k then ur a pretty cuul woman/men I bet you have an awesome accent!

  4. Abigail Rommel

    Abigail Rommel11 日 前

    Can you let us know what candle you got. I’m really interested in more soy candles!

  5. shansky1

    shansky119 日 前

    Thank you for this video! I miss these simple whisper ramble videos...candy - cheek sounds are the best! 😴😴😴😴

  6. Selkie Spirit ASMR

    Selkie Spirit ASMR20 日 前

    I also think Matthew would be an awesome asmrtist!!!

  7. Naomi Elizabeth de Wal

    Naomi Elizabeth de Wal39 分 前

    The colours are beautiful 😍 I would so buy these.

  8. Abigail Crumble

    Abigail Crumble46 分 前

    More candy videos please!!!

  9. Michael Martinez

    Michael Martinez17 時間 前


  10. Lucija Pavlović

    Lucija Pavlović19 時間 前

    You feel so real, I truly enjoyed listening. I appreciate how uncensored and carelessly kind you are. Thank you.

  11. Jenna Jenkins

    Jenna Jenkins日 前

    PLEASE release the nail polish! I would 100% buy!!!

  12. Paula L

    Paula L2 日 前

    María, I speak only for myself but I can assure you that the quality of your videos has been nothing but perfect! I have had my first baby this year too and gosh it has been the hardest and most wonderful thing at the same time. I am just about to return to work in a couple of days after 5 months of mat leave and I am terrified of being away from my little boy 😔. This year I’ve learnt that moms’ selflessness is not a sacrifice but a blessing and the biggest source of happiness ☺️

  13. Que-shawn  Horton

    Que-shawn Horton2 日 前

    I love the candy

  14. Mikayla Suarez

    Mikayla Suarez2 日 前

    I truly love videos like this Maria... I’ve been following you for a while now and I can just never get enough ! I am glad that you are beginning to understand that you don’t have to be so critical of yourself because I believe your videos are amazing ! I’ve realized lately too that I need to go with the flow a bit more.. though I’ve been feeling lost lately with friend groups and such. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love you

  15. Vince Fisher

    Vince Fisher2 日 前

    This is what should happen and it would be awesome, Matthew in a Lincoln commercial,him doing his thing, driving around,and you in the passenger seat ,with your beautiful hand movements,now that would be something 👍

  16. Kimberly Hostetler

    Kimberly Hostetler3 日 前

    Hey Maria. I have had an extremely hard semester. I had an unexpected death in the family on the first day of classes and my mental health has been really low. I do watch a lot of your videos when I am feeling down and they really help. Thank you for your compassion and for sharing your truth with us.

  17. Alex Zacarias

    Alex Zacarias3 日 前

    I admire your will to keep going on, I have rough days all the time since I'm in construction and I just feel so broken down every day.

  18. Wild Simmer

    Wild Simmer4 日 前

    We need more videos just like this!!❣️❤️

  19. Dina KM

    Dina KM4 日 前

    I love the chatty videos❤

  20. Olivia Martin

    Olivia Martin4 日 前

    Maria please do a eyebrow video with brushing,hard candy and whispers ❤❤❤

  21. Chelsey Wilson

    Chelsey Wilson5 日 前

    Thank you for sharing💗 Motherhood changes absolutely everything and you so perfectly describe the feeling. Also, I would support your nail polish endeavors if and when you have time to devote to it.

  22. Chez

    Chez6 日 前

    have you considered an etsy shop for your nail polishes? they’re absolutely lovely and i think they would quite possibly go over well!

  23. Jamie Lynn

    Jamie Lynn6 日 前

    These are my favorite videos of yours. Thank you, queen.

  24. Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson6 日 前

    I wish i could have bought those polishes!! Next time around 😉

  25. Breeze H

    Breeze H6 日 前

    Your realization about human perfection and connection after having Mila, reminded me of the realizations I went through after getting very sick and almost dying. It changed how I saw everyone and everything. It helped me realize the connections I make with the people I meet, talk to or post to, are all so important. That people are so diverse and have their own complicated stories of love and sadness, struggle and triumph. I now live each day trying to lift others..trying to make connections with people in every situation and truly listen, share and think about what others might need to hear or what would help them connect too. 💗

  26. Broderic Kartholl

    Broderic Kartholl6 日 前

    I luv these videos. They knock me out (sleep) and put my mind at ease.

  27. Syma

    Syma6 日 前

    Love this sound 15:30

  28. Sophia

    Sophia7 日 前

    Loved this real talk ❤️🌸🙂

  29. Karen Brown

    Karen Brown7 日 前

    Fireshow (unexpected) in the description made me laugh 😂 😂

  30. Natalie Brereton

    Natalie Brereton8 日 前

    I love these videos Maria, they are so personal xx

  31. Demetrius Robinson

    Demetrius Robinson8 日 前

    Always quite charming ❤

  32. Kelsey Seibold

    Kelsey Seibold8 日 前

    This whole video is so relatable in the time of my life right now. And hearing it from another person talk about these things so positively makes it even better and helps me relax and be calm. Thanks Maria!

  33. Lindsy Baugus

    Lindsy Baugus8 日 前

    I am also so grateful that you share the honest truth about how you feel about being a mom, because not everyone does! Sometimes it’s okay to admit it’s sucks but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad mother for being tired and missing your previous life. Mila is so lucky to have you as a mother ❤️❤️

  34. Lindsy Baugus

    Lindsy Baugus8 日 前

    I also became a first time mother this year ❤️ motherhood has taught me so many things. I would never change it for the world! My sons smile is the thing that makes me the happiest as I’m sure your daughters is too 😁

  35. Mindy Rulli

    Mindy Rulli9 日 前

    I did some Christmas shopping today. I love Christmas. I don't like Winter, but you don't get much choice when you live in Ohio.

  36. Mindy Rulli

    Mindy Rulli9 日 前

    I love hearing about your life and your perspective on it. You are very wise for someone so young. You are a sweetheart!

  37. Inbar Shacham

    Inbar Shacham9 日 前

    Maria why did you give up your business plan?? I let myself speak for the majority of your followers, we WILL BUY your products! I work in marketing and I just see the potential, it is too good to just forget about it. Please don't 💞❤️

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    Andrea and Lucy's video Douglas9 日 前

    Ok let's do it ☺☺

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    Kim Blackwell9 日 前

    Not a fan of the candy while talking, but wanted to hear what was going on in your life! Let the other ASMR peeps handle the mouth stuff. 😉

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    SlipperySalamander9 日 前

    Your like an angel banishing my demons :)

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    Ahmed Atef10 日 前

    She looks like the girl from American horror stories

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    Frankie Pitochelli10 日 前

    Beautiful woman, best Asmr artist.... Has a successful JPgo channel, great husband and daughter......... Her life is complete.

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    Edith Perez Valenzuela10 日 前

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    Tety M10 日 前

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    bhavya bansal11 日 前

    I love these videos and really love your advices and positivity you emit!!

  46. Maxwell Grimsley

    Maxwell Grimsley11 日 前

    Imagine your mom having an same account. Whenever Mila is away from her in the future, she can listen to these and hear her mom's voice, and fall asleep. That's so beautiful to me.

  47. Demetrius Robinson

    Demetrius Robinson11 日 前


  48. Sarah Farr

    Sarah Farr11 日 前

    One Saturday morning in March this year I was watching your video announcing the birth of Baby Mila. My husband and I had been trying for our second baby for around a year, and while watching your video I had an overwhelming urge to take a pregnancy test...and it turned up positive!! On 4th October this year our baby girl, Tillie Joan Lucy, was born. She was a little early (34 weeks) but is doing beautifully now at almost 4 weeks old. Your lovely updates about Mila, and about Mummyhood never fail to make me smile, even more so that your first video about Mila led to something amazing. It’s my second time around (my older daughter is 9 years old) but no less intense, and no less amazing ♥️ Thank you for all that you do, Maria. Your videos are real favourites of mine xx

  49. Emelie Desireè Nordström

    Emelie Desireè Nordström2 日 前

    Congrats!! ❤

  50. Meagan

    Meagan11 日 前

    Really needed to hear your advice on perfectionism and expectations

  51. Avati

    Avati11 日 前


  52. Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams11 日 前

    This year I learned how to take time for myself and have a work-life balance. 2019 had not been fun, but I have hopes for 2020!

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    kimberly romero12 日 前

    I’ve watched you for so long now Maria! You’re the first asmrtst I’ve ever watched and my favorite today! Thank you so much for everything I find myself caring for you and loving you so much as time goes on I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve done. Also I always say Matthew would be amazing at ASMR too nice to see I’m not the only one 😌💜

  55. kimberly romero

    kimberly romero12 日 前

    Listen to wonder on the calm app Matthew reads it it’s so beautiful

  56. Sherri Stansbury

    Sherri Stansbury12 日 前

    I tell my Husband about having unrealistic expectations of others all of the time. He just gets disappointed in humanity.

  57. Emelie Desireè Nordström

    Emelie Desireè Nordström2 日 前


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    lena gavrilovic13 日 前

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    Liv Tyler would also be amazing at ASMR. I watched her make up video on the Vogue channel and it was practically ASMR!

  60. Michelle C

    Michelle C13 日 前

    The first time my son said Mamamamam I almost cried. It was one of the best experiences of my life! You are so spot on about everything you said regarding motherhood. It is a life changing experience that I would not trade for anything else in the world and the love is unconditional and grows more and more each day. So incredibly beautiful! Babies are also extremely portable at the age Mila is right now, and you could easily take her to Russia or anywhere else you would like to go. I took my son at 19 months to Portugal to see my family and even though he is a wiggle worm he was fine and he loved it. A baby much younger would have been even easier to take with me is what I realized. So yes definitely take your baby - just the fact that she is seeing things and being exposed to the outdoors and to nature will alter the neural pathways being formed in her mind. The brain is 90% formed by 5 years old which is why you must expose your children to as much good as possible!

  61. Dei ñe

    Dei ñe13 日 前

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    Sincere Venus13 日 前

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    Ray Louise14 日 前

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  65. Free Spirit dancer

    Free Spirit dancer14 日 前

    Maria I loved the motherly view that you shared with us. It made me smile and it was so sweet to hear. I love the way you think about it and explained it. Thank you.

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    Адема Сатыбалдина14 日 前

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    Menna Khalifa14 日 前

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