Bas | Last Winter - The Tour Trailer


  1. Boi Bryce

    Boi Bryce5 年 前

    The show in LA was fuckin real!

  2. Sean Jones

    Sean Jones5 年 前

    That beat though

  3. Ang Vang

    Ang Vang5 年 前

    What instrumental is playing?

  4. Boi Bryce

    Boi Bryce5 年 前

    Fiji Water in My Iron by Bas

  5. GDSprodify

    GDSprodify5 年 前

    Why is his name not pronounced "Base" it'd be much cooler than "Bass"

  6. Zishan Zaheer

    Zishan Zaheer4 年 前

    His actual name is Abbas, Bas is just a shortened version of that.

  7. hi cj

    hi cj5 年 前

    Weeeeellll, let's time I check. Bass and base sound the same soooooooo yeah. NAS=bas

  8. Karven R

    Karven R5 年 前

    Looks dope

  9. Tino Mganga

    Tino Mganga5 年 前

    Bas, is coming up.

  10. Annie

    Annie5 年 前

    It's about time! 6/18 can't come fast enough! :o)

  11. Stretch The Hooper

    Stretch The Hooper5 年 前

    How can you not come to Florida dawg?

  12. Deiyjuan Christie

    Deiyjuan Christie5 年 前

    Right?! Lol

  13. Deiyjuan Christie

    Deiyjuan Christie5 年 前

    No Tampa, FL date 😵. Dammit

  14. Nia bison

    Nia bison5 年 前

    no toronto??

  15. Kayla Eisenhower

    Kayla Eisenhower5 年 前

    No philly?! oh ard 😟