Android 10 is here and I like it.

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Android 10 is the new name for Android Q - we take a look at the best new features of Android 10, and ruminate on what it means to be an Android. Do you dream of electric sheep? Pff. Who knows?
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  1. Portal FPV

    Portal FPV日 前

    I hate everything about Pie and have not updated to it and it looks like i want nothing to do with 10 as well

  2. Burnfruits

    Burnfruits日 前

    Samsung. Major update comes out, 5 months later still waiting

  3. Lego & Entertainment

    Lego & Entertainment2 日 前

    You forgot to mention internal audio recording

  4. Sunny Ahuja

    Sunny Ahuja3 日 前

    I installed Android 10 today (Pixel Experience) on my OnePlus. I will only buy Pixel phones hereafter.

  5. ksrnate

    ksrnate3 日 前

    I miss oreo

  6. TR PL

    TR PL3 日 前

    how about Android 10 Queso (cheese in Spanish for you dumdums out there)

  7. Titania

    Titania4 日 前

    samsung devices still have screen recorder native, and also alr had the option in the notification tab, to switch btw bluetoth device, b4 android 10 release

  8. Hector Tio Salamanca

    Hector Tio Salamanca4 日 前

    Wow, comming from a guy who disliked the s10 for the dumbest fucking reasons, Ill consider your inupt

  9. Eddie Gerardo

    Eddie Gerardo4 日 前

    Android One and still Android 9 :(

  10. U Than Han

    U Than Han6 日 前

    Everything copied from ios lol

  11. vjollila96

    vjollila967 日 前

    2:52 I liked that feature used it constantly. Liked it more than this android 10 style

  12. Paolo Picazo

    Paolo Picazo7 日 前

    10:47 my google assistant went off after you said ok g**gle lol

  13. mhz

    mhz8 日 前

    I don't like it,cause tna always evolved app never worked after updating to android 10

  14. Nate DS

    Nate DS9 日 前

    Yay my s9 got the update

  15. diblidabliduu diblidabliduu

    diblidabliduu diblidabliduu10 日 前

    There's a lot of suckasses for Linus Tech, Unobxing Therapy and PewDiePie. I'm just saying there are morons everywhere.

  16. Mohammad Shamma

    Mohammad Shamma10 日 前

    Haha, Linus thinks there is still a Hangouts team in Google!

  17. praveen Pandurang

    praveen Pandurang11 日 前

    ಲೋ ಮುಂಡೆಗಂಡ ಹೇಳಬೇಕಾಗಿರೋದು ಹೇಳು!

  18. Angelo Gomez

    Angelo Gomez11 日 前

    "icky ios" truer words have never been spoken

  19. Awsomeisimo

    Awsomeisimo13 日 前

    i hate change

  20. Stephanie Joyce

    Stephanie Joyce13 日 前

    I had no idea there was an option to select 3-button navigation lol. I never updated my Google Pixel 2 XL because (I don't like change, I mean) gesture navigation just doesn't seem faster nor intuitive. Duh, Android = customization

  21. Hasan Amir

    Hasan Amir13 日 前

    How get the android 10 on my phone??

  22. Jose Hidalgo

    Jose Hidalgo13 日 前

    3 button Navigation is still the best

  23. Victor Marius

    Victor Marius13 日 前

    i have the swipe from edge shortcuts with no buttons on android 9 on xiaomi mi8 pro. i dont realy like it and dont use it. also qr codes for wifi.

  24. SayanSTR Sc.

    SayanSTR Sc.13 日 前

    Nobody likes new android10 gestures. It was better in pie.

  25. Depressed Rat

    Depressed Rat13 日 前

    this video was made on the same day asy my birthday

  26. GreatTehCatLover - Roblox & More

    GreatTehCatLover - Roblox & More14 日 前

    4 months later and not even to the Samsung a10e

  27. Votix

    Votix14 日 前

    7:12 Bro whatever you're about to send has nothing to do with Brandon's question, lmao

  28. Plushmantis0314 GD

    Plushmantis0314 GD14 日 前

    My hauwei is now android 10

  29. SchAkoska™

    SchAkoska™14 日 前

    I miss my Pixel 1. It's got boot loop few months ago. I currently using an iphone 7 that i hate.

  30. Hello Mine

    Hello Mine15 日 前

    The update is available for p30 lite

  31. The Moto Moto

    The Moto Moto16 日 前

    I think that most of those features are already in Samsung's Android 9 (One Ui)

  32. mythiicalB34ST

    mythiicalB34ST17 日 前

    Literally just gor the update. Lol I have the LG G8 ThinQ and thought i will get the update in the next year. But i love the features that it has so far. And it only has been just one day.... And my keyboard is BLACK! awesome! Lol

  33. Ethan Harvey

    Ethan Harvey18 日 前

    lol at all the things that iOS already had.

  34. Damian Toczek

    Damian Toczek18 日 前

    I stopped liking Android since it's trying to become fancy instead of realible, stable and fast.

  35. Nidhogg

    Nidhogg19 日 前

    Android 10 broken my phone. My phone is barely a year old. Don't DL that shit.

  36. Joshua Stagnitto

    Joshua Stagnitto19 日 前

    i just got the android 10 and ONE UI 2.0 update this morning.. it definitely DOES have native screen recording. Galaxy Note 9 (sm-n960u) Spectrum (cdma) Rochester NY

  37. Better Tomorrow

    Better Tomorrow19 日 前 Check this beta update on 6t , the update has many new features

  38. A.J.Lance

    A.J.Lance19 日 前

    I love how my a70 came out 2019 but I cant get android 10 after 4 months of it coming out

  39. Yahia Sayed

    Yahia Sayed11 日 前

    @a.j.lance you will get it in april. Check samsung members.

  40. Yahia Sayed

    Yahia Sayed11 日 前


  41. Svarcik Chalturcik

    Svarcik Chalturcik20 日 前

    Andriod 13 must have Devil Logo

  42. RobocatZ Robotics

    RobocatZ Robotics21 日 前

    My poor note 8

  43. The Teen WOLF

    The Teen WOLF21 日 前

    Linus please speak to Google and tell them Android 10 have many performance issue, very bad it lags time to time in fortnite and that is not good . please help me

  44. jazzywuzzy doubunhgu

    jazzywuzzy doubunhgu22 日 前

    7:05 what the hell, how does your PiP work? mine's enabled but still doesn't work.

  45. Roman's Music

    Roman's Music22 日 前

    It's a JPgo Premium feature

  46. MrKarthikbritish

    MrKarthikbritish23 日 前

    Im using live captain for youtube

  47. Tushar Ahmed

    Tushar Ahmed23 日 前

    Most of features copy from MIUI

  48. unofficially official

    unofficially official23 日 前

    It's not dark mode it's more like grey mode

  49. Emperor Erzo

    Emperor Erzo24 日 前

    Unfortunately my phone will not receive Android 10.

  50. I’m already Sans Undertale

    I’m already Sans Undertale25 日 前

    Ironic considering BGR is one of the most obviously biased "news" websites out there

  51. Anonymous

    Anonymous25 日 前

    Almost none of this is in One UI 2.0, no battery estimate, no quick media output switch (it was ironically, in Pie), no colored bluetooth buttons.....

  52. random person scrolling the comments

    random person scrolling the comments26 日 前

    My note 9 still doesn't have it...

  53. Alex Paul

    Alex Paul27 日 前

    Can I see your wallpaper please? I want it

  54. Aidan Tully

    Aidan Tully28 日 前

    All the S10+ users appreciating this aspect ratio?

  55. Zeeshan Alam

    Zeeshan Alam28 日 前

    Who got a pulse way ad where linus is acting

  56. Sadam hussain

    Sadam hussain28 日 前

    Wtf many bugs in android 10.

  57. Joshua Miller

    Joshua Miller28 日 前

    Still hasn’t made it to most current android phones 😂😂😂😂😂

  58. nik aiman

    nik aiman29 日 前

    Ermm I think the full screen gesture is from miui

  59. 0m3n

    0m3n29 日 前

    I wish Google would step up and make a flagship that's comparable to what hardware is out there already. I went with a note 10+ because of the better hardware but with I could have the Google support/updates/features

  60. I Shot Blanks

    I Shot Blanks29 日 前


  61. Ibraheem Productions

    Ibraheem Productions29 日 前

    wait.. u can Swipe along the bottom to switch apps? iit doesn't work for iphone 7 like that. only to go back in the browser.

  62. Zoya Spencer

    Zoya Spencerヶ月 前

    Its suck. Drains my battery faster and runs hotter. Especially playing videos. I use LG G8 for Sprint. Was just fine on OS 9.

  63. Niall King

    Niall Kingヶ月 前

    They missed 2nd virtual SIM card in this review?!?