9 Things EVERY New FFXIV Player Should Know!

FFXIV New Player Survival Guide - Basic stuff all FF14 beginners should know!
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UNLOCKABLES LIST (shown in video): ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Guide:Progression_and_Level_Locked_Content
Scary, complicated, but maybe more complete Unlockables list:
DUTY ROULETTE (which dungeons/trials to unlock):
THE BALANCE DISCORD, a database & reference source for all things FFXIV:
MY DISCORD for ffxiv questions:
A NEW PLAYER VISUAL GUIDE FOR TERMS by DesiFire on the ffxiv subreddit:

Here is a complete reference guide - links in the Balance discord should help you too.

The song used in the XP buff montage is from South Park Season 6 Episode 3, Asspen.
I used footage from my machinima videos, "I'll make a Squad out of you" jpgo.info/bideo/lK2I24KZ3HjMrHqY.htmlonv
and "The FFXIV Mentor Crown" jpgo.info/bideo/pa6cr6xl1J3U34I.html


  1. LightUpTheDarkness 95

    LightUpTheDarkness 9511 時間 前

    Girl you funny as hell. Gotta sub from me.

  2. Noxious Niss

    Noxious Niss13 時間 前

    I always buy story skips cuz i can care less about the story

  3. SorasShadow1

    SorasShadow113 時間 前

    i could've had a mount for 11 levels now if i'd just finished 1 msq thing *gdi* well at least i won't make these mistakes when i upgrade to the full version & have to do this all again with my viera character.

  4. Ricardo Santos

    Ricardo Santos16 時間 前

    A piece of advice is to always do your job quest if possible before the main quest Multiplayer dungeons. (Not always possible). That way you usually get better armor that you can buy at the shop at the moment.

  5. Timothy Clark

    Timothy Clark22 時間 前

    Those xp buffs are so confusing

  6. Timothy Clark

    Timothy Clark22 時間 前

    I'm lvl 22 but haven't done the guildhest yet. I'm worried about fucking up with a group.

  7. Zero

    Zero2 日 前

    When I picked up the game for the first time for the second time there was only a week left until the swimsuit event is over. I grinder hard AF to level 30 and then I haven’t done that type of grinding until I heard about Garo gear leaving the scene. That was a whole lot of grinding. Oooooof.

  8. VarHyid

    VarHyid2 日 前

    Today I finished the Heavensward campaign... and now I learned I should’ve taken the ferry to the Waking Sands 🤦‍♂️

  9. Tuscani J

    Tuscani J2 日 前

    “Which is transmog...” Uhhhhh ohhhhh lol

  10. Hasan Wilson

    Hasan Wilson11 日 前

    I'm only using potions for the jobs so I can get the amaro mount

  11. Dan Piano

    Dan Piano13 日 前

    I come from a background of more competitive, fast paced games. I played a white mage because our group of friends needed a healer. How do I have fun in this game? I'm not just complaining to complain, i want to know. I've played probably 50 hours or more, and its mind numbingly boring. I spam one or two (maybe 3 if I'm lucky) spells in a dungeon still at level 55. I have other video games open on my second monitor that I play in between the year long GCD timers. My close friends really really want to play this game, but it's actually killing me. I'm getting to the point where I cant even fake having fun in voice chat anymore.

  12. Rocket

    Rocket15 日 前

    I started playing a 4 days ago and I haven't stopped since. Please help.

  13. Joel Damminga

    Joel Damminga16 日 前


  14. Alvin D

    Alvin D16 日 前

    Price check quest loot and sell on the market boards for big Gil

  15. Scrub Doge

    Scrub Doge17 日 前

    I'm already struggling and I'm only lvl 7 lol

  16. Kraise Gaming

    Kraise Gaming17 日 前

    As a new player. this video really helped me out The links in the desciption to what you were talking about..... also helped. Thank you. :)

  17. Keck

    Keck19 日 前

    Overall good video, but for someone that only played for a couple hours back in 2014, majority of the terms you used may aswell be latin xD the rest are blanket mmo terms so i got most of it :p Thanks!!!

  18. Michał Grąbczewski

    Michał Grąbczewski20 日 前

    cringe af

  19. BRBingeDrinker

    BRBingeDrinker20 日 前

    Anyone with a mentor crown 100% means they're shit at the game.

  20. DeathKiller

    DeathKiller21 日 前

    Sadly, I can't play more without a subscription. One of the only reasons I didnt like it. It was a great game for the time being. I loved being a black mage.

  21. Zachary H.

    Zachary H.22 日 前

    Great video!

  22. Mario Trujillo

    Mario Trujillo23 日 前


  23. Mr.Gregory

    Mr.Gregory24 日 前

    "Rabbit Trail"....HA!

  24. GeoRyukaiser

    GeoRyukaiser24 日 前

    You can leave your city state before level 15. You just need to run there. On foot.

  25. Yajnaji

    Yajnaji26 日 前

    I started playing the game 2 days ago and I'm way overlevelled. I'm 30 and i haven't unlock mounts yet, I feel so dumb. I'm abandoning every side quest. Anyway, loving every second of it and that's what matters.

  26. ExHero627

    ExHero62725 日 前

    Yajnaji nice. It’s cool you’re enjoying it. Just a heads up. Until you buy HW, you’ll be capped at 50. So definitely get another class after you hit 50 so you don’t waste the exp you’ll get. Even after you beat ARR, there’s still post story quests that’ll lead up to HW. (100 to be exact)

  27. Yajnaji

    Yajnaji25 日 前

    @ExHero627 I only have ARR for now. It was cheap and gave it a try, I just never thought I would enjoy it so much. So I will finish ARR, do everything I can possibly do and in the near future buy the SB pack and move on. I'm a Dragoon by the way.

  28. ExHero627

    ExHero62725 日 前

    Yajnaji you’re going to hit 50 before you even get to the get to the level 30 quests. I don’t know what class you picked but if you do get to 50 or 60 before you finish ARR, pick up a healer role next. They’re easy to level up and the queue is usually always instant for dungeons.

  29. Yajnaji

    Yajnaji25 日 前

    @ExHero627 I'm level 41 now, still doing level 20's MSQ's. And I'm only doing MSQ's and unlock quests.

  30. ExHero627

    ExHero62726 日 前

    Don’t feel dumb. I beat ARR at 58 and was already past 65 before I got to SB. It’s gonna be like that for awhile. It won’t start mattering until you start using more than one class, then you can balance leveling each one. You can level up your main class with level roulettes and level up your weaker class with the main story quests too.

  31. Anuwat Keadkaew

    Anuwat Keadkaew26 日 前

    My number one tip is to not be afraid to ask for help from people. Even most lvl 80 people won't mind if you ask for help even for Sastasha(first dungeon)

  32. Alex

    Alex28 日 前

    Biggest shock for me coming from wow was the outfits, like character select screen and the bunny girl is wearing this, underwear combo thing and this is my starting gear??? what the hell

  33. Kundun

    Kundun29 日 前

    I wish i knew that path to the waking sands earlier lol

  34. Donathen

    Donathen29 日 前

    "Don't get story skip potions" Me after skipping all the way to Shadowbringers: Welp.

  35. Daniel Gould

    Daniel Gould5 日 前

    @Devin Jeremiahh I don't have time or energy to watch the first 7 seasons of GoT, I'll just watch the last one.

  36. Devin Jeremiahh

    Devin Jeremiahh28 日 前

    Donathen Same but I don’t have the time nor energy anymore to grind all 4 expansions

  37. Pokémon Trainer Lily

    Pokémon Trainer Lilyヶ月 前

    Me: I don’t think level 50 in your starter job still counts as a noob My friend: Idk man, I was still using my base class at level 50...

  38. AussieEevee

    AussieEeveeヶ月 前

    8. Don't skip optional quests. They may seem optional, but if you skip them, you will end up under levelled by level 30.

  39. mona lisa

    mona lisaヶ月 前

    The fetching stops a little bit during Heavensward but picks up big time throughout the rest of the game. The game does get better but you could say that for every mmo, ff14 is ultimately outdated and is not a game for people who play games gameplay.

  40. Drilis

    Drilisヶ月 前

    Technically, if you started in Ul'dah or Gridania, you _can_ leave your city-state, but you have to run for like 20 minutes and dodge level 30+ monsters...

  41. mahms012

    mahms012ヶ月 前

    I am playing on a Japanese server with no knowledge of the language except Daisuki! So i am lonely, but the japanese so far are really nice to me, well only lvl 32 summoner, and i luckily found about leveling my job at lvl 31. Saved myself the embarrassment.

  42. Richard Hernandez

    Richard Hernandezヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> in response to that part , and i'll be honest right now at this time I am a GLD at Lv. 40 and yes I should've but however I just wanted to grind more in dungeons and as well to progress through the story more ^^

  43. amethyst_dragonfruit

    amethyst_dragonfruitヶ月 前

    Now I know why I’m struggling at the game rn don’t know how I managed to get so far being close to lvl 50 and not have a soul crystal 😭 PS to anyone who has ever been in a dungeon with me, I am VERY sorry

  44. Elliot Hunter

    Elliot Hunterヶ月 前

    "MANDERtory"....Oooooohhhhh, that's so bad xD....but i appreciated bad puns, and i liked the video. I made SO many mistakes as a nub, and I'm hardly perfect now after 4 years lol.

  45. Tom M

    Tom Mヶ月 前

    Sub for more puns. Good vid for new people, will share.

  46. Lisa Bibby

    Lisa Bibbyヶ月 前

    Thanks for this Zepla, I have been playing for a week and doing ALL the side quests. I was scared of missing something 😂😂😂

  47. pastelangel

    pastelangelヶ月 前

    why am i watching this when im halfway through stormblood

  48. Charles Jones

    Charles Jonesヶ月 前

    I’m about to buy this game..oh boy getting ready to get yelled at alot😂😂👀👀🤯

  49. Hollis Briggs

    Hollis Briggsヶ月 前

    All new players should visit Limsa Lominsa on Balmung lol

  50. Better Dead Than Red

    Better Dead Than Redヶ月 前

    Just buy iron ore from vendors. You can earn close to 1mil gil in 3 weeks :)

  51. False Feathers

    False Feathersヶ月 前

    "You might feel overwhelmed with how complex the game systems can be" Are you kidding me? What complexity, that's one of the long gripes about XIV.

  52. hot ice hilda

    hot ice hildaヶ月 前

    i have learned that little poepple play thia game alot and is not okay

  53. Sol Morningstar

    Sol Morningstarヶ月 前

    Came for the content, stayed for the accent lol

  54. AnvilMAn603

    AnvilMAn603ヶ月 前

    first and most important thing: Lalafell Master Race

  55. Bjakkz Zz

    Bjakkz Zzヶ月 前

    Man i do hella luv this game but Is this even worth to go on a soloplay just for focusin on the story? ima bit loss on questioning me self on if this worth to re-sub only for... ive played this game since begin of time but damn i hate our toxic ppl we have as community here im just frikkin unluck with ppl, ive even tried to play this mmo game at end without bother play with others for i luv every content here, but it made me feel misable and lonely so at end i did left this game in emotional mode some year ago. Now i look back missin the content after watching some vids, ....but maaan....im afraid of the community...cant i just end up with good ppl?

  56. Hetty

    Hettyヶ月 前

    about to hop into the game for the first time with a new character! :D

  57. Megatim White

    Megatim Whiteヶ月 前

    Watching you speak has given me butterflies 😅

  58. Doua Thao

    Doua Thaoヶ月 前

    I went into Mt. Gulg with a lv79 Pugilist the rest of the party instantly abandoned. This is why we have gear sets so we don't forget soul crystals lol

  59. Chapterhouse86

    Chapterhouse86ヶ月 前

    Your accent trips me out. It's like a regular American accent 90% of the time, but some words have that great southern drawl. I like it. Great video!

  60. Lana & Cherry berry

    Lana & Cherry berryヶ月 前

    I will point something that was missed out... Ishgard is lvl 50 Iddlyshire is lvl 60 the other place is 60+.. Just wanna point that out!

  61. jamey robinson

    jamey robinsonヶ月 前

    At 30 you're expected to go out and get a "big boy job"...Yep, art is definitely imitating life in this game.

  62. Novasiri

    Novasiriヶ月 前

    'Side quests are optional.' ... UNLESS you're trying to unlock the Moogle Beast Tribe in Churning Mists... HHHH-

  63. The Demon King corner Dr . MidNight

    The Demon King corner Dr . MidNight2 ヶ月 前

    All my friends are over level 70 so

  64. Ace Bernalprice

    Ace Bernalprice2 ヶ月 前

    These puns tho.. lol awesome

  65. Tasty Gaming

    Tasty Gaming2 ヶ月 前

    You want to have fun and be carefree ? Dps. You want to be the main focus of enemies ? Tank. You like supporting your team and get blame for anything that goes wrong ? Healer.

  66. UnfreakyFreak

    UnfreakyFreak2 ヶ月 前

    Vendor gear is alright but anything lvl50+ is way too expensive. New players often ask what to do with poetics so that's one thing they can do. When you're going through the MSQ for the first time you get gear. But what you can do is get the poetics gear and sell what you get from the MSQ (or keep for other jobs you plan to play). The gear might not sell fast but it can be decent money, especially for a new player. Poetics gear is pretty much the best you can get in every ''old'' expansion and in my opinion it can suffice you till you reach the next one (for example from 50 to 60). The poetics gear can also be upgraded (you can buy the upgrade materials for poetics or get from 24 and 8 player raids). As noted in the video, the market board could have some gear for cheap as well. That gear is also craftable. It's easy to level up crafters (and gatherers - saves you money when crafting) so that's an option too. There's a lot to explore in the game and it's definitely not hard. All you gotta do is explore it. It doesn't take long to level up so in my opinion buying gear that you're gonna replace in about a day or two just feels like a waste of money. Dungeons give you gear and if you feel undergeared, you can just run it again (plus it's exp) and the next thing you know is you're already ready for the next dungeon. Some side quests also give gear. If you got nothing else you want to spend money on and you just want to power through the MSQ without worrying about gear, just go with whatever you like/the game throws at you. My advice would be just when you're for example level 50 (doing a dungeon) please have at least level 50 gear (your job quests also give you gear, not the best but can be sufficient). Just a little bit of effort around your gear can satisfy your team members or keep the toxic ones quiet. The expansions follow the same pattern gear-wise so once you learn how things go in one expansion, you'll know what to expect from the other ones.

  67. Jerome Gabriele

    Jerome Gabriele2 ヶ月 前

    Man, now I want to lvl my Paladin.

  68. real trash

    real trash2 ヶ月 前

    i rarely played mmo rpg games before, so ive been playing on the trial (up to lvl 35, lvl 31 blm atm) with a friend who has played before and using the full version (~lvl 50 mnk, with a few secondary classes) and we both dont know if were doing everything right but were both having fun with it so far. i dont use teleport that much, mostly relying on return + mount + airship cos its cheaper and also i love the environments lol.. i get confused and anxious abt wasting gil/materials/equipables/glamours and having to join strangers to do dungeons etc. but im hoping itll make more sense the more i play? mostly im scared abt other players judging me for getting lost/confused easily and if im over-levelling my character too much but im having fun exploring the world still

  69. Partyaner

    Partyaner2 ヶ月 前

    You are cute :D

  70. S R

    S R2 ヶ月 前

    Damnit, I should’ve watched this half a year ago, lol. Very handy video.

  71. Saul S

    Saul S2 ヶ月 前

    I put materia on every damned thing! lol I couldn't stand looking at empty slots lol

  72. Satchell Drakes

    Satchell Drakes2 ヶ月 前

    Thank you for literally being the only person on this website who can make a comprehensive, concise, and conversational video with a decent timestamp for actual beginners. Every dude starts their video with all this bureaucratic garbage about versioning, arbitrary calculations that can’t make sense yet, and everything I’m gonna hate. Thanks for approachable advice.

  73. Nick Smith

    Nick Smith2 ヶ月 前

    Ffxiv is a Shonen Simulator, change my mind!

  74. Torgrim Hanssen

    Torgrim Hanssen2 ヶ月 前

    I would like to comment on a possible forgoten item for DoW/DoM leveling, The most important thing to do at level 15 before leaving for the other city states is to talk to "The Smith" and do your class trials. I resently made a 2nd character with the goal of experiencing the game from scratch so that I can more wholehartedly recommend whether or not to do a story skip. The forgoten item is this ring that gives +30% exp under level 30 for combat classes while at the dame time giving you +3 to regular stats (stats relevant beyond level 30). Look for NPC by the Innkeeper (city state) or near the first dungeon out in the field, with a beansprout icon called "The Smith".

  75. Lemon force

    Lemon force2 ヶ月 前

    Can someone expand on the method of making money from the grand company? I believe I only have one promotion left before I cant move up anymore but I didn't know I could be selling something for money

  76. Sesch137

    Sesch1372 ヶ月 前

    FFXIV is crap for new players. Nobody wants to play over 500 hours of MSQ just to be able to play the game. Absolutely ridicolous. When i made it through the MSQ i was so burned out from the game, that i deinstalled it. I will never touch it again.

  77. Ely

    Ely2 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> yeah about that, it happened to me, and yes, as a gladiator. My main

  78. Hugo Mendes

    Hugo Mendes2 ヶ月 前

    I am starting and after this i am even more confused, just make it simple please, what profession may i choose to get start with, in wow is easy gathering always to make money fast, but here is such a mess...........

  79. James Logan

    James Logan2 ヶ月 前

    Technically you can go to other city-states anytime you want if you're willing to make the long-ass walk

  80. Barely Beard

    Barely Beard2 ヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a> .... i have almost 2000 hours in this game and i never knew that. I'm low-key upset lol

  81. Dragonite955

    Dragonite9552 ヶ月 前

    Oh honey.... I story skipped when I started playing and I DONT REGRET IT 😂

  82. Matias Wulf

    Matias Wulf2 ヶ月 前

    How would you regret it if you don't know what you missed lol

  83. Beyond Solace #9406

    Beyond Solace #94062 ヶ月 前

    You overlooked the absolute need to /pet lalafell whenever you see them!

  84. Bradley Key

    Bradley Key2 ヶ月 前

    I got this game yesterday ! I’m so confused lol

  85. Nikolas Matviko

    Nikolas Matviko2 ヶ月 前

    Your microphone cable me sad.

  86. Luis Burgos

    Luis Burgos2 ヶ月 前

    For new players. Yea. Never purchase the story skip. I don't care if you think the story is boring, or sucks. You're entitled to your incorrect opinion. But never... NEVER EVER. PAY to NOT PLAY the game. That's essentially what you're doing and it's a waste of your money. Even the devs would say not to buy it if you're new. That option is available mainly for those that have already experienced it. I know the ARR story is a slog. But stick to it. You'll be past it in less than a month if you keep at it.

  87. Mike Roberts

    Mike Roberts2 ヶ月 前

    This was great! Had a lot of fun listening to this. Thanks!

  88. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger2 ヶ月 前

    Explain the Chun li haircut please