ASMR The Professional Ear Cleaning

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Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes all sorts of ear cleaning triggers and light triggers!
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  1. Phil Malatesta

    Phil Malatesta日 前

    Honey is a scam btw

  2. Henri Sulon

    Henri Sulon2 日 前

    Roat to 1m❤

  3. Caitlin lol

    Caitlin lol2 日 前

    I fell asleep while watching this, my family thought I was dead. safe to say, good video Sharon.

  4. Cade Nelson

    Cade Nelson5 日 前

    you sound aussie, if so i am too lol 😂💯

  5. charlie cousins

    charlie cousins5 日 前

    Become a model

  6. AlwaysMilka MSP

    AlwaysMilka MSP5 日 前

    Roses are red Violets are blue The ad ends at 1:52

  7. Александр Балдин

    Александр Балдин7 日 前

    I want to leave a comment! The video is very cool thank you for this content And you have very beautiful eyes!)))

  8. Sam _

    Sam _7 日 前

    I appreciate the hell out of the extra detail of latex free gloves

  9. Alexis Strength

    Alexis Strength7 日 前

    Does anyone else hear one microphone really good and one bad

  10. Flávio Silva

    Flávio Silva8 日 前

    Amei seu asmr, saudações do Brasil 🇧🇷

  11. Collin Skillman

    Collin Skillman8 日 前

    Force Awakens? Heck yeah!

  12. antpaste

    antpaste8 日 前

    How do you get your teeth so white?

  13. Luis Diaz

    Luis Diaz8 日 前


  14. kiddoSpikey

    kiddoSpikey9 日 前

    *buying samsung galaxy s10* Fortnite store:hello my name is Glow

  15. Kingstoler -

    Kingstoler -10 日 前

    Your eyes are so pretty omg 😍

  16. iBFP

    iBFP11 日 前

    I only love you when you clean my ears 😊☺️🤗🥰

  17. LSDFursuits

    LSDFursuits12 日 前

    She’s so pretty and sweet. I just want to make her a cup of hot chocolate and watch a romantic comedy with her. ❤️

  18. San M

    San M12 日 前

    You look a lot like the girl from the movie 'orphan'. 😁😁

  19. Chan’s babygirl

    Chan’s babygirl13 日 前

    I wish that, every time that I go to a doctor office or a hospital were like this... 🥴

  20. Minako Uzumaki

    Minako Uzumaki13 日 前

    Am watching this while studying it’s super distracting but I love it

  21. chenwd9106

    chenwd910613 日 前

    Don't know why, but listening to your commercials at the beginning gave me tingle. Great brand ambassador.

  22. P Hern

    P Hern15 日 前

    I want her for my proctologist’s exam . So gentle

  23. Sub Human

    Sub Human15 日 前

    I’d laugh if she starts screaming in the middle of it.

  24. Sub Human

    Sub Human15 日 前

    How do they not laugh while making this shit

  25. test

    test16 日 前

    12:01 That car was so doope, love the souuund 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Mark Ass Brownie

    Mark Ass Brownie7 日 前

    test I think you’re lost buddy.

  27. Dragz johnson

    Dragz johnson17 日 前

    Sponsored by honey! Black and yellow, hello! 🐝

  28. Filippa Hopstadius

    Filippa Hopstadius19 日 前

    I actually love the flashlight trigger!!

  29. Melnyx

    Melnyx19 日 前

    “There is literally no reason to not download Honey” except that is significant slows down your browser, while grabbing your data?

  30. Nerd Mysteria

    Nerd Mysteria17 日 前

    Melnyx Hold up it’s a virus fr?

  31. Aaron M

    Aaron M19 日 前


  32. Philip Copley

    Philip Copley19 日 前

    She is So beautiful 🤤

  33. byambatsogt hudererdene

    byambatsogt hudererdene20 日 前

    i hate watch ads but ur video ads sounds so good haha

  34. flipOMG OMGflip

    flipOMG OMGflip20 日 前

    you were berly wispering

  35. Queensmilesz

    Queensmilesz21 日 前

    Feel like I’m in elementary school again playing pretend 😂

  36. Esteban Gutierrez

    Esteban Gutierrez21 日 前

    25:26 The moment glow hits you with the "IT SMELLS LIKE BITCH IN HERE" 😂

  37. kiddoSpikey

    kiddoSpikey8 日 前


  38. Denhalen79

    Denhalen7921 日 前

    Whenever a sponsor comes on, a little voice in my head pops up with the phrase "Get on with it" from Monty Python The search for the Holy grail.

  39. Dalia_13 awesome lovely

    Dalia_13 awesome lovely22 日 前

    this was soooo satisfying

  40. Madison Bush

    Madison Bush22 日 前

    Hey you! Yeah, you! What are you doing in the comment section when you could be watching the video or asleep?

  41. ERWAX

    ERWAX22 日 前

    Je comprend pas vous êtes anglaise ou française

  42. YXILLY

    YXILLY23 日 前

    Me, ”interested”,,,, Sees ring.......unlikes

  43. QU3ZY W3ZY

    QU3ZY W3ZY23 日 前


  44. max segö

    max segö23 日 前

    so amazing

  45. Настя Александровна

    Настя Александровна23 日 前

    Gibi has the same intro about honey))

  46. Uzayr Kader

    Uzayr Kader24 日 前

    There is only one word to describe this video and that is TiNgLe (the capitalisation is important because that's how it legit feels)

  47. Lane Thompson

    Lane Thompson24 日 前

    Glow is a vsco girl confirmed 18:10

  48. tempest411

    tempest41124 日 前

    Sometimes I think Glow's smile is the only thing preventing this world from slipping into an abyss. Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds...

  49. Joe Estrada

    Joe Estrada24 日 前

    I love the way she says honey

  50. Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez24 日 前

    I can look at you my entire life baby.

  51. The Lala-Shii Channel

    The Lala-Shii Channel25 日 前

    This video is awesome but while I was falling asleep to it, I woke up to background noises when she began brushing the left ear :(

  52. Habibi Assyrian

    Habibi Assyrian25 日 前

    You are gorgous!

  53. cy

    cy25 日 前

    Glow: "Honey" Me: YES!? Glow: "is a free browser extension..." Me: ...

  54. Timeforabuse

    Timeforabuse14 日 前

    *Depression, and obsession don’t mix well.*

  55. DICE

    DICE16 日 前



    FL GAMING25 日 前

    Hey, I liked your video, every time when I listen, I sleep, seriously good job,

  57. tr3pp3nw1tz c0rps3

    tr3pp3nw1tz c0rps326 日 前

    36:16 I can't, this is just great-

  58. AshleyTheFighter

    AshleyTheFighter26 日 前

    I love asmr ads (in the videos by the asmrists) They sometimes are more tingly to me then the original video

  59. That Curious Human

    That Curious Human22 日 前

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    Billy Wells26 日 前

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  63. Billy Wells

    Billy Wells26 日 前

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    shake040826 日 前

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  65. Ringwanderung

    Ringwanderung26 日 前

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  66. Ringwanderung

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    xNiet24 日 前

    put on headphones and max volume

  68. guns

    guns26 日 前

    Nice video, also Life must seem so much easier when you are that beautiful.