Bobby Fischer's Secret Online Match vs Nigel Short in 2000

#agadmator The story is that Bobby Fischer sometimes logs on to the Internet Chess Club (ICC) as a guest and plays an incredible series of blitz games against random opponents. The pattern is always the same: "Fischer", who does not have an ICC handle, will make contact either directly or through a third person and then play a series of very fast blitz games ("bullet chess"), using preposterous openings and whipping the living daylights out of his opponents. They are sworn to secrecy, so the games are seldom published. Only the stories of the apparition, of the bone-chilling encounter with the ephemeral chess legend remains.
Robert James Fischer vs Nigel Short
October 2000
Internet Chess Club
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  1. Dr. Buddybob Superfly Jones Vanderbilt III ESQ. X.

    Dr. Buddybob Superfly Jones Vanderbilt III ESQ. X.2 時間 前

    In the future there will only be a starting time and then either player can move at will, no more taking turns...

  2. Jason Baumgartner

    Jason Baumgartner2 日 前

    I really enjoy your videos. You do an amazing job breaking down the games so that the strategy employed by the players is easy to understand by a chess novice. Thanks for making these awesome videos.

  3. yzcandar

    yzcandar2 日 前

    Spassky en una entrevista mencionó que cuando era un fuerte tablero juvenil, jugó diversas partidas con Paul Keres. Keres era un veterano y pocos años después fallece como el Rey sin corona del Ajedrez. Spassky decía que era mucho fuerte que él mismo, y que cualquier otro jugador del seleccionado soviético. Pero que ya la salud le jugaba en contra. Fischer en el 2000 era un veterano, pero su juego bien podía ser muy fuerte, ya Fischer en Blitz era practicamente imparable, incluso jugando con grandes figuras. Es famoso un blitz contra Korchnoi en que el caballo de FIscher desde una posición inicial, hace una jugada en una maniobra en que el caballo debe jugarse cuatro veces. Pero la maniobra es imparable. Por lo que Korchnoi se rinde con blancas, algo como que Cf6.....Rinden. No me extraña por tanto que haya llegado a un dominio del juego de esa magnitud. Fischer: La leyenda

  4. CC

    CC2 日 前

    Bobby Fischer was based and hated the Jews

  5. SivF SivF

    SivF SivF2 日 前

    Sry but was Shredder chess playing...

  6. Michael Man13

    Michael Man132 日 前

    He is the best for ever! Bobby!

  7. Dante Fajardo

    Dante Fajardo4 日 前

    Could have been Fisher, but maybe after the first silly 5 moves Fisher used an engine.

  8. Bogdan Cvetkovic

    Bogdan Cvetkovic5 日 前

    "If the king does not lead, how can he expect his subordinates to follow?" -Lelouch vi Britannia introducing the Code Geas gambit.

  9. TheL0n3lyTramp

    TheL0n3lyTramp2 日 前

    Bogdan Cvetkovic just search up code geass chess lol the videos will explain it

  10. Bogdan Cvetkovic

    Bogdan Cvetkovic2 日 前

    @TheL0n3lyTramp lol I'll have to go back and analyze the games from the series to see if they made any sense.

  11. TheL0n3lyTramp

    TheL0n3lyTramp2 日 前

    Bogdan Cvetkovic yeah but chess is a real game, it’s supposed to have rules😁

  12. Bogdan Cvetkovic

    Bogdan Cvetkovic2 日 前

    @TheL0n3lyTramp So is Code Geas. :P

  13. TheL0n3lyTramp

    TheL0n3lyTramp2 日 前

    Bogdan Cvetkovic of course it’s a fantasy show

  14. JM Adventures

    JM Adventures5 日 前

    Bomb af

  15. Jonathan Ruano

    Jonathan Ruano6 日 前

    Hell, I can see Bobby Fischer pulling off a crazy stunt like that and triumph in spectacular style.

  16. Juan Pablo Panebianco

    Juan Pablo Panebianco6 日 前

    Bullshit. It was an engine not Fischer.

  17. catheadmoon

    catheadmoon6 日 前

    Your club's awesome. But no obviously Bobby Fischer wouldnt play chess on the internet without going on about how Arabs are semitic people too, etcetera. Have fun though...Bobby.

  18. Ari Ari

    Ari Ari8 日 前

    Schaak mat !

  19. :-:

    :-:8 日 前

    Take on e4?????

  20. matteovrizzi

    matteovrizzi8 日 前

    If only Fischer hadn't quit chess we might have had one world champion from 1972 to 2008. However the greatest geniuses never hang on to their titles and ratings for a long time..... they stay at the top for a few years and then they move on. Fischer truly was leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else that played and plays the game - he is the Mozart of chess. Human chess engines like Carlsen or Caruana will never match Fischer's talent and improvisational genius. Trolls are more than welcome to slam my opinions!

  21. Old Uncle Bob

    Old Uncle Bob8 日 前

    Fascinating! Fischer was incredible.

  22. John Quill Taylor

    John Quill Taylor9 日 前

    This is almost certainly not Robert Fischer. With regards to the trivia question: I've seen much, much more difficult questions asked on ICC during online tournaments, and these get correctly answered by several chess fans in fewer than five seconds. My guess is that this 'prank' was played by some C-Level player with a fairly good knowledge of chess along with an equal knowledge of how to 'sort and choose' among several "Next Best" moves from an average-strength chess engine, something quite easily within the realm of thousands of players during this era. - j q t -

  23. Peter Gregory

    Peter Gregory10 日 前

    I know for a fact that when Fischer played against himself he always won. The above game has some astounding features, including a rather brutal logic by black. It resembles a dance between white’s waltz and black’s tango. The really brilliant thing about it is that black plays no brilliant (double exclamaition mark) moves. Just moves that back up the idea of dancing to a different drum. Black is definitely thinking out of the box in this game. The five move forced mate reminds me of an engineer tightening up a few nuts to finish a job. All that’s needed is a spanner of the right size and hey presto, job done! If black was not Fischer then it was someone pretending to be him to a

  24. Justin Manley

    Justin Manley10 日 前

    Sorry, but that is insufficient evidence. It's entirely predicated on a single witness's testimony. On top of that, it could have been a very strong imposter that was trying to leave an impression.

  25. MegaSuaveman

    MegaSuaveman12 日 前

    Are there any time stamps we can see?

  26. Ian Novick

    Ian Novick12 日 前

    Sometimes when I play a with a player around my ranking, I like to throw one or two wild moves in just to see what happens, 8 out of 10 games I'll end up losing, but in the meantime, I'm rewarded with a game that I've never played before. Totally worth it.

  27. Rich Pope

    Rich Pope15 日 前

    This was NOT Fischer. Bobby would NEVER play weak moves. This is clearly a guy who started his opening on his own, then switched to an engine that was stronger than Nigel Short.

  28. jsj297

    jsj29715 日 前

    What month and year did these games occur?

  29. magnafire1

    magnafire115 日 前

    Nigel came up Short. No pun intended.

  30. Joelle Dix

    Joelle Dix16 日 前


  31. Mark Riley

    Mark Riley17 日 前

    Who are these videos aimed at? Grandmasters? The moves are made so quickly with no analysis. Is the average player supposed to know what's going on?

  32. Brad Junes

    Brad Junes18 日 前

    Thanks for putting this one out there. Id haft to agree it was Bobby Fisher. I wonder how fast it was played though. Lot of great moves.

  33. anthony macadon

    anthony macadon18 日 前

    I say...yes, it was Fischer. He dropped the clue.

  34. Black Knight

    Black Knight19 日 前

    After the first 8 moves, I am thinking Fisher - Price, not Bobby Fisher.

  35. Jerson Matthew Minguillan

    Jerson Matthew Minguillan19 日 前

    If this was Fischer, then wow. Nigel Short was demolished here. And what's with the crazy openings? If Nigel's opponent was human at all, then he was a fucking troll, toying him with ridiculous openings in blitz games against a great blitz player.

  36. JLC Driveway Ramps

    JLC Driveway Ramps19 日 前

    That wasn't Fisher playing. It was Stockfish. No way a human can play that way.

  37. Advait Desai

    Advait Desai20 日 前

    I think that this is fisher as he said development is over all. He implemented it in his some games against Short.

  38. daveyork0

    daveyork021 日 前

    could be Nige jus sucked at blitz

  39. Hugh Tahoob

    Hugh Tahoob22 日 前

    That be funny if his username was like *BobbyJimmy Sailor* 👤 "nice nobody will suspect a thing haha"

  40. Blaze Rhodon

    Blaze Rhodon23 日 前

    I think it might be Bobby Fischer (although I might be wrong). According to Wikipedia, Fischer stayed in home of Canadian grandmaster Peter Biyiasas, and always won him in blitz games, so I guess, on emigration in Japan after his last tournament game in 1992, Fischer wanted to play online blitz tournament with a strongest player in world (who was Nigel Short back then).

  41. David Janowski

    David Janowski24 日 前

    No one will ever know if it was Bobby. But it looks like a Fischer type game. And who else beats Short so convincingly?

  42. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith28 日 前

    It's a shame the US government harassed Bobby while he was clearly mentally ill. This made him further paranoid and derailed to the point where he rather talk about conspiracy theories rather than chess.

  43. Engineered Access

    Engineered Access25 日 前

    Well he would rather Israel not control the US government...are you denying this?

  44. Jakov Levaj

    Jakov Levaj29 日 前

    Fischer had the highest iq ever measured. Much higher than einstein.

  45. Ilya Slobodkin

    Ilya Slobodkin29 日 前

    Fisher went into his endgame on move 2! Lol

  46. sbfarmer 8

    sbfarmer 8ヶ月 前

    first chess book I read, was Fischer teaches chess in like 81 it always seemed to me, he was about rooks.

  47. kenzie hust

    kenzie hustヶ月 前

    So they where TIME TRAVELLER?

  48. Mert Baysal

    Mert Baysalヶ月 前

    the king firnd cattle is too op!!

  49. James

    Jamesヶ月 前

    No way this is sufficient evidence to conclude that it is Bobby Fischer. It's not hard to imagine a random person who has studied Bobby Fischer's career and imitates his style minutely playing online anonymously and pretending to be Bobby Fischer. And of course said person could instantly respond "1970" because he was intimately acquainted with what I'm assuming is publicly available info on Fischer's career. Now if someone had asked this person a question about information that was not publicly available, for example something only Fischer and Nigel Short could have known, that would be far more compelling. This is just a case of wishful thinking. Maybe some amount of probability could be established that it is Fischer, but certainty (based on the information given)? No way.

  50. WDS

    WDSヶ月 前

    Bear in mind this player demolished Nigel Short 8-0, including here where he basically gave Short some free moves with the silly king walk. Who could toy with such a strong player that way? If it was not Fischer, the impostor was still a world-class chess player. It narrows the field enough that Fischer seems most likely to me to have been the player in those games.

  51. gogi

    gogiヶ月 前

    Bravo druze veliki sam tvoj kao sto se kaze fan :) super samo tako nastavi. Veliki pozdrav iz Srbije

  52. Vicente Vazquez

    Vicente Vazquezヶ月 前

    It wasn't Fisher, it was me and I can prove it; see my games and you'll notice that my openings as as exotic as the one on this game, the only difference is that I never win a god damn game.

  53. Dick Macgurn

    Dick Macgurnヶ月 前


  54. Newport 00

    Newport 00ヶ月 前

    Bong cloud!

  55. Spookycrane

    Spookycraneヶ月 前

    Rip Bobby you were right


    DARK WATERヶ月 前

    I play like him the only difference is I always lose

  57. The Groypist

    The Groypistヶ月 前

    Bobby is the most lied about person except for one other man in history. It always amazes me how people think this 180 IQ towering intellect of a man was 'crazy' and believed in falsehoods because fischer wasnt one to do his research... We all know who had an issue with him playing in Slovenia and they were gonna clean his clock for telling the truth.

  58. Steven Fox

    Steven Foxヶ月 前

    Nigel short made only 2 fatal moves. I will soon make a video showing you what moves he missed and how Nigel Short could have won this game.

  59. ヶ月 前

    It was the CIA not Fischer. An algorithm.

  60. Christian Zook

    Christian Zookヶ月 前

    ok, sure

  61. SaberSpeed77

    SaberSpeed77ヶ月 前

    not a secret anymore

  62. Andrej Antanasov

    Andrej Antanasovヶ月 前

    Actually Nigel can block the check in the final position with Nh2 or Nh4 (it will still be checkmate after Rxh2 or Rxh4), but still, it doesn't hurt to mention this little detail.

  63. chris dube

    chris dubeヶ月 前

    Memorization (along with vast numbers of draws at the upper levels) is why Fischer came up with Fischerrandom (Chess 960).

  64. radjedi2010

    radjedi2010ヶ月 前

    Can’t imagine it was Fischer. Susan Polgar said she was about 50/50 with him when he stayed with the Polgars in the 90’s. So then years later after that, Fischer suddenly beats an even stronger blitz player? And not only beating him, but crushing him after making bizarre, very weak openings?

  65. Jerry Graves

    Jerry Gravesヶ月 前

    So we are suppose to believe a random woman's word and disregard everything here?

  66. Earl Smith

    Earl Smithヶ月 前

    I personally believe he would've smashed Carlsen every game if he were around, if he really wanted to. No offense to Carlsen.

  67. Brad Heilman

    Brad Heilmanヶ月 前

    Bobby Fischer was seeing beyond the engine horizon. Amazing.

  68. MrMorlaf

    MrMorlafヶ月 前

    this is fake..... no chance it is Fischer.....

  69. kirkstable

    kirkstableヶ月 前

    I really like the alpha zero queen sack game against stockfish that you covered but this is just such a cool story