#502 HOW TO BEAT BIG TECH CENSORSHIP! | James O'Keefe Guests | Louder with Crowder


  1. StevenCrowder

    StevenCrowderヶ月 前

    What do you think is the best way to fight the war against Big Tech and censorship?

  2. David Stairs

    David Stairs16 日 前


  3. Mike Flo

    Mike Flo16 日 前

    It's Eddy. The skeleton from iron maiden

  4. LunkerMack

    LunkerMack17 日 前

    @Corey Bullock You used the term "Wealth Inequality" which makes YOU the core problem in all the things you just listed.

  5. Ralph Wildeman

    Ralph Wildeman23 日 前

    1. Uninstall Google Chrome and use Firefox. 2. Use the Ghostery browser extension to block all ad trackers. 3. Use the Adnauseam browser extension to fuck up Google's ad revenue. 4. Use the Duck DuckGo search engine instead of Google. If enough people did this, Google would experience a big hit to their revenue.

  6. Sandy

    Sandy日 前

    You have no idea how big tech manipulates America. They control everything from which toasters sell, to veiled political contributions like phony search suggestions worth trillions upon trillions of dollars, if it were it properly reported as campaign contrubutions or campaign suppression services. All given to leftist dictators who promise to return the favor with freedom extinguishing legislation in exchange for their unlimited tyranical power. They are pure evil and hate America with a vengeance. Their employees march in lock step or are instantly fired, and they will not stop until every freedom lover is dead and a neverending dark age of terror encircles all peoples of the world.

  7. TaylorJohnson1020

    TaylorJohnson10205 日 前


  8. Cary Clan

    Cary Clan6 日 前

    What is this the magic mushroom channel?

  9. Jess

    Jess7 日 前

    LOL 😂😂 I could not contain my laughter when the jest against “conservatives’ second favorite, allegedly cancer-causing drinking vessel” popped up on the screen. Super funny. I will be joining mug club soon!!!

  10. Ronnie Silkworth

    Ronnie Silkworth9 日 前

    its not censorship. There are laws, LAWS ACTUAL LEGISLATION, to protect individuals from potential predators who violate harassment laws, such as mr crowder. 47 U.S. Code § 230.Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material ; (b)PolicyIt is the policy of the United States- (1)to promote the continued development of the Internet and other interactive computer services and other interactive media; (2)to preserve the vibrant and competitive free market that presently exists for the Internetand other interactive computer services, unfettered by Federal or State regulation; (3)to encourage the development of technologies which maximize user control over what information is received by individuals, families, and schools who use the Internet and other interactive computer services; (4)to remove disincentives for the development and utilization of blocking and filtering technologies that empower parents to restrict their children’s access to objectionable or inappropriate online material; and (5)to ensure vigorous enforcement of Federal criminal laws to deter and punish trafficking in obscenity, stalking, and harassment by means of computer.

  11. Teacher Chris

    Teacher Chris15 日 前

    Wow, this show sucks

  12. Go left

    Go left15 日 前

    There was a time where I thought this channel/dude was interesting and made some good points..... but now it just seems like a parody of itself and just to make liberals mad. Lame. I guess I just thought it was better.

  13. mr suntan

    mr suntan15 日 前

    ANY ADBLOCKER BLOCKS ALL JPgo ADS. Even on the "Movies- free with ads". No Ads. If EVERYONE ran an adblocker - JPgo would get ZERO money.

  14. Neon White

    Neon White16 日 前

    Pretty clear JPgo doesn't really care about the advertising dollars; they just want that sweet sweet data to feed their upcoming AI

  15. Tyler Jacobson

    Tyler Jacobson18 日 前

    How pathetic of these companies to say this retarded shit about crowder keep going crowder !! Start fighting back more bro stick up for the little people that can’t that don’t have the power to like you

  16. Mike B

    Mike B19 日 前

    Another “N” is here for Neutral Bathrooms that father/mother needs when she drops a deuce! 😂 😂 😂

  17. LampSurvival

    LampSurvival20 日 前

    JPgo? Why do ya put useless fucks like this in my autoplay list? Watching him is like pulling teeth smh The prominent victim complex, the blatant arrogance, and the sheer arrogance is just too much lmao

  18. Larue77

    Larue7721 日 前

    Easy. Stop telling harmful lies. The only reason conservative sites are censored is because they tell harmful lies.

  19. colin-man yeates-clan

    colin-man yeates-clan21 日 前

    "HOW TO BEAT BIG TECH CENSORSHIP! " Is the title and yet no real solutions!!! Grrrrr. So p[leasse for those of us who have very limited time save the fun and entertainment for the end or put up the times when you have actual good information!!! Grrrrr. I didn't like you at first then I liked you and now i'm like what the hell this is like clown time or teen goof off time.... You are smart as shit please use it to help others and not for stupidity with a small gang of boys.. The solution is so damn simple it is the free market system... move to another platform and be creative to get people to use it!!!!!!! If you're going to continue using bootube then use code. Create code for terms like puck you mofo son of beeches C_A cuntrol Geeks.... Pro LGBT means a professional (fake) LGBT.. REpresnetative government =Republican. Demoncaps = democrats .. learn the Al-gor-ithms and trick them to get you to appear to be what they want but those that know the code know what is really being said... Trumpet =Trump etc... but personally I want to crush into slush and then evaporate i the hot sun bootube (under their boot tube)... AOC really knows what she is talking about in the alternative social realm. Also, do the ads yourself like Dan Bongino and get paid directly instead of through bootube.

  20. refusing the microchip implant

    refusing the microchip implant21 日 前


  21. James Spoon

    James Spoon21 日 前

    Your lawyer is awesome! PANTERA!!!

  22. Devin Hummel

    Devin Hummel21 日 前

    there's always a drop after I put it back in my drawers. Is that not a normal thing?

  23. Jeremy Byrd

    Jeremy Byrd22 日 前

    So will my mug come with a hood or will it go out in the middle of the night and get it on its own? Asking for a friend....

  24. Gabriel Cozart

    Gabriel Cozart22 日 前

    Was taking a drink of water when Shapiro came on and that "racist mug" bit almost made me spit it out.

  25. David Cox

    David Cox22 日 前

    I don't get why they think it's their job to tell people what to think and watch when you are a platform it's your job to operate the platform. Your not the world's savior and shepherd the arrogance of these "journalist". They will let these activist run JPgo shortly which would be akin to letting the mafia run the justice system

  26. David Cox

    David Cox22 日 前

    It used to be evangelicals that made me roll my eyes now its fanatical left wing activist and the politicians and companies that pander to them. This will continue until it actually affects regular people who on average tend to be apathetic to anything that doesn't directly affect them.

  27. hotshot5120

    hotshot512022 日 前

    Don't worry Steven I'm with you. I, too, have experienced "The Spritz".

  28. Larue77

    Larue7722 日 前

    For those who follow James Okeefe, the University of Washington has an online one credit course you can watch for free. It will help. I think everyone will find it interesting. jpgo.info/bideo/9us4ZpW_wXEuXOk.html

  29. Josh Lucas

    Josh Lucas22 日 前

    7:00 I listened to the audio at work, this is what I missed I’m quitting

  30. Luto Veti

    Luto Veti23 日 前

    PanterA.... Your lawyer is fuckin AwesomE!

  31. J

    J23 日 前

    I found you! I had to switch to BING because Google will not search your videos. 😬

  32. Ralph Wildeman

    Ralph Wildeman23 日 前

    1. Uninstall Google Chrome and use Firefox. 2. Use the Ghostery browser extension to block all ad trackers. 3. Use the Adnauseam browser extension to fuck up Google's ad revenue. 4. Use the Duck DuckGo search engine instead of Google. If enough people did this, Google would experience a big hit to their revenue.

  33. Hunter S

    Hunter S23 日 前

    Was Steven Skyping with Niles from Frasier?

  34. OG Jesse P

    OG Jesse P24 日 前

    I hit the notification bell and the only two options I got were “are you serious??” And “mwahahahaha” I’m not sure what this means...



    Wtf is so treat zi right sounds like some nazi procedure HANZ QUICKLY TREAT ZI RIGHT

  36. yankee 2

    yankee 224 日 前

    Five combat vets running as Democrat's one five time drafhdodger running as a republican oohah

  37. Jax

    Jax24 日 前

    This is probably irrelevant, but I've always liked that Street Fighter 2 cabinet in the back.

  38. ? ?

    ? ?24 日 前

    The easiest way to defeat big Tech is to boycott all we have to do is turn our backs to them and they will come running..... we don't do that anymore and as far as the government goes we demand they do there job which clearly there not ....if they don't choose to listen we throw their ass out of office it's that simple they work for us.... did we all forget that I mean everything is corrupt and we're all tolerating it like it's no big deal.... it's our own fault all this stuff is happening even if we were indoctrinated to personal peace and affluence it's still our fault for going along with it......

  39. fuckoffyou

    fuckoffyou25 日 前

    That muzik video came from nowhere.. lul

  40. Cordwainer Trout

    Cordwainer Trout25 日 前

    A good way to fight Big Tech censorship is to continuously expose Google's collusion with the Chicoms to create and implement their social grading system and how that is a precise mirror of what they are attempting in free countries.

  41. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith25 日 前

    I have not laughed that hard in a long time. A tumbler wearing a KKK mask with a burning cross is so wrong on so many levels and it makes me so happy that it is immortalized on the internet forever. This episode was pure gold.

  42. jonny boy

    jonny boy26 日 前

    Go f yourself Vox! hahaha peace out!

  43. Little Kuht

    Little Kuht27 日 前

    How DARE you have that instrument of death on your desk!! I mean the guns ok but that flags gotta go

  44. Dan Sterling

    Dan Sterling27 日 前

    Iron Maiden mascot is Eddie

  45. Leah Lendzioszek

    Leah Lendzioszek27 日 前

    The fucking intro omg 😂

  46. Pat McPherson

    Pat McPherson27 日 前

    It is very hard to hear what they are saying in the clips when you are talking over them. Why play the clip?

  47. Briana Pearson

    Briana Pearson27 日 前

    Can we all just take a second to acknowledge how cool Bill Richmond actually is? And yet he’s willing to dress up as a ridiculously British copper and take part in these discussions 😂 You’re a saint, man.

  48. yeahlos

    yeahlos27 日 前

    YT won't create advertising categories because it's not just about making money. It's about controlling the narrative (our minds).

  49. Kody kessler

    Kody kessler27 日 前

    I wish all these tech guys would stop speaking for us women. We didn’t ask them or even want them to.

  50. Schmutzgreifer

    Schmutzgreifer27 日 前

    Jee fucking suss! You don't have a fucking clue what offensive behaviour is. I been there done it and fuck you, you pussies!

  51. MajkaSrajka

    MajkaSrajka27 日 前

    I wonder when will be the first time when reality will be indistinguishable than Crowders dumb songs etc. TBH the one song about junk was already more cringy than this intro lol

  52. Timefliesbye

    Timefliesbye27 日 前

    Father-mother reminds me of Zeno Clash, where a character is named that.

  53. cmcross1

    cmcross128 日 前

    Cardi B is a failed stripper. Nothing else you need to know.

  54. Ben Siener

    Ben Siener28 日 前

    This has been one of the funniest shows ever and im like 15 minutes in.