ARMORED CORE VERDICT DAY プロモーション映像 第3弾 【システム編】



  1. Soph!a-game

    Soph!a-game6 年 前


  2. TheRibbonRed

    TheRibbonRed6 年 前

    If I have to say personally, From actually listens from you guys overseas. Several times they acknowledged the mentions of your rants. The main problem here is only language + publishing. It's not that easy launching a game worldwide, no?

  3. TheRibbonRed

    TheRibbonRed6 年 前

    Learn Japanese. Buy the JP version. You'll be surprised how much From cares when you can speak their language.

  4. lllWARCHILDlll

    lllWARCHILDlll6 年 前

    It's more than lack of advertising. During armored core 5 the way they neglected the US and EU player bases by not updating and patching the game for anywhere other than japan totally mistreated those demographics and because of that treatment nobody trusts them. Shame. It's also the fact that they DONT put out informational videos or anything in ENGLISH. Ya can't even tell wtf anything means.

  5. sbrobot

    sbrobot6 年 前

    divided by 2 because ps3/xbox.


    SGTN00BIAN6 年 前

    I love these games but lack of advertising caused there to be like only 1000-1500 people online NA