ASMR EAR CLEANING & MEDICAL EXAMINATION! Doctor Roleplay, Gloves, Light, Tweezers, Q-Tips

ASMR EAR CLEANING & MEDICAL EXAMINATION! Doctor Roleplay, Gloves, Light, Tweezers, Q-Tips... A roleplay to help you relax, feel tingles, and fall asleep :)
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  1. Madi ASMR

    Madi ASMR29 日 前

    Hello sweethearts! This video has been a bit delayed, I originally filmed it with the 3dio but it didn’t end up working in editing. So I went back and recorded some ear sounds for you :) I’m planning on getting some fluffy covers to reduce my breathing noise! Timestamps: 0:00-4:20 Whispering 4:22-8:22 Examination with latex gloves 8:23-10:38 Looking into your ears with light 10:39-17:03 Scraping 17:04-20:52 Tweezing 20:53-25:44 Q-tips 25:45-30:31 Spraying, wiping, cleaning ears 30:32-End Final exam w/ light & whispering Hope you sleep well! 💕😊

  2. Empty Tankard

    Empty Tankard24 日 前

    Your manner of nasal pronunciation is a trigger itself, ma'am.



    Madi ASMR hello there pumpkin

  4. audiobabi

    audiobabi26 日 前

    Hey!!! Can you tell me where you got those lashes at 😭

  5. Quexy -Roblox-

    Quexy -Roblox-27 日 前

    @Sunny Flower's Tarot youre not the only one 🤪😉

  6. Erica Bea

    Erica Bea27 日 前

    Madi ASMR I think the breathing sounds are really good! I wish you did do it with the 3dio mic because I love that but hopefully you’ll be able to get the issue sorted and do it in the future!

  7. Silent

    Silent3 日 前

    Takes both hands off while you hear her clearing your ear Me: how are you doing that? Madi: hmm don’t know kid I’m just a asmr nurse 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. 예그리나

    예그리나4 日 前

    You are sooooooooooo beautiful

  9. alyssa알리사

    alyssa알리사12 日 前


  10. Ava Wilson

    Ava Wilson7 日 前


  11. Chet Jonstun

    Chet Jonstun15 日 前

    My mother always told me, "Never put anything smaller than an elbow in your ear." Wise words.

  12. CYRINTHIA212

    CYRINTHIA21216 日 前

    Madie (whispers) " i hear you're having trouble with your hearing?" Me: huh, what?!. speak up i can't hear you lolololol

  13. gauche_81

    gauche_8116 日 前

    I’m a pumpkin now 🎃

  14. EnderGuardian AC

    EnderGuardian AC16 日 前

    Omg I got a ad from comedy Central originals with Brandon Rogers I've never been so happy to see a ad

  15. Diego Quitl

    Diego Quitl18 日 前


  16. Melissa Arnold

    Melissa Arnold20 日 前

    This is such a perfect video! I can usually fall asleep within 10mins every time! I can’t get enough! Only suggestion. Your sounds are perfect when you speak. You don’t have to emphasize you sounds. Your voice is naturally relaxing and soothing! Especially your whispers!

  17. Nicole Moreno

    Nicole Moreno20 日 前

    Noooo why did you change your lashes!?! You are such a natural beauty! You don’t need them!!!!!

  18. Jazro

    Jazro21 日 前

    Is it me or did she change? her face looks more mature but its been like 2 months.

  19. AB3 inc

    AB3 inc21 日 前

    Great video! you should cover the mics with slime or putty, so our hearing is actually dull at the start and by the end we can hear you clearly. Even more real experience 😁

  20. miss moxxi

    miss moxxi21 日 前

    i found a new favorite asmr artist holy **** you're awesome i am so relaxed and made me fall asleep thank you madi you're my new heroooooo

  21. Robin Van Houtum

    Robin Van Houtum22 日 前

    am I the only one who see the little string of the curtain thats goes up and down by the candels. by the candels just look up and then you see it :) and madi congratulations with your little one and I wish you many happy years. much love :)

  22. AllLyricSX

    AllLyricSX22 日 前

    you took my ASMR virginity

  23. Signe Gugliotta

    Signe Gugliotta22 日 前

    I looooove your breathing sounds! 😍 It's one of the biggest reasons that I listen to you every day. It's so relaxing ❤😴

  24. MindTheDork

    MindTheDork22 日 前

    madi: “seems like you have some trouble with hearing” me: “HUH?! WHATCHA SAY?!”

  25. Lena Ibrahim

    Lena Ibrahim5 日 前

    MindTheDork I CANT HEAR U

  26. Dom

    Dom16 日 前


  27. Joey Copeland

    Joey Copeland22 日 前

    You’re so pretty!🤭

  28. Lucie The Lord

    Lucie The Lord23 日 前

    Tbh you look like a psychopath :-O Nothing to try an insult u just my opinion

  29. Lucie The Lord

    Lucie The Lord22 日 前

    @lena idk its just a look one has and theres like 10 different psychopath looks, search up psychotic ppl they all have this one certian look

  30. lena

    lena22 日 前

    how does one look like a psychopath lol?

  31. PePpA PiG

    PePpA PiG23 日 前

    Wait if I can’t hear and your whispering how can I hear you?😂😂

  32. bts paved the way

    bts paved the way23 日 前

    madi: you’re doing great, just....make sure you stay still me: 🥶

  33. cHiLl__rObLoX _raobLoX_

    cHiLl__rObLoX _raobLoX_24 日 前

    Are you wearing airpods

  34. Ava Wilson

    Ava Wilson24 日 前

    According To her we look like this 👁👁 👂🏽 👂🏽 I know this isn’t original and it’s just a joke so don’t reply with any of that cause idc

  35. Jeremy Stewart

    Jeremy Stewart24 日 前

    Plz start the intro as “cookie” during the holidayssss

  36. Claudio Munoz

    Claudio Munoz24 日 前

    Wonderful video

  37. Far Mac

    Far Mac24 日 前

    If your vids weren’t so bright I would watch more of them

  38. Ciara Core

    Ciara Core25 日 前

    i love u so much and ur fab but i was confused bc since when are my ears in line with my mouth bc ik ur creating a veiw of our eyes acting like the camera but i was just abit confused but it was sitll great

  39. Paul

    Paul25 日 前

    You lost me at pumpkin

  40. Silent

    Silent25 日 前

    Think my Brain got poked 😳

  41. 820 elev

    820 elev25 日 前

    she called me pumpkin :,)

  42. Alice Carrol

    Alice Carrol25 日 前

    Please lose the eyelashes

  43. Paul Woodhouse

    Paul Woodhouse25 日 前

    As part of a UBC graduate research study, I’m looking to interview people in order to learn about motivations and experiences of watching ASMR videos. The interview consists of 10-12 questions. It will last 45 minutes, via Skype, and you will be paid $20 Canadian dollars. You must be 18+ years old. If interested, please email:

  44. Ira Shayne

    Ira Shayne25 日 前

    She kinda looks like Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph! So cuteeee

  45. Ira Shayne

    Ira Shayne21 日 前

    SourSkittles I was actually watching Zootopia now and yeah I totally agree!

  46. SourSkittles

    SourSkittles23 日 前

    Ira Shayne Or that rabbit from zootopia without the eyelash extensions (in other videos)

  47. Courtney & Hayley

    Courtney & Hayley25 日 前

    So I haven’t been sleeping well due to some very sad things that have happened. A friend just passed away and then another friend told me not to be selfish bcuz I asked her not to text me as someone I know passed away. I know no one asked for my story but there is a reason for this message. Madi gave me the best night sleep I’ve had in a while I am so glad to have her videos to help me through some rough stuff she doesn’t know how much it means to me but it really means a lot. Keep up the good work pumpkin. And if anyone is going through some bad stuff know your not alone.

  48. Emily Hinchman

    Emily Hinchman25 日 前

    Hey Madi, great video! Really random but did you do something different with your eye makeup, your eyes look just so big and brown it’s such a good look! But you’re pretty as always😘

  49. Wilbert

    Wilbert25 日 前

    Cool Trick To Get Asmr From Any Video. Put Volume Low - or wear earmuffs.

  50. Psychoanalytical87

    Psychoanalytical8726 日 前

    Very relaxing, thank you for this. I can't tell if you're a teenager or in your 20's

  51. Kuniko네르에서 현타옵니다

    Kuniko네르에서 현타옵니다26 日 前

    Woah Your Face is Woah

  52. blue caterpillar

    blue caterpillar26 日 前

    yaaayyyy the video i have been waiting for

  53. joonatan viherpensas

    joonatan viherpensas26 日 前

    You are best 🤩

  54. 정현석

    정현석26 日 前

    hello , sound good !! TK!!

  55. Aoshi Shinomori

    Aoshi Shinomori26 日 前

    Oh Madi

  56. Nirvana 101

    Nirvana 10126 日 前

    i love her

  57. Connor Allen

    Connor Allen26 日 前

    Ok but that first hoop tool i had a ear infection and girl that is not gental

  58. Connor Allen

    Connor Allen26 日 前

    Her: when did it start? Me: 1:34 sec ago

  59. AbsolutelyNot

    AbsolutelyNot26 日 前

    Gross, airpods

  60. Earl Larrabee

    Earl Larrabee26 日 前

    Pumpkin? hahahaha

  61. Refusah

    Refusah26 日 前

    Wished the 3dio worked for this! The otoscope sound would’ve been amazing

  62. Fellipe Vick

    Fellipe Vick26 日 前

    Relaxando em 3...2...1.....😌 muito bom 💚

  63. Deysi

    Deysi26 日 前

    I actually really like the breathing sounds. It makes it seem like you’re really up close. 👍🏼

  64. Kevin

    Kevin26 日 前

    Those eyelash extensions got you looking ❤️

  65. death tron543

    death tron54326 日 前

    I love how all the comments are positive I’m glad to know there’s still good people in this world😌

  66. vuuspalding

    vuuspalding24 日 前

    what does honesty have to do with being good? you can only be good if you give positive comments? how backward thinking that is

  67. Alexi

    Alexi26 日 前


  68. Me vs my depression

    Me vs my depression26 日 前

    Nobody: Bug: Looks like a home to me

  69. Lost Lithium

    Lost Lithium22 日 前

    Tawarwaith greetings. you must now rig the American election for our superior motherland

  70. Tawarwaith

    Tawarwaith22 日 前

    greetings comrade

  71. Lost Lithium

    Lost Lithium26 日 前

    Joseph Stalin That’s because of communism

  72. merry Dubs

    merry Dubs26 日 前

    You are soooo pretty omg

  73. aidan Hoffman

    aidan Hoffman26 日 前

    I remember falling in love with your content with you having 2k subs

  74. Isaiah TD

    Isaiah TD26 日 前

    cant wait to be called something Christmassy :)

  75. Mantis Life

    Mantis Life27 日 前

    I fear gloves, this video helps me get over them.

  76. Joel Ortega

    Joel Ortega27 日 前

    roses are red hydro flasks hold water if I hear you say SKSKSKS your family will be slaughtered........-_-