ASMR- Whispered Tingly Relaxation "Just Relax" (tapping, scalp, personal attention, layered sounds)

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  1. Catplant ASMR

    Catplant ASMR29 日 前

    NEW HAIR REVEAL 💜 p.s what color should I do next??

  2. Carmine Wadsworth

    Carmine Wadsworth11 日 前


  3. GG TBrooks

    GG TBrooks11 日 前

    Dark brown with highlights

  4. Tactical NavySealPeacemakers

    Tactical NavySealPeacemakers12 日 前

    White for sure

  5. Miko Chan

    Miko Chan12 日 前

    Blonde with streaks of brown.

  6. ShaRhonda Brown

    ShaRhonda Brown13 日 前

    you probably 49 years old little predda

  7. Ed. S

    Ed. S4 時間 前

    Your eyes🤭🤦🏻‍♂️😊👌🏻

  8. Mr. Spy Guy

    Mr. Spy Guy日 前

    Why does she look like Poison from Street Fighter IV?

  9. Ezra Uyeda

    Ezra Uyeda2 日 前

    7:56 i see a little b!tch right here...

  10. Ezra Uyeda

    Ezra Uyeda2 日 前

    so i was playing super smash bros while listening, and Terry Bogard didn't turn around in time so the move I used killed myself. immediately after that she says, "are you feeling pain right here?" and i responded, "yes, in a way."

  11. trash content

    trash content3 日 前

    I feel pain... everywhere

  12. Mickaël Delvinquiere

    Mickaël Delvinquiere4 日 前

    This video was exceptional, thank you very much for doing this.

  13. Sunshine Aura ASMR

    Sunshine Aura ASMR4 日 前

    Very relaxing! New sub :)

  14. Robert Loebach

    Robert Loebach4 日 前

    And the most beautiful woman in the world award goes to you

  15. Garid Rönin

    Garid Rönin6 日 前

    I fell in love with you! 😍

  16. Velocity Sakamoto

    Velocity Sakamoto6 日 前

    You’re so pretty!!!

  17. Zhan Nurmahanov

    Zhan Nurmahanov7 日 前

    Can’t close my eyes ! Cuz u so cute and beautiful!!!

  18. Lewis72

    Lewis727 日 前

    How is it possible to be that pretty and sound so amazing ?

  19. Jfaiola

    Jfaiola7 日 前

    Some serious DSLs on her

  20. Mr. WolfŸT

    Mr. WolfŸT11 日 前

    Anyone else watching this on Halloween??

  21. luk czajnik

    luk czajnik11 日 前

    super your eyes sweet

  22. John Hallbrook

    John Hallbrook11 日 前

    This is how many people want to see live stream ASMR 👇🏻

  23. bOuss LucifeR

    bOuss LucifeR10 日 前

    No one

  24. AlexMan5610

    AlexMan561011 日 前

    ASMR Doctor Ear Nose and Throat Roleplay Plz with gloves. Like if you agree with the idea

  25. GG TBrooks

    GG TBrooks11 日 前

    You should do an asmr video of dried plant crinkling sounds, herbs and their health benefits while whispering 😴

  26. Caleb Brown

    Caleb Brown12 日 前

    Thank you for this. When I get anxiety I tend to do stupid things.. listening to you and relaxing to this is good for me.

  27. YourMomsAFurry

    YourMomsAFurry7 日 前

    Just call your anxiety a fucking spoon and it should go away

  28. Jordy

    Jordy12 日 前

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched your videos😄 I broke my phone and just got a new one so I’m glad to watch your videos again it helps me relax :)


    THE GAMING AXL12 日 前

    Do a fortnite asmr plzzzz

  30. San Jacobs

    San Jacobs13 日 前

    That auto focus is killing me right now

  31. Gang Gang

    Gang Gang13 日 前

    Can you like,stop touching my face....

  32. Thunder Snake

    Thunder Snake13 日 前

    Why these asmr girls all so hot and beautiful

  33. Niekas Niekiausias

    Niekas Niekiausias14 日 前

    Nina Dobrev meets Doja cat

  34. Niiphox

    Niiphox14 日 前

    I love it when you get really close to the camera

  35. Karyme Garcia

    Karyme Garcia14 日 前

    What’s your makeup routine? YOUR MAKEUP LOOKS OUTSTANDING

  36. Алексей Омельченко

    Алексей Омельченко14 日 前

    Мёд для ушей, кайф для глаз.

  37. Infø -_-

    Infø -_-14 日 前

    Oohhhh come onnnn get closerrrr then thatt

  38. slob jockey

    slob jockey14 日 前

    re: hair colour, pfft seen too many mishaps , im here for the lip gloss and falling in love with unattainable beauty

  39. George Townshend

    George Townshend15 日 前

    This video is AWESOME! I love Catplant's voice...I fall asleep to here videos often. Thank you for the wonderful content!!

  40. Ark Accid

    Ark Accid15 日 前

    Can you look at the season 1 chapter 2 battle pass on fortnite

  41. Walter Miller

    Walter Miller11 日 前

    Her old fornite cosplays were pretty good tho ngl

  42. Ark Accid

    Ark Accid13 日 前

    No it is is not

  43. Willing YouTube Dude

    Willing YouTube Dude13 日 前

    no fortnite is dead

  44. Серега 123

    Серега 12316 日 前

    Ну такое.

  45. Zekegamer_

    Zekegamer_16 日 前

    xD this is the 2 time she know what up with me, i do have pain on my left side

  46. Gilbert Gauguin

    Gilbert Gauguin16 日 前

    You're so cute and attractive with your face and your voice Cat. I 'd love to give u a special asmr time too. Kisses

  47. forrest cormier

    forrest cormier16 日 前

    You really are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen

  48. muddyfalcon

    muddyfalcon17 日 前

    Pretty sure all the dislikes are because people fell asleep and accidentally hit it. Lol.

  49. Dan Rodriguez

    Dan Rodriguez17 日 前

    When she says close your eyes it helps me sleep. Sleeping now 😴

  50. J D

    J D17 日 前

    would you mind taking a monstrous dump on me?

  51. Walter Miller

    Walter Miller11 日 前

    what in my fricking heck hole??!

  52. Woff

    Woff17 日 前


  53. Robel Hailu

    Robel Hailu17 日 前

    Put ur fluffy mic ones on Spotify

  54. Jacob Schonewitz

    Jacob Schonewitz17 日 前

    You look like you could be a JoJo character, take that as a complement not a diss.

  55. GoatTrash01

    GoatTrash0118 日 前

    Catplant: Welcome back Me: I've never been here, call the police I've been kidnapped by this purple haired lady

  56. navya puri

    navya puri18 日 前

    You make me body so so relaxed, I always feel like sleeping while watching these videos.❤️

  57. Attilio D'angelo

    Attilio D'angelo18 日 前

    You are so beautiful and so great to make me feel good

  58. Paul Sullivan

    Paul Sullivan18 日 前


  59. Puma4454

    Puma445418 日 前

    Fun Fact: When you exhale while watching this does anyone feel themselves falling asleep? That's because you always fall asleep when you breathe out or exhale.

  60. Salchi

    Salchi18 日 前

    You certainly have the most beautiful eyes on this planet

  61. Dutch_Goat

    Dutch_Goat19 日 前

    It's magic

  62. Mollow

    Mollow19 日 前

    No one told me that belle delphine was doing asmr in prison

  63. Sajjad Ali

    Sajjad Ali19 日 前

    was very relaxing thanks very much

  64. Alwynn Marais

    Alwynn Marais20 日 前

    You even give me tingles with my pc on mute

  65. Horyd

    Horyd20 日 前

    So Janice Griffith do ASMR now huh

  66. RS

    RS12 日 前

    RIGHT?! Im kinda disappointed the Janice comment is so far down lol... the comparison to her is a compliment btw

  67. Jojopuffs

    Jojopuffs20 日 前

    You should do more Fortnite role plays now that there are much more characters in the game

  68. Konstantinos Manolakos

    Konstantinos Manolakos21 日 前

    0:25 Yes whaman you're poking my eyeball

  69. Erik Contreras

    Erik Contreras21 日 前

    wow you have a nice voice! I just found your channel and your gorgeous too.

  70. Conor34

    Conor3421 日 前

    Can i take you out sometime:)

  71. SickLid

    SickLid21 日 前

    Is it true you're 17?

  72. Relaxing Music

    Relaxing Music21 日 前