A Brand New Day (BTS World Original Soundtrack) (Pt. 2)


  1. Local Jimincafe

    Local Jimincafe2 時間 前

    This still slaps.

  2. Yeolito bebe

    Yeolito bebe3 時間 前

    Every single time that i hear Taehyung's voice, is like to discover a new view with a new color

  3. Alisha Mishka

    Alisha Mishka6 時間 前

    Is it only me who daily [email protected] this song why the vi€ws are not going up

  4. Latara Shanks

    Latara Shanks7 時間 前

    2:26😍😍😍😍 JHOPE

  5. Bones K

    Bones K11 時間 前

    This many likes is how much people love this song.

  6. gisela romero

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  7. Mariach E

    Mariach E11 時間 前

    Amazing song!😍 I can't stop listening to Hoseok's part. His "A brand new day" just stucks in my head.

  8. ¡min min!

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  9. Connie A.G

    Connie A.G14 時間 前

    I'm in love with this song 😍 absolutely 😍

  10. haydock13

    haydock1314 時間 前

    This brings so much summer vibesssss

  11. Jinkim seoung sktsongjh122

    Jinkim seoung sktsongjh12219 時間 前

    Be careful when watching youtube videos. If there is an ad after the youtube video is finished, You should watch it until the ad is over, And the number of views will rise.

  12. Emma Miesner

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    1k people missed the like button

  13. Katy ARMY Phantomhive

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  14. XboombayahX liu

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  15. Tatiana Velasquez

    Tatiana Velasquez日 前

    Adoro la voz de Taehyung ...es mi favorita del grupo..me da paz 💜💜

  16. Lee Freitas

    Lee Freitas日 前

    Acho que os meus vizinhos sabem essa música de cor de tanto eu colocar ela no som alto KKKKKKKKK amo demais ❤💕 🇧🇷

  17. Melate Kebede

    Melate Kebede日 前

    The flute part sounds like traditional Ethiopian music !!

  18. Denise Pacheco

    Denise Pacheco日 前

    Mano amei de paixão isso sério

  19. Sarah gacha love amooo

    Sarah gacha love amooo日 前

    A Brand New Day ❤😍

  20. malyori Del carmen nolasco

    malyori Del carmen nolasco日 前

    El comentario en español que buscabas nene😂

  21. Hhsjd Hsjjs

    Hhsjd Hsjjs日 前

    There voice is amazing

  22. Hhsjd Hsjjs

    Hhsjd Hsjjs日 前

    One of my favorite

  23. Jamless Kookies

    Jamless Kookies日 前

    The reason why taehyung has such a deep voice is because when they audition for being an member for Bts taehyung was supposed to be a rapper instead and hoseok was supposed to be a vocalist that’s why taehyung is the only deep voiced vocalist 👏🏼💕

  24. Taehyung's bae

    Taehyung's bae日 前

    Kim Taehyung soulful voice is the best 💜

  25. Αντρια Army of bagtan boys

    Αντρια Army of bagtan boys日 前

    Kim namjoon Kim seokjin min Yoongi jung hoseok Park Jimin Kim taeghyng Jeon jungkook bts

  26. Yanara michelle Bustos morales

    Yanara michelle Bustos morales2 日 前

    Extrañaba a mi j hope 💜💜💜💜 además el vhope💓💓💓💓 Lo amo #vhopeforever

  27. Viserian

    Viserian2 日 前

    Lyrics: Hey 무서움과 (무서움과) ey 두려움 다 (두려움 다) oh 헤쳐 나아 갈 (헤쳐 나아 갈) go 수 있을까? 최면에 취한 듯 나를 잡아당겨 이끌었어 무언가에 홀린 듯 내 안의 목소리를 듣게 됐어 hey 닿지 않아도 선명한 미래의 파편 (yeah yeah) 새로운 세계 꿈의 문장이 날 감싸 (pardon me yeah) 나를 찾은 날에 (A brand new day) 빛의 계단을 올라가 꿈을 꾸던 순간 (We know the world) 세상에 날 보여줘 Oh I can be there yeah I'll be there, be there for you, oh oh No, no, no, no I know you got them big dreams, too You can show me yours if you want to They're beautiful We can look at them for hours And surrender to their power, yeah yeah (hey) I see new worlds These visions they burn inside of me (inside of me oh oh yeah) Just out of touch but still close enough to be part of me (part of me) I'll be there when the day comes (A brand new day) Head up in that sunlight baby I'll be there when the day comes When good day comes, I'll be there for you baby (we know the world) Show the world just who I can be Oh yo 나 무서워도 안 숙였어 나 두려워도 그냥 달렸어 나는 날 믿었기에 핍박 기로에도 Going ma way 나다운 선택 (I heard) 커지는 목소리 기쁨의 숨소리 순간 느꼈어 난 꿈을 이룰 거란 걸 (pardon me yeah) I'll be there when the day comes I'll be there yeah, I'll be there yeah (a brand new day) Head up in that sunlight baby I'll be there when the day comes I'll be there when the day comes Oh I'll be there (we know the world) Show the world just who I can be 무서움과 ey 두려움 다 ooh 헤쳐 나아 갈 (헤쳐 나아 갈) go 수 있을까? Oh I'll be there 무서움과 두려움 다 (oh I'll be there) 헤쳐 나아 갈 (go!) 수 있을까? (수 있을까?) (yeah)

  28. Maria José Parra Vanegas

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    Taegers, V MPD fancam is nominated for the best video and the voting will be on August 1st.

  30. XCisLife1210

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  31. duda Mattos

    duda Mattos2 日 前

    Aqui bois é BR porra

  32. NAITSIRC .m

    NAITSIRC .m2 日 前

    only wow...👏👏👏👏👏

  33. camelle jasmin

    camelle jasmin2 日 前

    This song still hits the soul and gives goosebumps

  34. Adriana Cancino catacora

    Adriana Cancino catacora2 日 前

    Me encanta la canción...no la paro de escuchar

  35. Sharon Dahal

    Sharon Dahal2 日 前

    Zara was amazing, hobi was the X Factor of the song but homeboy V stole the show for me.

  36. maria eduarda silva

    maria eduarda silva2 日 前

    Love uu

  37. BTS//134340

    BTS//1343402 日 前

    This is my favorite song of the bts world soundtrack

  38. 꾹이

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  39. Tejo Lakshmi

    Tejo Lakshmi3 日 前

    J hope and v , u guys r the best

  40. Valeria Guelfi

    Valeria Guelfi3 日 前

    Muito bom certeza isso ai ta a cara que vai ser a moda verão 2019 kkk certeza

  41. h 3 l 3 n XD

    h 3 l 3 n XD3 日 前

    quien habla español?? like:si no:ignorar

  42. Michelle Sanchez

    Michelle Sanchez3 日 前

    Zara Larsson 😍💖 wow perfecta colaboración 😢💖

  43. Gab Jiko

    Gab Jiko3 日 前

    Minha favorita

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  46. Rayane Gonçalves

    Rayane Gonçalves3 日 前

    Um ano preparando essa música valeu à pena

  47. SaraH BTS

    SaraH BTS3 日 前

    I love song..#bts..! VHope../Zara

  48. Esthefany Army-Kim Soquinho

    Esthefany Army-Kim Soquinho3 日 前

    *Dream Glow-é quando você esta sonhando* *A Brand New Day-é quando você acorda* *All Night-é quando você vai dormir* 💜BR💜



    Tae,j-hope que hermso tae cantas hermoso j-hope raepea pechocho

  50. Alice Nilsson

    Alice Nilsson3 日 前

    Några svenska armys?