Baymax's Ocean Tips - Big Hero 6


  1. Zigeunerweisen

    Zigeunerweisen11 ヶ月 前

    In my recommended... October 2018

  2. Dear Diary

    Dear Diary2 年 前

    0:07 When you're playing Pokemon Go. xD

  3. Lily Gomez

    Lily Gomez3 年 前

    did they just...did they just use my songs know what you did in the dark at the end

  4. CHUN H

    CHUN H4 年 前

  5. Ximena Rios

    Ximena Rios4 年 前

    |big Hero 6 '😇👑🐶🐤🐺🐦🐢🐹🐥🐕🐩🐈🏰🗽🗼🗻🗿😄😆☺😀😊😁

  6. Ximena Rios

    Ximena Rios4 年 前

    I love the movie of big hero

  7. moonW

    moonW4 年 前


  8. yodi setiadie

    yodi setiadie4 年 前

  9. Valentin Santana

    Valentin Santana4 年 前

    Big hero 6 movie completa

  10. SDF Gaming

    SDF Gaming4 年 前

    Disney used the jaws theme,i love Baymax

  11. Alex Ribeiro

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  12. Solo Uno

    Solo Uno4 年 前


  13. Tuan Anh

    Tuan Anh4 年 前

  14. 奧宙克洛斯

    奧宙克洛斯4 年 前

    i love Baymax~~~>///

  15. Zena Fudge

    Zena Fudge4 年 前

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  16. Patricia Ortiz

    Patricia Ortiz4 年 前

  17. Intogoto mode

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  18. Steph Gale

    Steph Gale4 年 前

  19. Brandon Blaylock

    Brandon Blaylock4 年 前

    Dad Mom Soren Ransom

  20. Ernest Chan

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  21. alysa san jose

    alysa san jose4 年 前

    i love big hero

  22. PupCake1025

    PupCake10254 年 前


  23. NozaMai

    NozaMai3 年 前

    +PupCake1025 Exactly, Tadashi made Baymax resemble himself for purpose. :)

  24. yeri snow

    yeri snow4 年 前

    Ow! (•-•) Hello, I am Baymax. me: I am satisfied with my care! I AM SATISFIED WITH MY CARE! Baymax freaks me out if its just a healthcare companion XD

  25. Stephen Poon

    Stephen Poon4 年 前

  26. SunnyCloud33

    SunnyCloud334 年 前

    Baymax, it's cold... We're not swimming in Fall/Winter! Thanks for the tip though. :-P

  27. Thomas Png

    Thomas Png4 年 前

  28. Amyra Y

    Amyra Y4 年 前

    baymax it's so cute

  29. univada

    univada4 年 前


  30. Mal Lucas

    Mal Lucas4 年 前

    That was only one tip, but it's still nice LOL

  31. Laura Dooley

    Laura Dooley4 年 前


  32. Jem Gem

    Jem Gem4 年 前

    I just watch it awesome

  33. Maddi Salisbury

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  34. AJ Jordan

    AJ Jordan4 年 前

    This movie was amazing! Go watch it!

  35. EdI VEGA

    EdI VEGA4 年 前

  36. A Piece Of Cheese

    A Piece Of Cheese4 年 前

    Isn't that "fact" an old wives tale? It was an adorable movie though!

  37. 『CookiesXCreamMMD』

    『CookiesXCreamMMD』4 年 前

    Best tip ever! :D

  38. Epic Knight Studios

    Epic Knight Studios4 年 前

    The ocean tip had perfect timing in the movie, loved it!

  39. luna inuzuka

    luna inuzuka4 年 前

    Honey lemon. Remiands me of tengled.

  40. T a N y a

    T a N y a4 年 前

  41. Gehna Kishore

    Gehna Kishore4 年 前

  42. Neogen711

    Neogen7114 年 前

  43. Cristina Jauregui

    Cristina Jauregui4 年 前

  44. Kevin Garcia

    Kevin Garcia4 年 前

    That is dumb whoever posted this can't even know this 100000000000000000+999999999999999999

  45. Jose Avelino

    Jose Avelino4 年 前

    You aren't the only one who thought he was going to b***h

  46. WCS LLC

    WCS LLC4 年 前

  47. Paula Hanson

    Paula Hanson4 年 前

    Baymax is cute

  48. Fluffy bunny animations

    Fluffy bunny animations4 年 前


  49. Tim Chiesa

    Tim Chiesa5 年 前

    "Always wait one hour after eating before swimming" is not a real thing, or so I heard. Apparently it was proven to be a myth by science. Which makes the "wooh science, it's the reason we know more" actually hilarious.

  50. 100creativegirl

    100creativegirl5 年 前

    pause at 0:10 u can see hiro's brother!

  51. Janina Nieminen

    Janina Nieminen5 年 前

    big hero 9 love ♥

  52. Bhatkoo

    Bhatkoo5 年 前

    Okay so its a Sober Towelie...?

  53. Tan Shalala

    Tan Shalala5 年 前

    I love the way Baymax waves his hand.

  54. Nicole Hall

    Nicole Hall5 年 前

    I love how the instrumental at the very end is from My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.

  55. Catherine Seiler

    Catherine Seiler5 年 前

    OMG TADASHI!!!!! :D :D :D :D

  56. pumpkin knight

    pumpkin knight5 年 前

    Loving the character designs here, I was afraid Honey Lemon would be yet another Rapunzel clone, but her design turned out to be very interesting!

  57. Alleesaaan

    Alleesaaan5 年 前

    The inclusion of different races and body types makes me so happy! Although Frozen was visually quite beautiful, I feel that overall, everyone kinda looked the same- sure they were beautiful, but pretty much identical. Also I feel that this looks like American dragon mixed with How to Train Your Dragon- it looks pretty cool!

  58. Toralei Stripe

    Toralei Stripe5 年 前

    Hiro at the end. AHHH HES SO CUTE!

  59. Li T

    Li T5 年 前

    :P I can't help but notice that Baymax looks a lot like Cry's (Cryaotic's JPgo channel) drawn persona. I hope he sees it! Maybe Baymax and Cry's character are cousins.

  60. Reck Yu

    Reck Yu5 年 前

    So is Baymax going to be singing about the ocean? Cuz Frozen wasn't all about the snowman and reindeer.

  61. Reck Yu

    Reck Yu5 年 前

    WHOA! Honey Lemon is a HOTTIE!!!