THE VIDEO YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! We went back to visit Peter Marco to take a look at over $1BILLION worth of jewelry in his Rodeo Drive boutique.
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  1. Tyran Ap

    Tyran Ap48 分 前

    😂why will u pay 2-12 million for a ring or a chain that can get missing in less done a sec

  2. Mucahit Cicek

    Mucahit Cicek9 時間 前

    They‘re such cute friends, I’m just enjoying seeing their friendship 😃😃

  3. Frank Robinson

    Frank Robinson19 時間 前

    I just want to work security there.

  4. Ellis Ford

    Ellis Ford日 前

    What have you actually bought from this shop before

  5. Anthony D.

    Anthony D.日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> Diamonds are not rare. There are 1000 -> trillion of tonnes of diamonds in the earth. They are just polished rocks. Don't be fooled by the shine. Gold is much more rare than diamonds. The incredibly high prices are the result of incredible marketing, that's it!

  6. حبيب Iraq

    حبيب Iraq2 日 前

    Michael In it to win it Wonderful

  7. iam lorelie

    iam lorelie2 日 前


  8. Jay Zim

    Jay Zim2 日 前

    Peter Marco! such a fun guy!

  9. Zulfiqar Ali

    Zulfiqar Ali2 日 前

    So witty! This guy can sell dirt for million dollars.

  10. ilmas ashraf

    ilmas ashraf4 日 前

    billiona dollar of useless crap

  11. Lénárd Nagy

    Lénárd Nagy5 日 前

    How much for the girl tho?🔥

  12. s f

    s f6 日 前

    I need a piece from this store soon

  13. Sébastien Léger

    Sébastien Léger7 日 前

    Peter is incredible guy!!!

  14. tertertr tetrete

    tertertr tetrete7 日 前

    How does this guy not get robbed putting hundreds of millions of product in the window display?

  15. Amirul Zahari

    Amirul Zahari7 日 前

    2 windows jewelery = value of 1 airbus a380. 🤣🤣

  16. sky high

    sky high7 日 前

    Man, this is insane. I like this channel because in reality I cannot set foot in these high end jewelry stores (especially like this one). I want to show my wife about this, but I’d rather not because she will go crazy. She loves jewelry and expensive stuffs.

  17. Tenzeter One

    Tenzeter One4 日 前

    Get lab made instead

  18. abdullah alani

    abdullah alani7 日 前

    How many zero in million ?

  19. Tenzeter One

    Tenzeter One4 日 前


  20. Игорь Заяц

    Игорь Заяц7 日 前

    I love Michael :) Very cool videos, always watch with pleasure

  21. Alimoding Malimgas

    Alimoding Malimgas8 日 前

    I love all diamonds but rich people can buy only.❤️

  22. have a nice day!

    have a nice day!8 日 前

    No one Literally no one Rich people : 1 million for this one half a million for that one Other rich people : so this is your cheap idle

  23. Ron Lobato

    Ron Lobato9 日 前

    Why doesn't he have a guard or a police officer working all day?

  24. Vicente escaramusi

    Vicente escaramusi9 日 前

    el bambino veira visitando la joyeria del negro lavie

  25. Evan Cabral

    Evan Cabral9 日 前

    Just want to say great videos and very educational, just started watching your videos and I’m hooked deff one of the few i have subscribed and worth it . keep up the great work guys , watching from Boston mass 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  26. John public

    John public10 日 前

    Just amazing

  27. bRick010

    bRick01010 日 前

    because when all is said and done, it s prolly worth less then Claire's. Who guarantees me the `supplier `from the diamond and this fellow dont have some agreement to share some of these benefits. Only the supplier and the seller can know whether its a real or a lab stone. A diamond is nothing more then aluminium copper, or any other shiny material which is worthless. Lets say you have a Van Gogh. You don't pay for the expensive paint or material he used, you'll pay for the emotional value whatever that means. We Humans are pretty f stupid and we are very brain- washable . A ```billion dollar diamond `` (apart from ridiculous weight) can NEVER be worth that amount of money. Stone can be worth millions too, when some fancy artist makes a sculpture you suddenly have a piece of brick worth millions. But when the same brick was purchase it was cheap as f. Its all in the mind. Also , when you actually rob a jewelry like this, you'll find out you can NEVER sell it for the same price. Diamonds are completely worthless by now. Just like CD VHS the iphone 4s ect ect . It lost it worth overnight, but they made enough money to keep the facade going.When you actually will e able to sell, is when the seller KNOWS he can re-sell it somehow. But the robber will find out that the sparkling stuff called diamond doesn't have a measurable worth... Somehow when something is expensive , we therefore know its unreachable for most people. That's it. if you like shiny thing buy gold paint , paint the wall and look at it all day. ..

  28. XFXBoard

    XFXBoard11 日 前

    Which is the single most expensive item in the Store?

  29. ptroinks

    ptroinks11 日 前

    This is obscene...

  30. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen12 日 前

    I want you well reach 1Zillion Funs

  31. Daan van Keulen

    Daan van Keulen12 日 前

    Pretty funny they have dimes and nickels in the store as well..

  32. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen12 日 前

    Take care because of coved 19

  33. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen12 日 前

    Hi how are you hi i want you Well buy many phones if thats Ok hahahahahahaha bye god bless

  34. Marie Nicole Christen

    Marie Nicole Christen12 日 前

    Ohhhh you dont have zillion

  35. The Ræl Dingø

    The Ræl Dingø12 日 前

    I think they tried to one up each other on ridiculous jackets. I’m not sure which one is worse. It’s like the more money you got the crazier you start to dress.

  36. Future Hope

    Future Hope12 日 前

    Got an opportunity to meet Peter at his store, he is a very humble gentleman. I was really impressed.

  37. Armistice

    Armistice13 日 前

    Am I the only one who believe that the jewellery are overpriced? Literally there are alot diamonds in his shop that can easily top the top 10 most expensive diamond which sounds very illogical to me

  38. Hi End

    Hi End13 日 前


  39. DieBackstube

    DieBackstube13 日 前

    Even if I would have the money to buy one piece, I wouldn‘t, just bcs it‘s too ugly and too much bling bling diamonds.

  40. Xavier McQuiston

    Xavier McQuiston13 日 前

    Every one of these jewelers says "no one has this" when they all have it haha

  41. Karl Joseph

    Karl Joseph14 日 前

    Beautiful jewelry if someone people have the money to buy them and enjoys wearing them why not it’s an investment 👌👌👌

  42. Albashir Argam

    Albashir Argam14 日 前

    U guys are so funny . 😄😄😄😄

  43. Craig Sweeney

    Craig Sweeney15 日 前

    truly wealthy, not rich, don't have to display their worth. maybe a nice restrained piece , and that is it .

  44. Life is beautiful

    Life is beautiful15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1455">24:15</a> she looks super extra fabulous.

  45. Christine Lee

    Christine Lee16 日 前

    These two needs a new stylist, I know their rich and all but do you need to dress like pimps?

  46. shilah Makin

    shilah Makin16 日 前

    More jewellery videos with peter plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!I love watching your videos, but mostly with peter and his beautiful jewellz!!

  47. Hasna Habib Jewellers

    Hasna Habib Jewellers17 日 前


  48. Hardy Hydra

    Hardy Hydra18 日 前

    in the end its all BS, he is duping anyone buying them for that price. if they try to resell will go for like 50% of the price.

  49. Hardy Hydra

    Hardy Hydra18 日 前

    1 billion? anyone up for a heist, like next level heist, helicopters and all

  50. Hardy Hydra

    Hardy Hydra18 日 前

    rappers can't afford the stuff in here

  51. Li Wynn

    Li Wynn18 日 前

    Why has no one rob this place yet? Lol

  52. Keyur Bhesania

    Keyur Bhesania18 日 前

    so in GTA V we robbed a wrong shop🤣🤣🤣

  53. Ngai Jonathan

    Ngai Jonathan18 日 前

    All peter's teeth are GIA certified D flawless

  54. G Mon

    G Mon19 日 前

    I think about those who don't have anything to eat. But hey.."check out this chain" sigh

  55. imlost19

    imlost1919 日 前

    this dudes store is in the middle of the jewelry shops area in gtaV lol... the place you do all the heists

  56. Skyler

    Skyler19 日 前

    “I feel so insignificant now” Now you know how your viewers feel

  57. Peter Sampson

    Peter Sampson19 日 前


  58. Gingerbreadman

    Gingerbreadman20 日 前

    Let the man who knows about the stuff talk, you stay interrupting him

  59. Brandon Bryant

    Brandon Bryant20 日 前

    Austin powers?

  60. A.

    A.19 日 前

    Knob powers!

  61. El Biko

    El Biko20 日 前

    I feel like i'm watching uncut gems all over again, the PTSD IS BACK

  62. rok podlesnik

    rok podlesnik20 日 前

    no mater how much money they have they look incredibly cheap...!!!

  63. ZxzKenoxzX TTG

    ZxzKenoxzX TTG21 日 前

    Imagine they did a heist

  64. Gravitation3Beatles3

    Gravitation3Beatles321 日 前

    honestly that necklace looked nice on Michael lmao

  65. Thomas Lebllanc

    Thomas Lebllanc21 日 前

    Imagine the cuts if someone decided to rob the store

  66. hand fuß

    hand fuß21 日 前

    peter marco is so lovely 👍

  67. Mohamed FAOUZ

    Mohamed FAOUZ21 日 前

    This just shows you that even if your humor is that bad with money people would still laugh

  68. seazonCS

    seazonCS21 日 前

    Wait thats the jewelery that i robbed in gta 5

  69. Turururu

    Turururu21 日 前

    Theres an small army guarding that store plus the Beverly hills police and 8 rambos for all the scumbags thinking in robbing him...

  70. crema depruta

    crema depruta21 日 前

    Ordinary guy by Jeff bezos' standard

  71. Jos Kirin

    Jos Kirin21 日 前

    Millionaires go here for window shopping, to feel how poor feel when seeing expensive stuff.

  72. Playboi DLN

    Playboi DLN22 日 前

    Ok guys new gta mission coming up

  73. Bác Ba Đinh Travels

    Bác Ba Đinh Travels22 日 前

    the owner of the store is funny!

  74. Kane Odam

    Kane Odam22 日 前

    I love how he cracks himself up almost as much as he cracks me up HAHA!!

  75. Sandra Vargas

    Sandra Vargas23 日 前

    i don´t know you but im watching the video for Michael, Peter and Adam, not exactly for the jewels

  76. peacE LiFE

    peacE LiFE23 日 前

    Lets storm this area

  77. David Anderson

    David Anderson23 日 前

    you two already old. allow me to continu your business old man

  78. Jerry Chang

    Jerry Chang24 日 前

    i hope i can just robe your shop without notice

  79. blackhande

    blackhande24 日 前

    Thanks Peter

  80. LfcVancouver32

    LfcVancouver3224 日 前

    i wonder what kind of security he has, cause id be worried about getting jacked every day especially when you're outside showing off 20 mill diamonds

  81. william miller

    william miller22 日 前

    Its crazy and cops are always around. But honestly if you really had the balls to do it and had assault rifles it would be easy to do it because nobody wants to die over shit they can get back whenever but the hard part would be getting away and accepting your doing time for that shit

  82. Angel Nieves

    Angel Nieves24 日 前

    Have you ever tried helping the homeless or the hungry instead of buying another watch? I guarantee you that the feeling of helping those in need, is more fulfilling then buying another watch ! Sometimes we are given favor in life just to see what you will do with it ! I love it when you get to @ mark in the video he talks about the show off factor involved. Why dont you try and show off how much you help people in need ! I bet it feels so much better ! Just sayin .

  83. Victoria Nguyen

    Victoria Nguyen24 日 前

    Now do 1 trillion in diamonds & jewels

  84. Lucy Lapinig

    Lucy Lapinig24 日 前

    Hello Michael. Can I have your contact No. I have a piece of gemstones 500 carat more or less. Maybe you can assist me and you might also benefited for this. Thank you.