Can You Swim in Shade Balls?


  1. Amy Alley

    Amy Alley2 時間 前

    for some reason this will make me scared soo i wont do it

  2. Omar Siddiqi

    Omar Siddiqi2 時間 前

    Balls are in the mail!!!!!! And I'm getting one! ✌️😍🥰😀😁😎

  3. Kate Caldwell

    Kate Caldwell3 時間 前

    “A lotta balls in my face” Micheal Scott... THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!

  4. TheBattleBro

    TheBattleBro4 時間 前

    Its like he is in a giant bowl of cocoa puffs

  5. Dusty Honey

    Dusty Honey5 時間 前

    It was so beautiful when they showed what it looks from underneath. I’d want to go under all of them just to look at that.

  6. Mercedez Gwinner

    Mercedez Gwinner5 時間 前

    good luck with cleaning that up

  7. pingcheng zuo

    pingcheng zuo5 時間 前

    I just became one of Chlorine because I wanted to have a shadow ball. PLEASE

  8. Jordynn Hemphill

    Jordynn Hemphill5 時間 前

    Balls in my face.....

  9. Čøøkīės n' Çrëam

    Čøøkīės n' Çrëam5 時間 前

    3:44 That will be are future full of plastic...

  10. Nebosvod gonzalez

    Nebosvod gonzalez12 時間 前

    just Recycle them

  11. Michael Ganzer

    Michael Ganzer16 時間 前

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  12. Emely

    Emely17 時間 前


  13. Emely

    Emely17 時間 前

    What are shade balls?

  14. shelbel82

    shelbel82日 前

    I live in Alabama so we don't get a lot

  15. Michael Anderson

    Michael Anderson日 前

    Alright, you’re kind of throwing some shade at us with this one.

  16. Live By Faith

    Live By Faith日 前

    It look like a boba tea lol

  17. Nutella

    Nutella日 前

    Nobody gonna talk about how he jumped so far?

  18. Mark Thompson

    Mark Thompson日 前


  19. PorkNotBeef

    PorkNotBeef日 前

    The near perfect alignment of those balls and the amount of sound is trippin' me out.

  20. Paul Kinder

    Paul Kinder日 前

    Just be honest....the thought of all those black balls made you horney.

  21. iTravel Sports

    iTravel Sports日 前

    How coooool!

  22. cmdeane

    cmdeane日 前

    what a waste of money

  23. Whitney Sims

    Whitney Sims日 前

    Y does this remind me of co co puffs😂

  24. NotCharging

    NotCharging日 前

    Wait...couldn’t you just put shade balls over your pool in the winter with a tarp?

  25. Blobby YT

    Blobby YT2 日 前

    Its bad for the nature because its plastic

  26. Ava Gomez

    Ava Gomez2 日 前

    this just gave me anxiety

  27. Vorcefull Vorce

    Vorcefull Vorce2 日 前

    How u get them all out

  28. Herbert Coleman

    Herbert Coleman2 日 前

    I hope I'm not too late to get a shade ball.

  29. Shade Jamison

    Shade Jamison2 日 前

    😶 "Shade" balls..... My name is shade.... 😳

  30. A Youtuber

    A Youtuber2 日 前

    His poor wrist, imagine signing something 10,000 times

  31. Candy Lover

    Candy Lover2 日 前

    Do NOT do this at home😉👍

  32. Faux Falconry

    Faux Falconry2 日 前

    This made my asthma cry on the inside

  33. best videos

    best videos2 日 前

    I need please .....

  34. Paula J

    Paula J2 日 前


  35. Jessie Dizon

    Jessie Dizon2 日 前

    Did you using it to create static energy with chargeable battery inside it goes through a static inside a spinning thing that create static like a duster it creates static when using it so this spinning thing are like that to creating static when its fully charge the battery goes in one collected area of the ball that fully charge again in this collected ball here is the ball with chargeable battery are being drained of its static energy then it goes back again to the spinning static to charge the chargeable battery in the collected ball this are going to spinning like a spiral or drill that fits one ball going back to the spinning static to charge again when the chargeable battery are used as a electricity up the spiral like drill will push it back to spinning static to charge again? ⚡🔆👽

  36. Killer Kat

    Killer Kat2 日 前

    I'm gonna be a hater here for a second but I have been swimming for almost 8 years now and their swimming wash TERRIBLE I am not a hater it just really annoyed me. I seriously love this channel so pls don't kill meh!

  37. FLEX BOI

    FLEX BOI2 日 前

    The question is how is going to get them out

  38. Murugesan A

    Murugesan A2 日 前

    Brother can you do a video on qantum entanglement

  39. Saikumar Bunny

    Saikumar Bunny2 日 前

    It's not 91% .... It's only π/4 ~ 78% Any thoughts?

  40. Naima M. Ali

    Naima M. Ali2 日 前

    you know what i think? i think david dobrik should totally buy this.

  41. Nappypuff

    Nappypuff3 日 前

    thiis was the most beautiful fluid mosaic ever

  42. Lavina Coleman

    Lavina Coleman3 日 前

    3:46 no homo

  43. osamr toro

    osamr toro3 日 前


  44. Geovanni Franco

    Geovanni Franco3 日 前

    Oof ion think u can bc dats a lot of shade oooo I swear am cringe af

  45. Arissa Aispuro

    Arissa Aispuro3 日 前

    thank u for the clarification ig i won’t be buying 10,000 giant black olives to fill my pool if it’s gonna make it hard for me to swim

  46. goth lust

    goth lust3 日 前

    How much were all those shade balls ?

  47. sinekonata

    sinekonata3 日 前

    Veritasium : The science of shade balls. Me : unsubscribe. Click bait fish : OMG subscribe.

  48. Strawberrycake*-*

    Strawberrycake*-*3 日 前

    So what’s the purpose of the balls?

  49. Jacob the Fishermen99

    Jacob the Fishermen993 日 前

    That would take me a long time to clean up

  50. Savannah Lada

    Savannah Lada3 日 前

    You should make a giant boba tea drink with those😂😂😂