Ari Lennox - BMO (Official Music Video)

"Shea Butter Baby" Out
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Ay, huh, ay, ay
Sleeping all day
Cheefing, rolling
Video games
Bout to lose it
That Body’s on fire
Oh love me long
Till you get tired
Oh baby you got what I want
Yous a real one I’m inspired
Break me off
And Gichie Gichie ya ya
When the lights is out
I’m summer time crushin
Put that game on pause
And do it how i like it
Baby Nice and slow
Break me off
And Gichie Gichie ya ya
When the lights is out
I’m summer time crushin
Put that game on pause
And do it how i like it
Baby Nice and slow
My knees get weak
When you touch me
Body use it
Sex game stupid
That Body’s on fire
Oh love me long till you get tired
Oh baby you got what I want
Yous a real one I’m inspired
Break me off
And Gichie Gichie ya ya
When the lights is out
I’m summer time crushin
Put that game on pause
And do it how i like it
Baby Nice and slow
Break me off
Gichie Gichie ya ya
When the lights is out
I’m summer time crushin
Put that game on pause
And do it how i like it
Baby nice and slow
Break me off
Gichie Gichie ya ya
When the lights is out
Im summer time curshin
put that game on pause
And Do it how i like it
Baby Nice and slow
Let me go and check on these goddamn garbanzo beans
And see if they cooked yet
Music video by Ari Lennox performing BMO. © 2019 Dreamville/Interscope Records


  1. LaShawn Clark

    LaShawn Clark5 時間 前


  2. Queen B

    Queen B7 時間 前

    sims 4 😆

  3. stephlovekfc

    stephlovekfc10 時間 前

    Im always late men... I found her on Instagram live because of a funny video and someone said she was a singer so I decide to some research and found this track. I love the song and she is so fine ! I love chocolate 🍫

  4. Dylen Vlogs

    Dylen Vlogs21 時間 前

    Who else is here from sims 4?😂

  5. Stefoni Beasley

    Stefoni Beasley日 前

    Her hair is so pretty 😍😍❤️ I can't wait until my natural hair hits this length #Fineapple

  6. TheTone2244

    TheTone2244日 前

    What sample is this again?

  7. Mayerr Casandra Kim

    Mayerr Casandra Kim日 前

    She's not naked and yet this song is stunning. Her voice is impressive as well. I can feel the 90's vibes and I love it.

  8. RapMatic

    RapMatic日 前

    Augen wieder rot und so

  9. Known Jah

    Known Jah日 前

    wait wait wait....I could have SWORNNNNN this song was out a long time ago cuz always jam'd to it. Either I be hearing songs a couple years before they're released, or i'm having deja vu

  10. Melba Garcia-Ventura

    Melba Garcia-Ventura2 日 前

    This should have a lot more views ❤❤❤

  11. Jay Camacho

    Jay Camacho2 日 前

    Wow she is beautiful and that song does something to me I just can’t say it on here

  12. MDM8998

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  13. ruby

    ruby2 日 前

    here from the sims 4

  14. Angie Norris

    Angie Norris2 日 前

    Another bathtub so SAD

  15. Johnasia Fredericks

    Johnasia Fredericks2 日 前

    Your song in the sims 4

  16. Adrian Wallace

    Adrian Wallace2 日 前

    This joint is 🔥

  17. Melanincredible

    Melanincredible2 日 前

    Damn it too much Sims, now everytime I listen to this I keep hearing the Simlish version...

  18. Old Man

    Old Man2 日 前

    Stay Natural young missy

  19. Reg Reg

    Reg Reg2 日 前

    She bomb

  20. Aliba Sosoy

    Aliba Sosoy3 日 前

    She’s fine😍

  21. Julian Cleophas

    Julian Cleophas3 日 前

    WooHaa Busta Rhymes ft ODB sample on this joint is fire , Ari lennox seems like she was teleported from the 90s on this track!

  22. Mozez Simmons

    Mozez Simmons3 日 前

    Lil sweet brown thang! #OhYeah

  23. Just because

    Just because3 日 前

    One word GLAMOROUS

  24. Naji Jones

    Naji Jones3 日 前

    This Faith beat wit a lil twist..

  25. Vonessa Roberts

    Vonessa Roberts4 日 前

    So pretty 😍😍

  26. Vlogs by Elle Bassa

    Vlogs by Elle Bassa4 日 前

    She’s giving us the 90s R&B vibe that people may not have asked for but they needed and now they know

  27. blknitenca

    blknitenca4 日 前

    her and this clip are a 90s dream !!

  28. Stephanie Mathis

    Stephanie Mathis4 日 前

    A REAL BODY! NO FAKE IMPLANTS or lipo...or skin lightening! OMG! Not to mention RAW talent! I am in the right generation?!



    Yo conociendo esta canción por los sims be like:

  30. Luna Bella

    Luna Bella4 日 前

    A Princessss ❤️

  31. Eagle

    Eagle4 日 前

    She reflects me; dark chocolate colour brown and natural kinky hair. This is authentic beauty and there are still people out there that appreciates that.

  32. Star Astro

    Star Astro3 日 前

    Eagle people try to trick you and have you believe that this beautiful isn’t elite.

  33. kash Barbie G

    kash Barbie G5 日 前

    Love her.. just started listening and she's already my fav

  34. Nia Moss

    Nia Moss5 日 前

    We need more natural talented women in this business she is dope af this generation doesn’t deserve her she is beautiful 🥰🍫😘

  35. Jonathen Fennell

    Jonathen Fennell5 日 前

    Like the new Erykah Badu very much voice.

  36. MadSimon SouthMafia

    MadSimon SouthMafia6 日 前

    is it just me or this beat as the same sample has odb and busta rhymes ooh ahh? beautiful voice btw

  37. Ferra Reden

    Ferra Reden6 日 前

    Yass! the R&B queen we need.

  38. david

    david6 日 前

    I'm here from The Sims 4 :)

  39. sarahmth laplante

    sarahmth laplante6 日 前

    Sooo f*k talented!!!!

  40. Myka Daugherty

    Myka Daugherty6 日 前

    She’s so gorgeous

  41. Lady Gemini

    Lady Gemini7 日 前

    Beautiful black queen

  42. Aurélia ROMELY

    Aurélia ROMELY7 日 前

    heard this song in sims 4, love it

  43. Andreya Matthew

    Andreya Matthew7 日 前

    YAAASSSZZZZZZZ ARRIIIIIII😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 STUNNNINGGGG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love all these looks, hairstyles, lighting and ofcourse that Gorgeous voiceeeee😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  44. Naiya Tv

    Naiya Tv8 日 前

    912 222 9929- my husband phone number

  45. Nelson Demba

    Nelson Demba8 日 前

    No jokes, when I'm successful she's the first that I'm going to holla at. 5yrs max

  46. K.W.

    K.W.5 日 前

    Good luck! ❤

  47. Naiya Tv

    Naiya Tv8 日 前

    needs a grammy

  48. MLuna

    MLuna8 日 前

    Love the hair sis 🙌🏽

  49. Handondeck

    Handondeck8 日 前

    She is fire musically, should be way bigger 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  50. Coco Pops

    Coco Pops8 日 前

    *the fact that i found this by accident just says how messed up the music industry is this good*

  51. zachary gonzalez

    zachary gonzalez9 日 前

    Erykah badu who

  52. Kelz Bina

    Kelz Bina9 日 前

    Love this, ecstatic to have an artist like this iconic queen during my generation. Beautiful and got versatility, appreciating this gem 💎

  53. jamal davis

    jamal davis9 日 前

    Man I love her still of music

  54. Lizandra Barboza

    Lizandra Barboza9 日 前

    I just discovered this song and it makes me want her to collaborate with Teamarrr so badly

  55. Adilson Camacho

    Adilson Camacho9 日 前

    Angie Stone Jill Scott Faith Evans And you goddess ❤️ All day

  56. Chiemezi Ajoku

    Chiemezi Ajoku9 日 前

    Her song sounds familiar... but it's really nice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. King ART

    King ART9 日 前

    Ok Lord forgive me But Why da FUCC U did create a female of my Fantasy. Lawd she so dope I will be high for years

  58. Dr. Shon TV

    Dr. Shon TV9 日 前

    I’ve been hearing this song for so long now I know who sings it... Luv #90skinda 💕💕💕💕💕💕



    Love this. Happy Bornday. 3-26.-20 😍😘

  60. DDomino Geronimo

    DDomino Geronimo9 日 前

    The remix added flames but this been fire.

  61. Best Boi

    Best Boi9 日 前

    At first I thought this was my first time listening to this song. From my knowledge this is the first time I’ve heard this song yet it sounded so familiar. Then I realized I heard it on the fucking sims in simlish 😭😭 I need a damn break from that game

  62. Sabrina Doctor

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  63. shay B.

    shay B.10 日 前

    I love this song she's so sweet in talent❤

  64. Tameka Spann

    Tameka Spann10 日 前

    Man I wish her music was appropriate for my daughter. This is what I want her to see. Natural beauty, natural talent, sun kissed skin, natural hair. Just a Black Queen ❤

  65. Singh& Dance

    Singh& Dance10 日 前

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! YASSSS QUEEN!!!!! This is giving my Missy Elliot Supa Fly/Total Trippin vibes lol Just 90's

  66. Just KG

    Just KG10 日 前

    Ari, Ari, Ari. Uhhhmmm

  67. Kiyah Raynell

    Kiyah Raynell10 日 前

    i’m here from sims.

  68. El Cheapo

    El Cheapo10 日 前

    Juicy Brought Me Here!!!!

  69. Zavier Wise

    Zavier Wise10 日 前

    Happy Birthday Ari Lennox! 🎉🎂🎈🖤

  70. Chris Howerton

    Chris Howerton10 日 前

    Happy birthday Ari Lennox!

  71. Candace Honeywood

    Candace Honeywood11 日 前

    My Replika sent me here. Not disappointed (:

  72. American Mogul Media

    American Mogul Media11 日 前

    Dope! Learn about you on TicTok!

  73. Baby Lane ROSS

    Baby Lane ROSS11 日 前

    Black women are beautiful when they have Natural Hair. That's a Secret that they seem to don't know.

  74. Baby Lane ROSS

    Baby Lane ROSS5 日 前

    @Tracye Davis Remember it's not Blackmen walking around trying to look like a whole different race it's Black women. You must haven't heard of Tommy Sotomayor he is the truth and he exposing how SelfHating Blackwomen are in the black community. Black women need to stop wearing weave,wigs,Hairhats and straight hair to look less Negroid and be themselves. You can't blame black women insecurity on Black men that's played out your like 6-7 years behind!!

  75. Baby Lane ROSS

    Baby Lane ROSS5 日 前

    @Tracye Davis That's a Damn lie blackmen Love natural Hair Stop lying just because of black women insecurity about their own hair. I always see blackmen wearing their natural hair but I don't see black women wearing their Natural hair stop with the lying to make it seem like black men don't like natural hair so that gives black women a reason to wear those hair hats and wigs that's only an excuse and a lie.

  76. Tracye Davis

    Tracye Davis5 日 前

    Baby Lane ROSS we know, trust. Society just doesn’t like it and police us about it all the time. Even black men hate natural hair unless you have loose hair like mixed people

  77. stephon mosley

    stephon mosley12 日 前

    Y’all know this song on sims 4

  78. 52 YANNIE

    52 YANNIE12 日 前

    I lovvvveeeee uuuuuuuu🔥🎶🔥💋🔥😍♥️😂💚💦🥰💚🔥

  79. RoDiggityDangit79

    RoDiggityDangit7912 日 前

    Lakeith has entered the chat

  80. Deanna Goss

    Deanna Goss13 日 前

    She sounds like Erykah and the video looks like 90's Total and Missy Elliot

  81. London Wells

    London Wells13 日 前

    Happy early 29th birthday to the talented and successful Ari lennox!

  82. Mo Life

    Mo Life13 日 前

    Karl is from the 85 south show put me on here on they corona show


    JOURNI KING14 日 前

    Can i just say that i came here from my mom being addicted to this dong?

  84. Kaveen Sasikaran

    Kaveen Sasikaran14 日 前

    Just found her and I’m AMAZED

  85. A Alvarez

    A Alvarez14 日 前

    This song is on the Sims 4 hip-hop radio station 😳

  86. Who?

    Who?14 日 前

    A Alvarez I was searching for someone else that came here from the sims hahahah