Becky G Sings Bad Bunny, Shakira, and More | Lyric Challenge

Becky G tested her Spanglish playing our Latino legends lyric challenge. From the lyrics to Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," Bad Bunny's "Mia," Daddy Yankee and Snow's "Con Calma," and so much more, the "Mayores" singer was definitely up to the task. Now if only we could get a Becky G cover of "Hips Don't Lie"-her Shakira impression is SPOT ON.
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  1. Seventeen

    Seventeen4 ヶ月 前

    ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de Becky G?

  2. Victor Torres

    Victor Torres4 日 前

    Can't get enough Mayores Sin pijama Todas las cansiones de Becky G son fuego🔥

  3. Badzimu Style

    Badzimu Style6 日 前

    Mala santa

  4. Lovelydance18

    Lovelydance1810 日 前


  5. Kiko Almanza

    Kiko Almanza11 日 前

    Sin pígama

  6. Mido Bugatti

    Mido Bugatti日 前

    I love her so much ❤


    DIVINA S日 前

    Wow pathetic she listens to everything but didnt know Selena 🤦‍♀️I'm done watching

  8. Meena here

    Meena here2 日 前


  9. judeth salcedo

    judeth salcedo3 日 前

    Why you did not conclude Austin songs 😂😂

  10. flowerchild x23

    flowerchild x233 日 前

    She disappointed me for not knowing right away that was Selena

  11. Melanie Daria

    Melanie Daria4 日 前

    I like her!!!!❤️💋

  12. Fanny Hofmeister

    Fanny Hofmeister5 日 前


  13. Liz Ponce Masiel

    Liz Ponce Masiel5 日 前

    The fact that she missed the selena song just got me like wow really lol

  14. Halema Sbitan

    Halema Sbitan5 日 前

    yo her teeth look so much better😍🤩😭 .

  15. Shenny Solis

    Shenny Solis6 日 前

    Her voice is everything but how she not recognize Selena instantly?! 🤦‍♀️

  16. Janice Alvarez

    Janice Alvarez3 日 前

    Shenny Solis she’s probably more into Selena’s Spanish music

  17. David Nicola

    David Nicola7 日 前

    This is my favourite makeup she ever did ❤️💜💜💜

  18. christina chourchoula

    christina chourchoula7 日 前

    Sorry but Shakira is one of her kind❤❤❤

  19. Aldinho 871

    Aldinho 87110 日 前

    Who needs auto tune

  20. moonwalkjade

    moonwalkjade11 日 前

    "latin legends" demi and selena on the thumbnail...

  21. Stela256

    Stela25612 日 前

    Hahha the way she imitated Bad Bunny, I love her!❤️😂

  22. HeyThisIs Entertainment

    HeyThisIs Entertainment12 日 前

    *that feeling when she knows every song except the ones you want her to song*

  23. Az Red

    Az Red13 日 前

    She looks like Isabela Merced...

  24. Станислав Марченко

    Станислав Марченко15 日 前

    Не понял,она че текста не знает)

  25. Universe Slimes

    Universe Slimes15 日 前


  26. Somie Ohcysp

    Somie Ohcysp16 日 前

    I really fw Becky g she glew up so much and I love how positive she is😩

  27. Minerva Madonado

    Minerva Madonado17 日 前

    Soy la única que cree qué lucía un poco amarilla? Creo que la base que le pusieron no era la adecuada para su tono de piel,pero de todas formas lucía hermosa❤️

  28. Elise Casaus

    Elise Casaus17 日 前

    She doesn’t know any of them 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. Devin Alex

    Devin Alex17 日 前

    Sure doesn't hold back from make up holy shit

  30. Ed Aguirre

    Ed Aguirre18 日 前

    Hi g Becky g🧖‍♀️

  31. Flaco Guerrero

    Flaco Guerrero20 日 前

    Hello Becky G - call me flaco G. Say did good

  32. Eliseo Merel

    Eliseo Merel22 日 前

    Isabela Merced?

  33. Cathie l

    Cathie l22 日 前

    why does the "wrong" sound came up, when she actually got that songs right(?) kinda confusing

  34. Dragonix Heli

    Dragonix Heli13 日 前

    I think because she didn't sing the right part of the song

  35. Janine Marnielle

    Janine Marnielle23 日 前

    Where's the teeth gap?

  36. Jazmin Barrientos

    Jazmin Barrientos23 日 前

    I love really how Becky speaks English😍😭😍😭🤔

  37. kansasgoldilocks

    kansasgoldilocks24 日 前

    JPgo subtitles: "singing in foreign language." Good thing I understand Spanish. lol

  38. Resham Gurung

    Resham Gurung24 日 前

    Hi Becky 💞 adore you 😘😍

  39. V's boxy Smile

    V's boxy Smile24 日 前

    I like everything about Becky G but the thing I really love about her is her gap teeth, bc idk but I find it beautiful how she actually let it stay the way it is & not try to fix it, like other ppl 💁

  40. Bianca Pleše

    Bianca Pleše24 日 前

    Did she get her tooth gap fixed? It was so gorgeous 🙄

  41. ×vader×

    ×vader×25 日 前

    I'm really sorry but I laughed when Havana came on😂😂

  42. jessiethefoodlover 2007

    jessiethefoodlover 200725 日 前

    how could see not remember selena

  43. Kinga Olah

    Kinga Olah26 日 前

    damn that is DEFINITELY not the right shade of foundation

  44. K A

    K A26 日 前

    *that makes sense* because song song belongs to camilla lol

  45. Daisy Martinez

    Daisy Martinez26 日 前

    Hey guys please come checkout my channel :) thank you

  46. BeautybyTefy

    BeautybyTefy26 日 前

    Since when did she start wearing contacts🤔