BTS Suga (AGUST D) - The Last 마지막 [Lyrics Han|Rom|Eng]

Lyrics to Bangtan Boys' Suga 'The Last/마지막' from his new mixtape!
Release date: 2016.08.16
Produced by Agust D (SUGA), June, Pdogg
Keyboard - Pdogg
Synthesizer - Pdogg
Rythm Programming - June
Guitar - Jung Su Wan
Recording Engineer - Agust D @ Genius Lab, Pdogg
Mix Engineer - Kim Bo Sung @ Big Hit Studio
Mastering Engineer - Alex DeYoung @ Deyoung Masters
Korean: Big Hit Entertainment
Rom: Jeonilysm
English: papercrowns
Track list:
01. Intro ; Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz)
02. Agust D
03. give it to me
04. skit
05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)
06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)
07. 마지막 (The Last)
08. Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)
09. Interlude ; Dream, Reality
10. so far away (Feat. 수란 (SURAN))
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  1. Jeonilysm

    Jeonilysm年 前

    i know i'm coming back to this video after such a long time, but please PLEASE stop commenting about Jonghyun on a video that's not related to him in the slightest. those comments will be deleted. i'm just letting you know.

  2. Chong! Jojun! Balsa!

    Chong! Jojun! Balsa!12 日 前

    It's your video so I respect your decision. And I haven't commented those. But still I think that people comment for understandable reason.

  3. Song Mingi

    Song Mingiヶ月 前

    I see ur an atiny as well

  4. *Park Jisung is a baby* *chick fite me*

    *Park Jisung is a baby* *chick fite me*ヶ月 前

    @Flower. 2seok she didnt make that clear before and deleting them is too much im not trying to start a fight but thats just what i think

  5. Flower. 2seok

    Flower. 2seokヶ月 前

    @*Park Jisung is a baby* *chick fite me* it's her channel. She does what she wants.

  6. Flower. 2seok

    Flower. 2seokヶ月 前

    @Liliana but Jonghyun Could have had a very different depression apart from what yoongi had.

  7. o s

    o s時間 前

    나 진짜 소름돋았어 허거거걱

  8. † g h ø s t g i r l †

    † g h ø s t g i r l †3 時間 前

    Yoongi, you're my authority . I want to be a rapper and dancer in the future. My dream is collab with you... You make me more confident, stop crying and become stronger... I love u so munch, greetings from Poland 💜 (sorry when my english is bad)

  9. C. Marple

    C. Marple8 時間 前

    It's my first time listening to this (I'm not a BTS fan. Hell, I haven't even heard more than maybe 3 of their songs.) and it's absolutely amazing. Hard, strong, intense. I hope he's stronger and better now - I know I'm not.

  10. Allysa Delos Reyes

    Allysa Delos Reyes日 前

    this song got me already even without reading the lyrics. I was simply scrolling to Suga's song till i find this and it hit me .. now that i know what the lyrics meant, damn I can't get over

  11. Maria Zhuravleva

    Maria Zhuravleva2 日 前

    Fuq I could listen to that ugh all daaaaay

  12. Maria Zhuravleva

    Maria Zhuravleva2 日 前

    I could not breath when I listened to this. T he power. The “ugh” just....The message behind this...The fact that he wrote this and he made this and he felt this....It’s amazing!!!!

  13. Lucia Visalli

    Lucia Visalli2 日 前

    Everytime I end up falling into depression I watch this video...every single time it helps me to go through it... thank you Min Yoongi💜

  14. Ngọc Anh Trần

    Ngọc Anh Trần3 日 前

    You know a song is good when the comments are all paragraphs. Thank god now I can finally read JPgo comments.

  15. 손유정

    손유정3 日 前

    고생한척들 지리구욘 ? ㅋㅋ

  16. 손유정

    손유정3 日 前

    나도 이미 죽었는데 3월달에 다시 태어나야돼 .믿진

  17. 워니

    워니9 時間 前

    약 했음?

  18. Potatoesandketchup 2016

    Potatoesandketchup 20163 日 前

    This song really hit me

  19. Anushri Kadam

    Anushri Kadam3 日 前

    Suga you are so strong and this song gives me so strength when I listened to this song for the first time I literally had goosebumps and I was crying still when I listen to this song I cry but I'm glad you are ok now I'm also very glad that you are my bias not just bcoz of good looks filled with cuteness but also you are the strongest purple you 💜

  20. Mahi Hossain

    Mahi Hossain3 日 前

    Wow... I choked with so many emotions....I'm quite new with bts.But I love them very much and try to listen to all their music. Yoongi is so so soooooo amazing and he's a great person. I really love him. I consider myself army for months now. I first saw their video in May, 2019.Then I saw how good human beings they are and how much great bonding they have. I don't know HOW I missed THIS!!! Maybe because I have so much catching up to do. But yoongi makes me feel things.its weird how I never suffered even half of the things that yoongi did yet I can relate. I actually have depression and social anxiety but yoongi is so... I don't know the words to describe him. He is a Amazing person and I love him😭It also feels great to find someone u can relate to. Though I am a Jungkook bias, yoongi is now my bais wrecker. God I love them so much!😭

  21. XxShadows TearsxX

    XxShadows TearsxX4 日 前

    K ima go cry now

  22. XxShadows TearsxX

    XxShadows TearsxX4 日 前

    for some reason it said I disliked the video yet I swear I made sure to like it.... what's happening

  23. Aggi Shadow

    Aggi Shadow4 日 前

    Welcome to the dark side of Min Yoongi

  24. 지나가던아미

    지나가던아미5 日 前

    이 곡으로 윤기옵이 얼많아 고생했는지 알겠다. 누구앞에서 고생한 척들을해 이 가사 넘 좋아요 방탄도 힘든일 많았고 윤기옵도 힘든일 많았을거에요

  25. I’m like TT

    I’m like TT6 日 前

    Everytime I’m struggling with life I come back to this video and It never fails to make me feel better because I’ve been through very similar things to Yoongi In this and just seeing how much he suffered and then came out on top doing what he loves and has worked so hard towards and I hope I can some day feel the same

  26. rashel park

    rashel park6 日 前

    the first time i listened to this it was also my last time.. bc min yoongi killed me.. but some how i was resurrected like jesus thank you lord and now i have come here again and i have just died AGAIN

  27. 최정윤

    최정윤7 日 前

    3:07 이젠 아무도 무시할수 없어.

  28. pingu S

    pingu S7 日 前

    The lyrics are too deep. Too deep that it send shivers to your vein.

  29. prerna mehta

    prerna mehta7 日 前

    This is the first song by one of the members of BTS i listened to because my friend recommened it but now I can't stop crying because you can actually feel all these emotions in his voice and relate to them.

  30. All Shipper

    All Shipper10 日 前

    This song is underrated 😑😭

  31. min koya

    min koya10 日 前

    I can relate to that bad?

  32. geneve chan

    geneve chan9 日 前

    its good, its saying ur living a hapoy life n u never suffered those shit..

  33. emily wanderlust

    emily wanderlust10 日 前

    i love the part where he says 'its the end wandering, there was no right answer' bc really there never is

  34. 민윤지

    민윤지10 日 前

    3:37 😯😯

  35. 유지민

    유지민11 日 前

    I am weird before become an army... Like.. everytime I look at a knife I always wanna see how hurt is it eventhough I know it will be so hurt.. I ever... take the knife... and like... wrist... lol you know right but fortunately I cried and I throw the knife to the ground so hard.. my mental... IDK why.. but till now no one knows about it.. when I am an army now... I am get better and better thanks to them :)

  36. Veronika

    Veronika7 日 前

    I am glad you feel much better now 💜

  37. 유지민

    유지민9 日 前

    @kitkatbar too!.. fighting army!!!!

  38. kitkatbar

    kitkatbar9 日 前

    유지민 Im glad you are getting better. Back then, I have also cut, but since BTS I’ve restrained myself. Keep fighting, we will be okay! 💜💜💜

  39. I wAs So ImPrEsS-eD

    I wAs So ImPrEsS-eD11 日 前

    Man. What a powerful song. His strength amazes me. All of their strength. But I relate to Yoongi and Jimin the most. I always find myself crying with the lyrics of BTS songs. Or their lives or even happy silly videos. They literally saved my life and I just get so emotional. It’s like friends that don’t know I exist yet care if that makes any sense? I purple you BTS always! Fighting!!!!

  40. Ciao sono Alyss

    Ciao sono Alyss11 日 前

    Sometimes I wonder what did the other members tell Yoongi after hearing this. What was Yoon's reaction, of he felt anxious putting all his feelings out there. It must have been a huge step to take.

  41. Roxie girl

    Roxie girl12 日 前

    I wonder what’s or who exactly he’s talking about in this verse: “These things turn on my mouth, if I block it, he tells me to eat from the tree of knowledge I don't want it , they want me to leave this hill”

  42. Song Mingi

    Song Mingi12 日 前


  43. 레몬TV

    레몬TV12 日 前

    오타가 꽤 많내요

  44. Nivcke

    Nivcke12 日 前

    Lost for words

  45. Stephen Jones

    Stephen Jones13 日 前

    Suga !!!! 💜

  46. adesola adeyeloja

    adesola adeyeloja14 日 前

    omgg!!!! I have been avoiding this song because I knew it was like I was facing my shadow, yoongi I am proud of you. thank you for making this masterpiece

  47. 남mon준

    남mon준14 日 前

    my depression decided to come again and here i am

  48. s. d.

    s. d.14 日 前

    I just got diagnosed with depression and social anxiety two days ago. It was like a punch in the stomach because in my twisted view, nothing was wrong with me. But now I slowly start to understand...and I'm asking myself how I could have ever thought crying yourself to sleep and breaking down every day is normal? That isnt how a mental person feels and I finally begin to understand. I'm not a big bts fan, but yoongi will forever be special to me

  49. 민 애 옹.

    민 애 옹.14 日 前


  50. Army like DNA MV

    Army like DNA MV14 日 前

    My throat hurts but i can't cry coz I feel stunned into silence. Just what was this?? What was this??

  51. a_xxx

    a_xxx15 日 前


  52. 박지민

    박지민15 日 前

    진짜 성공했다, 민윤기는 랩퍼에 있는 고정관념을 깨는 거 같다. 진짜 누가 나 만큼해 라는 가사가 너무 소름끼 치고 의사 선생님이 내게 물었어 다음이 너무 소름끼 치고 이런면이 있는지 몰랐다. 진짜 민윤기 앞으로 계속 꼴리는 대로만 했으면 좋겠다.

  53. Jule hi

    Jule hi16 日 前

    I feel like crying... no. Yoongles... I have read the lyrics for the second time and have had goosebumps the whole time. He FUCKING DIDN'T DESERVE THIS!! At the end I thought bts is such a great band I mean they had to be so healing for him. Other depressed idols committed suicide and I guess the chemistry in that group wasn't as strong as bts'. No that's fucking rude of me. Nvm I am so thankful to that song. I love him 😔💕

  54. Hanifah Ramadhani Sembiring

    Hanifah Ramadhani Sembiring16 日 前

    DUH I really want to have a talk with peple WHO DISLIKE THAT VIDEO. I-

  55. Nadeen Alsaad

    Nadeen Alsaad17 日 前

    Every word up to 2:35, I can relate to 100%

  56. arisa park

    arisa park17 日 前

    Its so devastating that we can hear the pain through his voice, that we can somehow understand even without translation. This man had enough. Im glad he is better now

  57. 앵두리{셔니꼬}

    앵두리{셔니꼬}18 日 前


  58. sugaaniyah

    sugaaniyah19 日 前

    Yeah, I can’t even understand him because I don’t speak Korean but I can literally hear the pain in his voice..

  59. Namrata Sancheti

    Namrata Sancheti20 日 前

    I remember how Jin told Suga in his letter to him that it is okay to show your weakness sometimes!!

  60. Тара Ярилова

    Тара Ярилова20 日 前


  61. Guang Lina

    Guang Lina20 日 前

    I feel most of what yoongi feels up until 2:34, past that part of the song I can not longer I don’t think

  62. Guang Lina

    Guang Lina20 日 前

    How does one get over these feelings?

  63. skittle gays

    skittle gays22 日 前

    Min Yoongi is the strongest person I know! He deserves to be where he is right now. Keeping all of those emotions bottled up inside is so damn hard to do especially for long periods of time. I am so so glad he is letting them out in this song because keeping them in can really hurt you and mess with your self esteem. I am so proud of where bts is today!

  64. FangAn1

    FangAn123 日 前

    I Lovvvvvvvveeee jungi

  65. Lulu Belps uwu

    Lulu Belps uwu23 日 前

    It kind of reminds me of shadow.

  66. Idk I'm Confused

    Idk I'm Confused23 日 前

    I thought i should die but then i remembered yoongi's line "i feel so down" from one rap i really don't remember it so i searched it and here i am... Trying to figure out if you're one and only friend's betrayal is something to kill yourself or not... I guess it's not... Live long Yoongi... Thanks ones again BTS

  67. hadjer Lekh

    hadjer Lekh23 日 前

    Who can't find himself or period from his life in these lyrics.. it's too personal but same time relate to most of us..

  68. Camryn Colvin

    Camryn Colvin24 日 前

    when your therapist asks you how you are feeling so you show him this video so you don't burst into tears...

  69. giu

    giu24 日 前

    I used to listen to this song repeatedly during my anxiety attacks. I had social anxiety too, went to therapy too, and felt the same things Yoongi described too. The last part of this song was what I hoped for. "From that time when I tried to sleep on the floor of a bathroom, now it's a memory to me". I wished it would become a memory for me too. It did. For everyone going through this, hang in there. I love you, you're strong, it gets better.

  70. Jaime Adams

    Jaime Adams24 日 前

    The people who dislike this are actually bad people, PERIOD... even if you don’t like BTS or Suga the guy just told y’all what he didn’t tell his members for years 😣