Apex Legends - Fight or Fright Collection Event Trailer

Darkness descends on Kings Canyon with the Fight or Fright Collection Event! Experience Kings Canyon at night as you jump into an exciting new limited-time mode, Shadowfall, where a mysterious figure delivers his warped version of the Apex games, which turns fallen Legends into the undead. Plus, score spookily cool cosmetics and more when you join the shadows!
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  1. pumplen pop Twocks

    pumplen pop Twocks2 時間 前

    We need more trailers with bangalore

  2. A G

    A G4 時間 前

    I love and hated this event so much, I kinda missed it. But kinda didn’t after finishing all the challenges

  3. Bravis the Grand Strategist

    Bravis the Grand Strategist10 時間 前

    *Did you just come from a child's party

  4. Sicangu Nagi

    Sicangu Nagi18 時間 前

    Hey apex fortnight has chapter 2 can you make a new update

  5. Mclone42 Mclue

    Mclone42 Mclue23 時間 前

    Caustic is annoying af

  6. Averge PS4 Gamer

    Averge PS4 Gamer23 時間 前


  7. Averge PS4 Gamer

    Averge PS4 Gamer23 時間 前

    In short FIX THIS

  8. supreme boi

    supreme boi日 前

    Who wants The Legendary hunt event to Be a lobby music

  9. Soul Bolt

    Soul Bolt日 前

    Could you add a premium battle pass gifting system.?

  10. F-Note The Visionary

    F-Note The Visionary日 前

    I didn't get a chance to buy Bangalore's costume and i regret it soooooo much

  11. Joshua Villarreal

    Joshua Villarreal日 前

    People do not know how to play 👎👎👎

  12. Joshua Villarreal

    Joshua Villarreal日 前

    Fuck apex legends

  13. Devil Bl4de

    Devil Bl4de日 前

    While pathfinder was in shadow fall wraith just bullied the other team.

  14. Jesus Guevara Durand

    Jesus Guevara Durand日 前

    E tengo una pregunta porque no tengo la estela de diamante si ya llegue allí🤔

  15. El mapache Este

    El mapache Este日 前

    Pueden sacar el modo solo y dejar de chingar tanto?

  16. Jay Mann

    Jay Mann日 前

    Anybody else used to find friendly enemies on here?😂

  17. RangerAce 1290

    RangerAce 1290日 前

    Pls make Titanfall 3 Respawn, I don’t want the Titanfall series to die

  18. Hufex Chan

    Hufex Chan2 日 前

    respawn, please NERF THE FU*KING PEACEKEEPER PLEEEEEASE, I got PK'ed 3 times in a row

  19. グランドジオウ道を征く先輩

    グランドジオウ道を征く先輩2 日 前


  20. A D A M

    A D A M2 日 前

    Please apex in next update add new movement like in titanfall 2 (Sliding in wall)

  21. Jarrett Seymore

    Jarrett Seymore2 日 前

    Bloodhound: The masks we wear are part of who we are Me: sooo Octane is a paint splattered junkie Lifeline is a webbed glowing doctor Wattson is Dracula's wife Crypto is Dracula Bloodhound is a scarecrow + pumpkin Mirage is a cowboy Bangalore is a skeleton Gibraltar is Frankenstein Wraith is a witch Caustic is a clown And Pathfinder is octanes legs Your right bloodhound

  22. Justice Glenn

    Justice Glenn2 日 前

    Hey apex if you read this can you add like team damage I. Shooting range so me and my friends can fight because me and my friend were playing around in it and I thought I hurt him but I didn’t and I think it would be awesome if you guys added it so we could fight ps love your game

  23. Krystian Conley

    Krystian Conley3 日 前

    Can you make it where in the season 3 trailer we’re able to grab people and jump

  24. bob gamer

    bob gamer3 日 前

    can you do blodhunds story

  25. Sebastian Flores

    Sebastian Flores3 日 前

    So... Are we going to ignore the fact that the shadow men could be a new legend? Maybe the next season we get to see him? Also who agrees with me that the team of apex legends should put info about the legends and the background story and everytime you play a legend you could find memory chips that contains more info about the legend that you using for that match getting to know more and more about it i mean we know for a fact that bloodhound hates pathfinder and that wraith has a crush on mirage but i want to know more!!!!! Of their likes and hates

  26. Neymar Senna

    Neymar Senna3 日 前


  27. Russian butcher

    Russian butcher3 日 前


  28. ひびちん

    ひびちん3 日 前

    私の戦いでは影を恐れることとなる I will be afraid of shadows in my fight (⑉• •⑉)♡

  29. : P

    : P3 日 前

    To be honest, I kinda miss this mode...

  30. Kovalski 8291

    Kovalski 82914 日 前

    So I've got I bug in legend choosing skins on others players(random) are mine(always)

  31. Trwo and Sassiestink

    Trwo and Sassiestink2 日 前

    Same I hate it my friend also has it

  32. Sample 2

    Sample 24 日 前

    Who wants a mode that is just like firing range but you can shoot your friends

  33. You Sir Name

    You Sir Name4 日 前

    Give us another apex: stories from the outlands pleaseeeee

  34. Wilbert Semacio

    Wilbert Semacio4 日 前

    Wait... is That Revenant?

  35. The Evil Scientist

    The Evil Scientist4 日 前

    0:37 Is funny how they introduced revenant.

  36. visigot z

    visigot z4 日 前

    disconnections, visual error, pity hitbox, servers with lag ... garbage

  37. M B P

    M B P4 日 前

    Cadê crossover de Apex com fallen order Respawn

  38. Arb3s

    Arb3s4 日 前

    Oh man i fucking love this gameeeeeeeeee 😍🙄🙄😍🙄

  39. Elaine Fay

    Elaine Fay5 日 前

    Apex I would love to see a campaign and I’m sure others would to like Titan fall where you pick a legend and play that specific legend and play there backstory it a lot of work but I would love to see it

  40. Literally Animations

    Literally Animations5 日 前

    The next legend pls

  41. Literally Animations

    Literally Animations5 日 前

    Make immortal

  42. Shenksperit

    Shenksperit5 日 前

    Can anyone tell me where I can report a in game problem to EA I can't seem to find the real sits

  43. Plague

    Plague5 日 前

    Nobody Me when I lose 1 health: *Im octane’s legs*

  44. DrRonD

    DrRonD6 日 前


  45. A Skoulides

    A Skoulides6 日 前

    oh shut up u lil bastard :)

  46. Alijah Cappra

    Alijah Cappra6 日 前

    to be honest I hope Rosie and Revenant comes out

  47. Connor Felton

    Connor Felton6 日 前

    Make firing range were your able to kill your friends

  48. Nice_Chrismas_Lights

    Nice_Chrismas_Lights7 日 前

    Any one here Nov 13

  49. Nice_Chrismas_Lights

    Nice_Chrismas_Lights7 日 前


  50. Donte Brown

    Donte Brown7 日 前

    Make a heirloom royale event

  51. Mister Me Too

    Mister Me Too7 日 前

    You really need to start policing the hackers. I really love this game but I can’t really play it anymore due to the high number of hackers. I’m starting to veer away

  52. Derek Navarro

    Derek Navarro7 日 前

    Mi amiga te dijo femenino :v

  53. Brick Animations

    Brick Animations7 日 前

    I have an idea for a new character , sentry , can spawn a sentry as special ability and has repair tool as normal ability , the sentry turret last for 1 minute and the repair tool has a 30 second cool down and can repair two bars of armour

  54. Google User

    Google User8 日 前

    Who is here after leaked legend

  55. Retro-X

    Retro-X8 日 前

    Fix SHITFINDER'S HITBOX... Unbalanced garbage.

  56. Haris Aamir

    Haris Aamir8 日 前

    Please reduce the internet requirement

  57. Samuwgamer

    Samuwgamer8 日 前

    Added team death match

  58. Samuwgamer

    Samuwgamer8 日 前

    Added tdm

  59. Abhijeet Rabha

    Abhijeet Rabha8 日 前

    Peacekeeper is shotgun or sniper!! Seriously respawn..?

  60. lol E gaming

    lol E gaming8 日 前

    Pls backing solo mode

  61. Brick Animations

    Brick Animations9 日 前

    Titanfall 3 ?

  62. John Vlad

    John Vlad9 日 前

    I miss Shadowfall. Respawn should have kept this event.