Big Hero 6 New York Comic Con Sizzle


  1. Amy Perez Mejia

    Amy Perez Mejia2 ヶ月 前

    ZOOTOPIA 2 Official Trailer (New 2020)

  2. Sarena Champagne

    Sarena Champagne2 ヶ月 前

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  3. Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl

    Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl3 ヶ月 前

    Haha I love that in the fight they show the girl who lost to Yama and not Yama

  4. Roberto Scalia

    Roberto Scalia3 ヶ月 前


  5. Dawnetta Mentzer

    Dawnetta Mentzer4 ヶ月 前


  6. Rennie Ash

    Rennie Ash年 前

    They really mixed up the movie here

  7. Maria Nguyen

    Maria Nguyen年 前

    I love is

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    天道&イザナギ日野裕大と2 年 前


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    Cristina Montalban2 年 前

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  13. 佐々木

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  14. 810煽りアニキ好き

    810煽りアニキ好き2 年 前

    佐々木美紅 それな

  15. ABO7DE games

    ABO7DE games2 年 前

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  16. Northern

    Northern2 年 前


  17. Júlia Juliana

    Júlia Juliana3 年 前

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  18. Matthew Truong

    Matthew Truong3 年 前

    Mewtwo Truong - The Movie (2016)

  19. Kadovi Ayon

    Kadovi Ayon3 年 前


  20. Tanjila Parveen

    Tanjila Parveen3 年 前


  21. Zibo Jumayeva

    Zibo Jumayeva3 年 前


  22. Human And A Half

    Human And A Half3 年 前

    The boys brother dies

  23. Human And A Half

    Human And A Half3 年 前

    It looks like the boy goes against the girl. Not true I've seen the movie

  24. Morrgan B

    Morrgan B3 年 前

    This is one of Disney's best film and Fall Out Boy's best song! :) Can't wait for a sequel! #BringTadashiBack!

  25. Janay Davis

    Janay Davis3 年 前

    +Vartan Terterya x

  26. Loh Hui Kee

    Loh Hui Kee3 年 前


  27. Vartan Terterya

    Vartan Terterya3 年 前

    +Vartan Terterya bvzpxhjovcc

  28. Jin  Yan

    Jin Yan3 年 前

    0:04: Fighters ready? 0:07: Two Bots Enter, One Bots leaves. 0:17: [Bell dings] 0:18: - [Cracking, grunting] - [Laughing] 0:26: [Speaker speaking] 0:29: We're underattacked from a supervillain but how cool. 0:31: And the lights too help. 0:33: - Baymax, run! - I am not fasted. 0:36: - No kidding! - [Both yelling] 0:41: [Air hissing] 0:49: [Speaking] 0:51: - Hello. - I worked! This is amazing! 0:53: - Have a lollipops. - Sweet! 0:55: We can't go against that guy. We're nerds! 0:58: You can't be wait for. 1:00: [Speaking] 1:03: This armor may undermine my non--t hreatenin' huggable design. 1:06: Enybody else's suit ridin' up on them? 1:14: - Let's do this... - Gravity Crush! 1:16: Fallin' hard! 1:19: Baymax can handle that guy. 1:21: - Hello. - Oh, no, OK, that's funny. 1:26: Comin' through. 1:29: [Go Go] Heads up! 1:31: Full thrust! 1:33: Too much thrust! Too! Much! Thrust! 1:36: - Oh, no, no, no, no, no... Back on! - Oh, no. 1:38: Baymax... 1:42: Killer view. 1:43: Yeah, if I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this! 1:47: But I'm terrified of heights, so I don't love it!

  29. Aurelia Morgan

    Aurelia Morgan3 年 前


  30. Christopher Flores

    Christopher Flores3 年 前

    I love disney more because I understand the story and movie better then shrek

  31. גילי חורי

    גילי חורי4 年 前


  32. Jasmine James

    Jasmine James4 年 前

    from what I heard, the creators of Big Hero 6 are more than willing and open to the idea of making a sequel of this movie I just hope it happens and that this is true

  33. тнє ℓιттℓє ρєтяα яαℓ

    тнє ℓιттℓє ρєтяα яαℓ4 年 前

    Big Hero 6 is my favorite disney movie like yeah.

  34. Momo Chan

    Momo Chan3 年 前


  35. angelle mariz Bueno

    angelle mariz Bueno4 年 前

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  36. cesar delcid

    cesar delcid4 年 前


  37. alexis martinez

    alexis martinez4 年 前

    Man, the movie was so awesome in theaters! I love it! I love the action scenes in the trailer like 1:09 to 1:17 and 1:21 to 1:49 and Baymax looks cute and funny in 1:21 to 1:25.

  38. R Brown

    R Brown4 年 前

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  39. md lovelu

    md lovelu4 年 前

  40. Melissa Midzic

    Melissa Midzic4 年 前


  41. Eleni Asnake

    Eleni Asnake4 年 前


  42. Rachel Root

    Rachel Root4 年 前

  43. katherine sanchez linares

    katherine sanchez linares4 年 前

  44. rosa bogran

    rosa bogran4 年 前

    Excelente película

  45. Foxpaw Films

    Foxpaw Films4 年 前

    Brace yourselves, the Nokia memes are coming.

  46. Don Furgeson

    Don Furgeson4 年 前

  47. Juan Becerril

    Juan Becerril4 年 前

    I won't fool video

  48. Waqas Baig

    Waqas Baig4 年 前

  49. Vjctim

    Vjctim4 年 前


  50. Alex Martineau

    Alex Martineau4 年 前

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  51. lanman saksajskjd

    lanman saksajskjd4 年 前


  52. Joel Andrade

    Joel Andrade4 年 前

    Llpllmmllll l The

  53. Emma Verhagen

    Emma Verhagen4 年 前

    I'm guessing it's just me, but it reminds me of marvel. Iron Man with the suit, Captain America with the... things of the things. (I haven't seen the movie hah :$) But I like it :)

  54. T Pullum01

    T Pullum014 年 前

  55. My Doctors Call Me Crazy

    My Doctors Call Me Crazy4 年 前

    New fav trailer! New fav song! New fav movie! New fav animated character!! ( Hiro :3 >//////

  56. Smith Sailema

    Smith Sailema3 年 前


  57. donna garule

    donna garule4 年 前


  58. Jean-Philippe Barbosa

    Jean-Philippe Barbosa4 年 前

  59. Abdullahi A. Ibrahim

    Abdullahi A. Ibrahim4 年 前

  60. Terry Lindgren

    Terry Lindgren4 年 前

    love baymax

  61. Bertha Rodriguez

    Bertha Rodriguez4 年 前

  62. TheChgz

    TheChgz4 年 前

    Screams marel

  63. IFLY9

    IFLY94 年 前


  64. Hiro Hamada

    Hiro Hamada4 年 前

    Love big heros 6

  65. Munchies

    Munchies4 年 前

    To me this movie copied httyd a bit.

  66. Sydney Jean Films

    Sydney Jean Films4 年 前

    BEST MOVIE EVER and this is coming from a 10 year old girl who is obsessed with American Girl dolls (I have 20)

  67. dizneegirl76

    dizneegirl764 年 前

    0:24 I have the first series of the comic books, no joke, 100% lagit!!!!!!!!

  68. ItsKyla Its_kyla123

    ItsKyla Its_kyla1234 年 前

  69. Mr. Anıl Türkmen

    Mr. Anıl Türkmen4 年 前

    Best Movie

  70. 123dhivya

    123dhivya4 年 前


  71. Sang Tran

    Sang Tran4 年 前

    bài hát này tên là gì?

  72. Kathreen Tusiime

    Kathreen Tusiime4 年 前

    My daughter just loovves the song from you wanna build a snowman...awesome song.