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  1. Valeriya ASMR

    Valeriya ASMRヶ月 前

    Become my patron and get access to special videos on Patreon! 📹 📸 Instagram 👕 My merch 🥒 Become Sweet Pickle 🌇 My second channel 🇷🇺 Vk group 💲 Donation: #asmr #valeriyaasmr

  2. 김판권

    김판권日 前

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  3. 何処の人

    何処の人12 日 前

    ASMRに興味が湧いてきて初めて見に来ました。 とても魅力的な見せ方や聞かせ方をしててチャンネル登録しました。それから毎日四六時中見てます。 もうあなたにメロメロです(●´ω`●)

  4. john wick

    john wick14 日 前

    you are the beautiful body . you are the very sexy girl⚘⚘⚘⚘💗😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Josue Alejandro Pineda Angeles

    Josue Alejandro Pineda Angeles6 時間 前

    You look so cute when you talk

  6. Carlos Reyes

    Carlos Reyes日 前

    I'll invade Russia, even in the winter...

  7. Bryan Shackleford

    Bryan Shackleford2 日 前

    I'm just wandering around on JPgo and I wandered here

  8. Zahcme1444 Stok

    Zahcme1444 Stok12 時間 前

    Ur a wandering creeper

  9. Colin Thompson

    Colin Thompson2 日 前

    Hot sexy tingles superb

  10. Al Sebastian

    Al Sebastian3 日 前

    Oh Yes I need it, the intensity is hypnotic 👍👍👍 The voice management and sound control is so so good . Almost left me breathless 🤗🤗🤗🤗



    Pubg mobile do you play saddle what is your name

  12. TheDerpy Kitty

    TheDerpy Kitty4 日 前

    Nah Val, I’ll leave it a bit. It’s you who needs it now!

  13. Lefue Sergio

    Lefue Sergio4 日 前

    Estas solita te amo

  14. Larry Hill

    Larry Hill4 日 前

    You have an incredible look. Those eyes.... Bet you've heard that a billion times 😁

  15. Rainbow Bubbles

    Rainbow Bubbles5 日 前

    I thank the subtitle gods for their awesome placement of these subtitles

  16. Tommy 2

    Tommy 26 日 前

    Oh das war ein tolles Video 🌹🙏🏼

  17. pietro saverino

    pietro saverino6 日 前


  18. 李宗南

    李宗南8 日 前

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  19. Luc Goyette

    Luc Goyette9 日 前


  20. MaximusX45-1911

    MaximusX45-19119 日 前

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW OOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKK LOL

  21. Gaming Dan Fam

    Gaming Dan Fam9 日 前

    Her:It’s very Relaxing to be with me huh? Me: no it’s torcher Her: why? Me: because I don’t need you I was kidnapped by you!

  22. Najam Hoq123

    Najam Hoq1239 日 前


  23. as g

    as g11 日 前


  24. Wezzz

    Wezzz12 日 前

    The best one, Valeriya! Just by listening, this is pretty good, but by watching it's... The best! I have been clicked this video too many times. :'D By to way, your body looks awesome! :3 More this kind of visual treat! You know what i mean exactly! ;)

  25. Rodrigo Montecino

    Rodrigo Montecino12 日 前


  26. D. C.

    D. C.12 日 前

    Find a job

  27. 8figures8

    8figures814 日 前

    You got an only fans?

  28. 樂柯登

    樂柯登14 日 前


  29. Mineral Tim 79

    Mineral Tim 7915 日 前


  30. Chris Steele

    Chris Steele15 日 前

    Also sometime I share this. You may have heard it. But GOD loves you so much that HE sent HIS SON JESUS CHRIST TO A CROSS AND GIVE HIS LIFE FOR US AND IF WE WILL RECEIVE HIM AS OUR SAVIOR AND ASK HIM TO COME INTO OUR HEART AND FORGIVE OUR SINS HE WILL TAKE US TO HEAVEN. That why a hard head like me can go to HEAVEN.

  31. Migs88penz

    Migs88penz15 日 前

    life is so unfair

  32. ice la honk

    ice la honk15 日 前

    do these girls really make more money doing this over being cam girls???

  33. C. Barbarossa Bourbon de Guise

    C. Barbarossa Bourbon de Guise16 日 前

    Desperate & Creepy...

  34. sin sin

    sin sin15 日 前

    You like it

  35. Doctor Rocker

    Doctor Rocker17 日 前

    @7:44 OMG That was a wonderful trigger ty

  36. Vlatko Zeman

    Vlatko Zeman17 日 前

    Pozdrav Valeriya, vrlo zanimljivo... Dobro to tebi ide. Ima veze s aurom. Jelda?

  37. the dark side

    the dark side17 日 前

    I am simple man

  38. Scott Bridge

    Scott Bridge17 日 前

    This Woman is a Total Divine Feminine Goddess. Right from the very start of this video, I was totally Hers.

  39. Scott Bridge

    Scott Bridge13 日 前

    @Emad Ahmed And proud of it

  40. Emad Ahmed

    Emad Ahmed14 日 前

    We got a Eugene over here.

  41. Ranger 17

    Ranger 1717 日 前

    Dale fijado a mi comentario 😈👿😈

  42. Asad Butt

    Asad Butt17 日 前

    I thought ASMR helps you sleep! ffs I'm wide awake now.

  43. 一楠

    一楠18 日 前

    I really like you

  44. 一楠

    一楠18 日 前

    I really like you

  45. Kool Katz

    Kool Katz18 日 前

    She is freakin’ amazing at what she does, isn’t she?

  46. John Doe

    John Doe16 日 前

    It´s not her whispering you admire

  47. Philou Mars

    Philou Mars18 日 前

    So ridiculous.

  48. Abbes Kallala

    Abbes Kallala19 日 前


  49. Wesley Newi

    Wesley Newi19 日 前

    Thank you ❤ I needed this. I need love

  50. Ceyhun Deniz Kantemir

    Ceyhun Deniz Kantemir19 日 前


  51. Ceyhun Deniz Kantemir

    Ceyhun Deniz Kantemir19 日 前

    😎😎❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍💖💖💖😎😎çok güzel sin

  52. Sir J Maxfield

    Sir J Maxfield20 日 前

    You need to make a vr video


    MOHAMMAD MD20 日 前


  54. Jonathan Misael Aguiñaga Ramirez

    Jonathan Misael Aguiñaga Ramirez20 日 前

    You look so beautiful in this video, I love you 😘

  55. Андрей

    Андрей20 日 前

    Всё супер, но очень жаль что на бусурманском языке(((

  56. Carlos Crespin

    Carlos Crespin21 日 前

    😀Ahhh hello😘😌😴

  57. John Halliday

    John Halliday21 日 前

    Addicted to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  58. 丸石博一

    丸石博一21 日 前


  59. LEO456 ANT PRO

    LEO456 ANT PRO21 日 前


  60. Jeffrey Bone

    Jeffrey Bone22 日 前

    Your so lovely..

  61. I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus

    I am Bloor, dictator of Uranus22 日 前

    Ma'am, you need to set the camera a little higher. It's not easy to see your eyes.

  62. Joshua Domínguez

    Joshua Domínguez22 日 前

    Como es rubia le dan dislike la envidia ....

  63. Burning soul

    Burning soul22 日 前

    Just bewitch me again

  64. Andrzej Witkowski

    Andrzej Witkowski22 日 前

    Gdybym miał możliwość dematerializować się w jednym miejscu i materializować na dowolną odległość w dowolnym miejscu i przestrzeni w nieskończenie krótkim czasie , byłbym tak bardzo szczęśliwy. Ważne tylko żeby w jednym tunelu czasu nie spotkać się z pozostałymi Twoimi wielbicielami - mistrz wszelkiej techniki ziemskiej, spadkobierca przepowiedni mistrza z Francji.

  65. watcher john randy maidment

    watcher john randy maidment22 日 前


  66. You Picked The WRONG HOUSE FOOL

    You Picked The WRONG HOUSE FOOL22 日 前

    I don't need it right NOOOOOOOOOOWW

  67. Henry Conley

    Henry Conley23 日 前

    Every night I fall asleep to this video

  68. Carlos Rogers

    Carlos Rogers23 日 前

    Well alrighty then lol.