1. R4yleonard

    R4yleonard5 年 前

    Well, for Under Tower GF 710 (1:06) I can speculate we're actually inside one of those towers. For Pierm Snowfield (1:27) that might be a real cradle, since ACVD connects the story line for AC4/FA to ACV (we even fight Spirit of Motherwill and White Glint in ACVD)

  2. djentlemenBehold

    djentlemenBehold5 年 前

    There is no mention of Kojima particles yes, but only because of plot purposes. "Lost" technology is "lost" for a reason. You as the player character wouldn't know what it is, and neither would anyone else because of that. The Foundation would also lose their trump card if they were to release this information. It would make sense then, that they'd pump it into their Big Bad, i.e. N-WGIX .

  3. djentlemenBehold

    djentlemenBehold5 年 前

    There's a special sortie mission that involves taking down a rebuilt Spirit of Motherwill. The Towers that played a role in this game's vague plot that's characteristic of the AC series are supposed to contain "lost technology." It's highly plausible that The Foundation used information obtained from the Towers to bring back lost Kojima technology. Given how vague FROM's always been, I think it's fairly evident that they can and do exist in this continuity. Your key evidence doesn't stack up.

  4. momihog

    momihog5 年 前

    Dirty Worker (Story mission 1 bgm)

  5. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    I don't have to play the game, just by seeing the gameplay shows me a lot that it's clearly not my type of game already. I rather a nice smoother gameplay and be able to see my cool looking mech in action than trap in a nut shell cockpit battling it out on solid ground all day, seems pretty boring to me. So that's why in my opinion, i'll choose AC over SB anytime.

  6. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    That's cool and I respect that.

  7. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    Good job assessing his argument there. He clearly prefers sim arcade over pure sim, therefor he prefers Armored Core to Steal Batallion. I'm with him on this because I'm of the same opinion: I don't want a button for everything in the game if I play games for stress relief. Whether he's played the game or not is irrelevant since he's already presented accurate information about the game, especially since they're both niche franchises by From. TLDR: Try again with a stronger counter argument.

  8. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    And I'm okay with that. It's just that there's a distinction between the two series in the franchise and establishing this in the fan base seems to have failed, considering all of the comments in various videos, including this one. Just doing my work as a lore nerd and reinforcing this so there will be less confusion to those who want to know the backstory behind the various Armored Cores.

  9. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    The whatever kojima particle it uses and also the steroid crazy look alike White Glint lol

  10. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    I know that, but it doesn't matter if it's not. It's still from the same company "FromSofteware" itself. We don't have to hear it from them just to know it's a wanna be kojima or not. What i'm trying to say is, as long it's from FromSoftware, we should all know that they took the idea of their last game (ACFA) toward the final boss in ACVD.

  11. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    See my conversation with vultwaz.

  12. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    1.) Didn't say they were plasma bursts, just said operatum modem was different than the Assault Armor. Also not the AC4 continuity, therefore KPs can't exist. 2.) White Glint can look like any mech with a slim body and pointy shoulders. It's just iconic because of a badass pilot and the mech design being appealing to the eye. 3.) Developers remix and reuse music/sound effects all the time. Look at Gundam. Though I will admit the Remember track was a nice touch on From's part.

  13. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    Pretty sure it's been stated by From to be a reboot of the franchise, not a prequel/sequel of the AC4 continuity, so yeah. Besides, a lot of things can be deadly plot mcguffin particles. Like evil energy. *glares at Mega Man 8*

  14. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    *shrugs* I'm one of those guys that wants lore as evidence, but you're right about the wreckage resemblances.

  15. lllWARCHILDlll

    lllWARCHILDlll6 年 前

    If you never played SB:LOC yer opinion of something you never played has no basis. Sry.

  16. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    That game got nothing on Armored Core. (XP They're two different game, one is a cockpit simulation game and the other is more future base mech warfare. AC would owned SB for sure.

  17. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    lol You don't know that. It could be the first stage of assault armor, or maybe the 2nd stage, who knows. Even though it's the one like from ACFA, it's still resemble a lot like kojima particle.

  18. Wassn Soun

    Wassn Soun6 年 前

    I guess you haven't bought the game nor play them to the finall boss that looks so similar to White Glint with "kojima particle." (:P

  19. Sage Freke

    Sage Freke6 年 前

    what is the name of the song pls?

  20. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    Still not Assault Armor. The Black Raven's area nuke works entirely different than that of a Lynx's AA. It doesn't release a shockwave of Kojima Particles, but rather detonates everything in the immediate area. It just happens to have a bubble of energy surrounding it.

  21. Chris Robato

    Chris Robato6 年 前

    This game really rocks.

  22. lllWARCHILDlll

    lllWARCHILDlll6 年 前

    Steel Battalion LINE OF CONTACT would still whip this games ass. That was the most hardcore realistic game to ever come out mech based for console. And they copied its "world map" seasonal war formula. ACFA was better than this.

  23. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    Think you missed my key evidence. There are no Kojima Particles. Kojima Particles do not exist, therefor this is not the AC4 continuity, therefor Arms Forts do not exist, therefor we only have massive MT- I MEAN Armored Cores. ;>.>

  24. Zan Aizuchi

    Zan Aizuchi6 年 前

    true, but if they ARE remains of Arms Forts, then we can guess that these are after the events of AcfA

  25. Atlas Thegreektitan

    Atlas Thegreektitan6 年 前

    Man I've loved the soundtracks for AC games but I think V just didn't work for me. I don't know if it was because 4 composers worked together but, "too many chiefs in the village makes for bad leadership."

  26. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    You're trying, but* YT needs a comment editor. -.-

  27. VoltOptConstruct

    VoltOptConstruct6 年 前

    You'retrying,but they simply can't exist in this continuity, as there's no mention anywhere about Kojima Particles, the big gimmick of the AC4 continuity, so no Arms Forts for you.

  28. Luxato Seeker Of Light

    Luxato Seeker Of Light6 年 前

    Great Soundtrack!

  29. Nanabosho

    Nanabosho6 年 前

    if this doesnt get you pumped, nothing will

  30. Nocturnus Schwartstein

    Nocturnus Schwartstein6 年 前

    Look closely, and you will find Motherwill and the Cradles in these maps.

  31. Brandon Go

    Brandon Go6 年 前

    Cant wait for this next installment of Armored core!

  32. Un1337

    Un13376 年 前

    hehehehe indeed! I never beat 2 or 3 (too young for true custom strategy aside from "big tank with big guns")

  33. Un1337

    Un13376 年 前

    I can't help but to think this since the first time I saw that "thing" in AC5....It looks an awful lot like the Spiral Tower (Gurren Lagaan)!

  34. TheDarkRaven

    TheDarkRaven6 年 前

    I can guess, I can guess! *holds hand up as if in class* It's Fatman isn't it? *grin*

  35. TheRibbonRed

    TheRibbonRed6 年 前

    Dirty Worker. Has a "Character Version" as well, with one of the voice-actors singing it. Guess who.

  36. ryoroy07

    ryoroy076 年 前

    Those maps reminds me of old memories 1:06 being underground city from Armored core 3 1:27 being Cradles from Armored core FA and a lot more if my memory would cooperate with me

  37. Sebastian A

    Sebastian A6 年 前

    what is this feeling im getting in my pants :D (SamuraiSeb7)

  38. sasukexx

    sasukexx6 年 前

    its coming and most moon players are very very good

  39. breaktube

    breaktube6 年 前

    cool, still no updated information from retailers in the state of tennessee...i'll keep calling and stopping by this week ^_^ !!

  40. ReelsouthQ

    ReelsouthQ6 年 前

    24th US, 26th JP, 27th EU.

  41. TheDarkRaven

    TheDarkRaven6 年 前

    Great maps, hope to play on all of them as a merc-for-hire. What's the name of the song though?

  42. Jonathan Tap

    Jonathan Tap6 年 前

    Indeed, I agree xD

  43. Kuma GT

    Kuma GT6 年 前


  44. breaktube

    breaktube6 年 前

    hmm...not sure why we are not getting any retail word about it in tennessee. guess i'll keep calling and stopping by different stores this is puzzling me that everyone in my state is denying this game is getting a US-Release >_

  45. 尾坂甚伍

    尾坂甚伍6 年 前


  46. fkkkkkenig

    fkkkkkenig6 年 前

    They'll keep the FPS issues but have INCREDIBLE detail on the ACs and even bigger environments. That's how FROM rolls.

  47. Dark Alma

    Dark Alma6 年 前

    It can be. For Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, the release was sooner in America than Japan.

  48. Dark Alma

    Dark Alma6 年 前

    My Gamestop told me it is the 24th of September.

  49. breaktube

    breaktube6 年 前 more or less next year then. * gotta escape pokemon's shadow, somehow *

  50. TroidHunter

    TroidHunter6 年 前

    I'll personally go out and smash some skulls if the release dates everywhere are wrong.

  51. RGXmachine

    RGXmachine6 年 前

    its not the 24th when the japan release date is the 26th. its either in November or at the end of October

  52. TroidHunter

    TroidHunter6 年 前

    It's the 24th. I preorded it at best buy.

  53. breaktube

    breaktube6 年 前

    you sure ? gamestop, bestbuy, and walmart are telling me there is no release date.

  54. kaihamu kai

    kaihamu kai6 年 前

    いいじゃん! 乗って来たね~~!!

  55. Mystleteinn

    Mystleteinn6 年 前

    Still find a way.

  56. 田中大

    田中大6 年 前

    u can see "Ⅸ" in VD.

  57. soya ohsawa

    soya ohsawa6 年 前


  58. Nod Keras

    Nod Keras6 年 前

    cant wait!

  59. flatchersteam

    flatchersteam6 年 前

    Waiting for a PS4 AC so they can never have FPS issues again..

  60. Kuma GT

    Kuma GT6 年 前