ASMR Slow Triggers for Your Sleep 💤

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes slow triggers like tapping, feathers scratching on the mic, gloves, wood tapping, plastic crackling, sticky sounds, foam, scratching, countdown, closeup whispers, hand movements, but also my shirt is my favourite trigger. The sound is SO good lmao!
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TIME STAMPS (thank you TheeeKmReloaded !!!!!!!!!!)
01:18 - Tapping on book
04:04 - Tapping on wood
05:27 - Feathers on mic
09:19 - Gloves
12:43 - Polybag
15:34 - Notebook sounds (bending)
17:42 - "Metal sounds"
18:44 - Styrofoam
22:39 - Candle coasters scratching
26:10 - Hand Movements + countdown


  1. ASMR Glow

    ASMR Glow28 日 前

    Hi Glowbugs i so hope you enjoy 😍 leave a like & subscribe if you did 😍 also i just LOVE the sounds of the shirt, tell me if you like it too! I wish i had more like those 😭 EDIT: Sorry for the noise in this video (visual noise), i thought my lights were bright enough but they werent! Hope it's not too bothering xx

  2. Marcos Ramírez

    Marcos Ramírez26 日 前

    why are you wake up at 1:00AM

  3. Uthmaan Edwards

    Uthmaan Edwards26 日 前

    @Alehlete I have Post traumatic stress from those ads

  4. Siren Roseline

    Siren Roseline26 日 前

    ASMR Glow please do a pennywise it chapter two roleplay????

  5. Aron Petrov

    Aron Petrov27 日 前

    aye marry me

  6. Ankush Khadka

    Ankush Khadka27 日 前

    Do you have boyfriend 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Dens Franco

    Dens Franco9 時間 前

    Googles *how to like a video in youtube more than once

  8. Eddie Fort

    Eddie Fort22 時間 前

    2:00 idk

  9. fg.rice

    fg.rice日 前


  10. Modeston frrr

    Modeston frrr2 日 前

    Countdown : fourteen twice 🤫

  11. Drnapalm

    Drnapalm3 日 前

    This girl flowed from snack to full course meal

  12. Luke Wright

    Luke Wright4 日 前

    Omg you are so pretty it hurts so bad

  13. Crow God

    Crow God4 日 前

    Me: goes to watch asmr video Add: I'M DYING!!!

  14. Dens Franco

    Dens Franco5 日 前

    The last part is and will always be my favorite ❤️



    Damnnnn sexy as hell

  16. Origami

    Origami8 日 前

    mother of god

  17. RA - 06CJ - Erin Centre MS (1319)

    RA - 06CJ - Erin Centre MS (1319)9 日 前

    Woah I’m currently watching with Bluetooth headphones and in the beginning when you were stroking the mic, it felt like somebody was touching my headphones

  18. Emma C

    Emma C9 日 前

    This is hands down the BEST slow trigger video on the internet

  19. Kawaii Cookie

    Kawaii Cookie12 日 前

    My FRIENDS are saying that im a sloth :D And i love slow! And i eat slow :DD i love sleeping and sloths! Im slow at ewerithing xd And my favourite animal is a sloth! Im so happy with my life! :) AND REALLY GOOD TINGLES IM SLEEPING WHILE IM LISTENING TO YOU XD

  20. Gina Greenwood

    Gina Greenwood12 日 前

    And hitting the mic all the time!

  21. Gina Greenwood

    Gina Greenwood12 日 前

    Way to many P sounds etc. step away from the mic!

  22. Giuseppe Gasparetto

    Giuseppe Gasparetto13 日 前

    shes so hot

  23. Ankо Nisa

    Ankо Nisa13 日 前

    На скетчбуке Алла Костромичева?

  24. Candace Bro

    Candace Bro13 日 前

    You look like Wendy from Red Velvet in this video specifically, the outfit and makeup as well.

  25. Finley GTTW

    Finley GTTW15 日 前

    Glow I need help I like these two girls and one I’ve liked for a while but she’s my best friend and there’s this other girl that I think is pretty great and I’ve liked her for a while and I am getting weird signals for her what do you think I should do

  26. DICE

    DICE16 日 前

    Is that a wedding ring around her fingers who dit she marry ?

  27. J. Gant

    J. Gant16 日 前

    I love your whispers!!

  28. ravnodushi.e ‘

    ravnodushi.e ‘16 日 前

    jenna marbles who

  29. Digitized

    Digitized17 日 前

    You are so beautiful it isn’t even funny. It’s ridiculous how beautiful you are. According to string theory there we are living in a multiverse where there are alternate realities of ourselves. I’m willing to put money that in none of those alternate universes there lies an explanation to why you are as pretty as you are. Existence’s grandest mystery.

  30. Lou Eve

    Lou Eve18 日 前

    I think it’s one of your best videos

  31. Froilan Alegre

    Froilan Alegre18 日 前

    Put inside

  32. The Lala-Shii Channel

    The Lala-Shii Channel18 日 前

    Oh, a Glow video I haven't watched. Looks like I'll be taking a nap soon.

  33. made by lisa

    made by lisa19 日 前

    6:20 Omggg that sounds great

  34. ChittyJuan

    ChittyJuan19 日 前

    What a beauty

  35. Danny Brockman

    Danny Brockman19 日 前

    Wow Glow you looook sooo amazinggg!!!!! Your voice is sooooo gooood!!!! I love it!!!!!

  36. valko 92

    valko 9219 日 前

    u are the sweetest cutest prettiest love doll ever i wish i had u in home to play with u

  37. Kauan Da Rosa

    Kauan Da Rosa20 日 前

    Não entendi nem uma palavra, mas achei bom da mesma maneira

  38. ZoeK

    ZoeK20 日 前

    such beautiful makeup

  39. Зеленый Гоблин

    Зеленый Гоблин20 日 前

    U looks so beautiful when smiling

  40. Зеленый Гоблин

    Зеленый Гоблин20 日 前

    You are so beautiful:-*

  41. Dominik Piekarczyk

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  42. Dickvijay Laishram

    Dickvijay Laishram20 日 前

    Most beautiful youtber ever

  43. Dickvijay Laishram

    Dickvijay Laishram20 日 前

    U r the best.....

  44. Творчество Funny

    Творчество Funny20 日 前

    То чуство что ты один смотришь английское асмр😐😑

  45. Nomakescensiner

    Nomakescensiner20 日 前

    "Bag is not a toy" *Plays with Bag*

  46. NiNa *

    NiNa *21 日 前

    No mic scratching ? I feel so saaaad😭😭😭

  47. Cats Forever

    Cats Forever21 日 前

    I fell asleep and when I woke up I went back and realised I went through those ASMR videos which were like one hour of nail tapping literally I fell asleep

  48. Anthony *

    Anthony *21 日 前


  49. Isaiah Mendoza

    Isaiah Mendoza21 日 前


  50. N C

    N C21 日 前

    I just wanted to thank you for not putting ads in your videos. I really appreciate it because some ASMRists will put ads, and the next thing I know, my ears are being blasted.

  51. Joshua Trew

    Joshua Trew22 日 前

    Anyone else notice she counted 14 twice? 😂 Amazing video all the same though- I love it!

  52. Scondogs Carry Moccasin

    Scondogs Carry Moccasin22 日 前

    this really made me fall asleep like this if you fell asleep

  53. Elena S.

    Elena S.22 日 前

    Make up tutorial pleeeease!!

  54. Wild ツ

    Wild ツ22 日 前

    Drop me time stamps

  55. Иван Пащенков

    Иван Пащенков22 日 前

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  56. Tristan M

    Tristan M22 日 前

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  57. Jeck Nirot

    Jeck Nirot22 日 前

    why you need to sleep when you can make more moeny? HAHA

  58. Bryan120000

    Bryan12000022 日 前

    She's so beautiful..I would marry her.

  59. Felipe Clark

    Felipe Clark22 日 前

    Your neck and shoulders are so sexys! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Sawyer Monasmith

    Sawyer Monasmith22 日 前

    nothing helps me sleep more than an ad in the middle of the video

  61. Meriaton

    Meriaton22 日 前

    OH Kahleena i thought your dead

  62. Boomslang

    Boomslang23 日 前

    You look like a red priestess from Game of Thrones. 😍

  63. Rebe_chan

    Rebe_chan23 日 前

    you're too gorgeous for my eyes

  64. Ultra Blade

    Ultra Blade23 日 前

    Here are some timestamps 01:18 - Tapping on book 04:04 - Tapping on wood 05:27 - Feathers 09:19 - Gloves 12:43 - Polybag 15:34 - Notebook sounds (bending) 17:42 - "Metal sounds" 18:44 - Styrofoam 22:39 - Candle coasters scratching 26:10 - Hand Movements + countdown No do what you are supposed to do and sleep😴, unless you are like me and watch ASMR during the day time

  65. DannyG87

    DannyG8723 日 前

    ❤️ this