BTS WORST ACCIDENTS AND CUTE MISTAKES 2018-2019 (Love yourself tour edition)- BTS is also Humans


  1. Kayla Garland

    Kayla Garland10 時間 前

    Someone please tell me the song at 5:22 😩😩

  2. BangTan Sonyeondan

    BangTan Sonyeondan13 時間 前

    Jimin bị nhiều nhất

  3. Alyssa Gabriel

    Alyssa Gabriel13 時間 前

    Jimin is the best one 😂😂

  4. Stanzin Chosgan

    Stanzin Chosgan16 時間 前

    It's really funny

  5. Won ParkJeon

    Won ParkJeon16 時間 前

    ai bk cho mình xin tên nhạc 2:20 đi

  6. NR

    NR21 時間 前

    Why they didn’t dance the part of mic drop ?

  7. Potato :

    Potato :日 前

    They need a break from dancing for a bit becuase these injuries could get worse overtime :( I Purple BTS!!!!

  8. MOMO Ring

    MOMO Ring日 前

    ANPANMAN: انا ساكته ومتحمله

  9. Seokjins Toe

    Seokjins Toe日 前

    5:56 that’s actually Jin lol

  10. Anggi Pujianti

    Anggi Pujianti日 前

    4:12 I dont know why, but i laugh so hard in this part😂sorry jhope, your reaction is so cute😂

  11. Belen Salaiz

    Belen Salaiz日 前


  12. Jaycel Garote

    Jaycel Garote日 前

    Jimin fall(in love) in the floor

  13. Jaycel Garote

    Jaycel Garote日 前

    RM is very helpful leader😍😍

  14. Rahma gacha indo

    Rahma gacha indo日 前

    Poor jimin

  15. AdArApAlAb Cpny

    AdArApAlAb Cpny日 前


  16. Cookies and Carrots

    Cookies and Carrots2 日 前

    We love an extremely clumsy and extra jiminie

  17. World wide handsome Seokjin stan here

    World wide handsome Seokjin stan here2 日 前

    1:51 I always do that whenever there's a slippery floor until now😂😂😂

  18. sania aisha

    sania aisha2 日 前

    In this video the very first song can uplx tell me that name

  19. M. P. Kolambkar

    M. P. Kolambkar2 日 前

    There is some relation between jimin and the floor

  20. RWHN Editz UwU

    RWHN Editz UwU2 日 前

    Jimin needs to change those boots/shoes that he wears

  21. Lea Lol

    Lea Lol3 日 前

    Jimin and jungkook 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. joyeon lee

    joyeon lee3 日 前

    OMG!the real angel and sun 4:11

  23. TaetorTot Cosplayzzz

    TaetorTot Cosplayzzz3 日 前

    5:52 Tae being himself Bts: Jimin: yeet this sh*t im out

  24. Marguerite Zym

    Marguerite Zym3 日 前

    Your video shows the constant dangers that BTS is facing during their concerts but what shits me is the certain numbers of people commenting and finding this extremely amusing when they hurt themselves.

  25. LpsMeghan

    LpsMeghan3 日 前

    4:13 when Jhope says he is the sun he MEANS IT

  26. Hala Alsaby

    Hala Alsaby4 日 前

    5:16 you wrote the wrong spelling

  27. Darksniper is a BTS ARMY

    Darksniper is a BTS ARMY4 日 前

    6:05 Smooth Kookie, very smooth.

  28. sunita maharaj

    sunita maharaj4 日 前

    I could watch this over and over

  29. Hella Storhaug-Meyer

    Hella Storhaug-Meyer4 日 前

    Sooooo funny🤣

  30. Claire Lee

    Claire Lee4 日 前

    OMG!!! Jung kook and Jim in are so cute that I just want to hug them. Anyways be careful BTS!!!!!!!

  31. Ry Ry

    Ry Ry4 日 前

    Jimin is so helpful to others but no one even help him😢💜

  32. Cheuk Wing Jamie Yau

    Cheuk Wing Jamie Yau5 日 前

    if you say it is the worst accidents, then why did you say cute?! if you say it is cute then you mean you like them getting injured?! be careful of what you type for the title... 😡

  33. Five Feet Buzz

    Five Feet Buzz5 日 前

    woow, i like that there's none with Namjoon

  34. Doggo

    Doggo5 日 前

    JiminxFloor = JIMFLOOR

  35. Jona Carmel Buenaventura

    Jona Carmel Buenaventura5 日 前

    What song @ 7:00 please? ☹️

  36. Meredith Beaudoin

    Meredith Beaudoin5 日 前

    Loll "jimin fell due to laughter"

  37. Kitten Sonyeondan

    Kitten Sonyeondan6 日 前

    Looks like RM and Jimin switched roles lolol

  38. laggna mishra

    laggna mishra6 日 前

    Awwww those are real cute moments

  39. baddbusan_mochi

    baddbusan_mochi7 日 前

    I love how much fun they have in their concerts

  40. John Newton

    John Newton7 日 前

    It WAAAss Jin who take of the shoes not JIMIN if I'm wrong sorry

  41. Nong Shin

    Nong Shin7 日 前

    The sacrifices they make to keep their dreams and Army! Alive is so emotional 😭

  42. Keshia Annisa Putri

    Keshia Annisa Putri8 日 前

    6:00 i thought that was jin?

  43. Yyyidiej Jjdjdidm

    Yyyidiej Jjdjdidm8 日 前


  44. Minecraft creeper

    Minecraft creeper8 日 前

    My stomach when jimin falls

  45. 莫小妖

    莫小妖8 日 前

    Did they put oil or something slippery on the stage or what you know what just stop slipping

  46. Thae hsumyo

    Thae hsumyo8 日 前

    Even they made lots of mistake,they are cute for me😍😁

  47. Kaylah Flores o_0

    Kaylah Flores o_09 日 前

    I know who is to blame The damn motherfucking floor😒

  48. Venix

    Venix9 日 前

    Wow that light transferred from J-Hope's hand to his face! 4:12

  49. Melissa Playz

    Melissa Playz9 日 前

    In conclusion we need to just wrap them in bubble wrap lol

  50. Sasha Mohamed

    Sasha Mohamed9 日 前

    What's the name of the song that played at 0:33