Basically, which job to play | FFXIV

Shadowbringers is soon, don't know what job to play? Here's a class overview!
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  1. Goldseer

    Goldseer8 ヶ月 前

    As a WoW refugee, this video is great. Love you Larry, have for a long while. You're one reason I was excited to ditch Beta for Azeroth and come play the real videogame.

  2. Jaysos

    Jaysos9 日 前

    @Gabba Gandalf yeah,real talk there for a second the gcd is longer because there is a lot of weaving at higher levels and cap level.which is the reason why the GCD is longer.this game does not have 5 button rotations its 20 plus rotations.but you would know that if you leveled you gladiator or marauder above level 30.maybe cap a character and then review the game or its speed.

  3. Ronaldo Vinushka

    Ronaldo Vinushkaヶ月 前

    @Goldseer Man, the original Tactics for the PS1 was an important part of my childhood and my first FF game! No Vieras there, but I follow the headcannon that it happens after FF12.

  4. Rik Hill

    Rik Hillヶ月 前

    Goldseer nice to see others have felt the same as me, I'm sick of WOW and peoples toxic attitude. So excited to join FF XIV

  5. Kevin Kalbermatten

    Kevin Kalbermattenヶ月 前

    Goldsheer, are you still playing FFXIV? And are you gonna play classic wow? I have a friend who is trying to convince me to play FFXIV INSTEAD of classic wow. What do you think?

  6. Gabba Gandalf

    Gabba Gandalf2 ヶ月 前

    @Larryzaur "Good" ... its not good or better. FF XIV is just another MMO, with a community thats not that toxic yet. The long GCDs, slow movement/animations not syncing perfectly with attacks make FF XIV kinda strange for a long time WoW-Player.

  7. TonyWyzenGaming

    TonyWyzenGaming19 時間 前

    This was one of the best videos on this game I’ve seen lol. “They’re friendly. Happy tanks.”

  8. Boast about Games

    Boast about Games2 日 前

    I love how this is prep for shadowbringers but when it come out, half of these mechanics no longer exist 😂

  9. Thomas Tönnfält

    Thomas Tönnfält4 日 前

    Another WoW refugee here. Installing FF now and can't wait to try out the different jobs. Thanks a lot for this video!

  10. Benito Juanjuarez

    Benito Juanjuarez4 日 前

    Great video with some humor. My friend is trying to get me into this game and this gives me a good idea of what to expect.

  11. heavestern

    heavestern4 日 前

    so many things to learn omg i just want an mmorpg like farcry just shoot be happy

  12. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith5 日 前

    i always comend my healers

  13. Xsavian King

    Xsavian King6 日 前

    No matter how you play, There’s always an asshole that MUST talk shit ... lol

  14. Failure Z

    Failure Z6 日 前

    Choose random job, and I will play it, just please don't troll, and hard jobs are definitely welcome, I have all expansions, so just choose whatever

  15. Failure Z

    Failure Z5 日 前

    @chris harter Hehe don't quite understand though??

  16. Foutan

    Foutan8 日 前

    I love these but i think We need new basicly videos with the changes shadowbringer made

  17. Diomes

    Diomes9 日 前


  18. Bill Setag

    Bill Setag11 日 前

    Which DRK sword at 0:15?

  19. The Average Player AVGP

    The Average Player AVGP11 日 前

    I’ll get the game first. It looks cool, but I don’t understand tf u talking about lmao.

  20. bleeeh

    bleeeh12 日 前

    Would anyone know how to fix my FFXIV patcher? I bought the game yesterday, and after a long rough moment of trying to log in, I managed to get the launcher. However once I started to download it, it said it couldn’t download the patch and it hasn’t since. Any help would be appreciated!

  21. Typical Mage

    Typical Mage12 日 前

    Samurai it uses a katana - this is the weeb job lmao

  22. Eccotejar

    Eccotejar13 日 前

    can swtich any class anytime in this game??

  23. Raijou Konishi

    Raijou Konishi14 日 前

    Gladiator is the best in my opinion. You probably shouldn’t take advice from a newbie, but Gladiator is fun. It is a tank class in which you have a sword and a shield: Pretty standard. You have many ways to draw your enemies, and the thrill of protecting your party is somewhat satisfying. The party follows you and ONLY you, because you are thought of as the leader in the group. Don’t worry, either: If you get low, your healer will heal you in the nick of time. Iron Will can be used to increase “enmity” or hate, while Shield Lob can be used for picking your enemies. The gladiator has quite a versatile moveset and I recommend you try that class out. But of course, there is cons. You should know what you are doing, or at least pretend to, because everyone is counting on you. ALWAYS have good positioning and make sure to draw the enemies’ attacks away from the party. I recommend using the Interject skill when a skill from the enemy team is being used (you will get this at Level 15.)

  24. LEE T-POP

    LEE T-POP14 日 前

    Whoever come here because of The movie name final fantasy XIV Brave father online?

  25. Talk is not walk

    Talk is not walk14 日 前

    Can we get a refresh to add the new 2 classes and fix some other information:3 ?

  26. Pokemon Trainer Lily

    Pokemon Trainer Lily14 日 前

    I’m some excited 12 year old who came across this game while watching JPgo and is trying to figure out what job I want. I’m thinking ninja because my sister told me I’m very good at sneaking up on enemies. I can’t wait to play!

  27. Garrett938

    Garrett93814 日 前

    1:37 I'm just about to start to play this game I still laughed at this part. I just hope I don't become like it.

  28. Loreduss

    Loreduss16 日 前

    Thought I was gonna try this, but even as someone who watches anime off and on this is too fuckin weeb. Imma stay with WoW, the mmo that isn’t just a copy of another mmo

  29. Jajuan Mays

    Jajuan Mays7 時間 前

    Still the same shit lmao.

  30. sad girl

    sad girl10 日 前

    Heard of EverQuest?

  31. metalmilitia89

    metalmilitia8915 日 前

    Loreduss as someone that played WoW til recently, I hope you enjoy your azerite grind.

  32. Loreduss

    Loreduss16 日 前

    Imagine saying samurai is the weeb job when FF14 is a weeb game overall pog

  33. SketchbookGuitar

    SketchbookGuitar16 日 前

    0:37 can confirm this is what I care about in game.

  34. Sil Banuelos

    Sil Banuelos16 日 前

    Thank you for this.

  35. Sid Jones

    Sid Jones17 日 前

    Can we get an updated video since some skills have been removed from classes

  36. Elijah Jackson

    Elijah Jackson19 日 前

    What if they have blue mage as the main class for the next expansion

  37. Elijah Jackson

    Elijah Jackson18 日 前

    Reign lol I didn’t realize I hadn’t typed what I meant re-read it now lol I have a blue mage I know about it’s Explosive existence already

  38. Reign

    Reign18 日 前

    Blue Mage is already in the game but it can't use duty finder, it's just for solo stuff or for unsynced premade parties.

  39. Vennon Lacy

    Vennon Lacy20 日 前

    What are the names of these weapons? If anyone knows

  40. krissycats1

    krissycats120 日 前

    I mained Black Mage throughout the whole story, and let me tell you, Stormblood and Shadowbringers made me feel like the biggest idiot for how much they made me move .

  41. Failure Z

    Failure Z20 日 前

    What is a parse??

  42. 再Jvst

    再Jvst22 日 前

    "this is the weeb job" I died

  43. Prince Greenator

    Prince Greenator22 日 前


  44. Kicore

    Kicore22 日 前

    We need an updated version!

  45. Kitamurasama

    Kitamurasama24 日 前

    We need a new version of this video with dancer, gunbreaker and the changes please!

  46. Raymond Ha

    Raymond Ha25 日 前


  47. Bui Anh

    Bui Anh26 日 前

    What's his outro song? :D Please leave the name of the song

  48. 七葉

    七葉27 日 前

    RIP for 5.0 Summoner.

  49. Nick

    Nickヶ月 前

    I swear this feels like WOW commercial. "Remember, no matter which job you choose....Everyone else is TRASH!!" lol

  50. V W

    V Wヶ月 前

    WHM used to have shields. T_T

  51. zippy bangbang

    zippy bangbangヶ月 前

    ok I'm downloading this and either going bard (coz I love bows) or dragoon

  52. Kalaam Nozalys

    Kalaam Nozalysヶ月 前

    Well damn that was actually a good presentation. I thought you were only going to joke around about every job. Not even one joke about the floor tanks

  53. MORBiD MiND

    MORBiD MiNDヶ月 前

    I love this video lol funny and well put together. You earned my sub.

  54. ᅲᅧᅮᅮᅣ쳐ᅵᄆBunnicula

    ᅲᅧᅮᅮᅣ쳐ᅵᄆBunniculaヶ月 前

    See here's something about me: if I chose paladin I'd also make sure my paladin learns some healing magic somehow someway, can't really do DPS if you're too busy living like you're dying.

  55. Kefka Palazzo

    Kefka Palazzoヶ月 前

    0:36 a Black Mage main, I can confirm.

  56. Roger Govea

    Roger Goveaヶ月 前

    I watched this like a long time ago, came back to see what I learned soft far, and wow back then I knew NOTHING

  57. Harlea Armstrong

    Harlea Armstrongヶ月 前

    What about Dancer? Or are they just the "cheerleeders", lol

  58. Gab Smith

    Gab Smithヶ月 前

    This vid was made before Shadowbringers so they're not there. Dancer is the most support-oriented Ranged Phys DPS, with machinist being the least and Bard in the middle. It's rotation revolves around executing 2 or 4-step dances during its burst phases, and it inherited Machinist's now-removed RNG skills, so you have to be constantly on edge.

  59. Richard Nolasco

    Richard Nolascoヶ月 前

    So as an archer do you eventually choose to be hard or that gun class??

  60. Kallou Randall

    Kallou Randallヶ月 前

    Jobbers suck and are dumb to smoke.

  61. Gabriel P.

    Gabriel P.ヶ月 前

    What's the class we don't talk about?

  62. Brayham21

    Brayham21ヶ月 前

    6:24 This make me sad right now 😭(Yeah, I'm main nin... 😓)...

  63. _cheesy cheesecake_

    _cheesy cheesecake_ヶ月 前

    I'm tryna get into gaming n mmorpg bc I want a game for me n friends to play... But I'm really confused... Can someone explain? Like hwut does everything even mean??

  64. Marius 9556

    Marius 9556ヶ月 前

    Some basic explanaitions: DPS: Damage per second AOE: basically a abilir Ty that hits multiplw enemies in a field Tank: the one that takes the bosses attention and gets hit bei him. Rotation: Basicly the order of spells and stuff that you do over and over again Prog/Progression: i think its self explaining. Raids: a huge and difficult dungeon. Run by a lot of people together. You can learn the rest in the game it explains everything well.

  65. 조나래

    조나래ヶ月 前

    " One of the biggest party support DPS and most wanted DPS in the game right now. " Ah good times before Shadowbringer. Poor ninjas, they are almost useless now.

  66. Seifer Almasy

    Seifer Almasyヶ月 前

    조나래 Which class is more useful for the current meta? Conjurer/white mage or Astrologer?

  67. ChibiTails

    ChibiTailsヶ月 前

    *Cries in AST*

  68. Imoblivious

    Imobliviousヶ月 前

    0:53 *Sad DRG main noises*

  69. Greg Seveian

    Greg Seveianヶ月 前

    great video sir! whats your personal fav?

  70. Arcane Beast

    Arcane Beastヶ月 前

    what weapon is that gold shiny called?

  71. Eldhin Hellknight

    Eldhin Hellknightヶ月 前

    All the weapons in this video are the Ultimate Dreadwyrm weapons, from the The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)

  72. Jason Lee James

    Jason Lee Jamesヶ月 前

    I'm hoping that for FF16 they do a similar class system of 14(at least in regards to the Main Character getting to chose a class and not the "Roles" of those classes) the combat of 15 and the Multiplayer of Comrades(Can Co-Op but not mandatory to) but the game is still single player.

  73. Tobias Aldén

    Tobias Aldénヶ月 前

    informative videos, please skip the child impression voice. it's a deal cutter for me, can't stand it.

  74. Electro Duck

    Electro Duckヶ月 前

    So for a new player DPS would be the easiest role to start with?

  75. mehdi guerouaoui

    mehdi guerouaouiヶ月 前

    Drg is the best melee

  76. Electro Duck

    Electro Duckヶ月 前

    @mehdi guerouaoui I already started Lancer because I wanted melee dps

  77. mehdi guerouaoui

    mehdi guerouaouiヶ月 前


  78. Linus Johansson

    Linus Johanssonヶ月 前

    is this a subprtion game like wow?

  79. Vegans Aren’t Vegan

    Vegans Aren’t Veganヶ月 前