10 Things Jo Koy Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Colin Derby

    Colin Derby10 時間 前

    What jo doesnt know is the masks are only good for 3 hours so your gonna be ingesting that sneeze anyway try a Vogmask

  2. emily sandoval-rodriguez

    emily sandoval-rodriguez日 前

    Love your coffee!!!! 1st & foremost 😉💛

  3. Micko Bryan Abellana

    Micko Bryan Abellana8 日 前

    Why dislike folks 🙄

  4. waYFues

    waYFues9 日 前

    Louie vuitton

  5. skirtiscs

    skirtiscs13 日 前

    If I went to one of his comic shows, I would want my money back

  6. Cohn Jena

    Cohn Jena15 日 前

    Josep, wher did you put dhe biks?

  7. Tyrell Thompson

    Tyrell Thompson15 日 前

    That hat instantly took years off And that rolex wrist check ?big flexxxx

  8. Lane Santos

    Lane Santos16 日 前


  9. East Sac Workshop

    East Sac Workshop16 日 前

    7 3/8?? I am at least an 8.

  10. LC Coffeeholic

    LC Coffeeholic16 日 前

    That's so funny!! My head is 7 5/8 cuz of my hair!! Lol

  11. Emily Arlin

    Emily Arlin17 日 前

    I don’t even know who this guy is and I still loved this video, he’s so fun

  12. Dennis Batchelor

    Dennis Batchelor18 日 前

    Mahalo, Josep, hehe. Seriously, I met you when you were starting out, your first time at San Jose Improv. Salamat for your comedy. Love it

  13. On 2Wheels

    On 2Wheels19 日 前

    Success for a FilAm in the US is a Rolex and rental property or a Skilled Nursing Facility. Hahahaha!

  14. Aayush Pathak

    Aayush Pathak19 日 前

    5:18 Song ID PLEASEEEEEE

  15. Mason Alm

    Mason Alm21 日 前

    bro 52 seconds into the video i already don’t like hin

  16. kory z

    kory z21 日 前

    Jollibee bought coffee bean.

  17. Ms Madd Maxx

    Ms Madd Maxx21 日 前

    Screaming laughing when he put the oxygen mask on and started jerking ......first of all made me jump/laugh didn't know he was going to do that!!!!! Plus I had to snatch my head phones off (but still laughing )I had my tablet turn up loud I'm watching you( jo koy )outside......!!!!!!!😘💞❤💋😍😇👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍what a goof ball........

  18. lemme shoot

    lemme shoot21 日 前

    Ya'll need to do one with THE ROCK!!

  19. Isabel B

    Isabel B22 日 前

    He offered my mom a taco. No joke she saw him in her hospital

  20. Heidi Gelpi

    Heidi Gelpi23 日 前

    I’d sleep next to that LOL

  21. Patio

    Patio23 日 前

    "When I get them, I buy them." I can't. xD

  22. Jamie Harris

    Jamie Harris25 日 前

    he is so likeable it’s mad love this guy💯

  23. Carl Hershey

    Carl Hershey26 日 前

    Bruh I’m only 13 I have 7 3/8 head

  24. asha thickk

    asha thickk26 日 前

    No cologne😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  25. sadness.

    sadness.27 日 前

    I love Jo Koy

  26. Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness

    Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness28 日 前

    Can you not fix this Sleep Apnea issue? Sad

  27. Steven Hernandez

    Steven Hernandez29 日 前

    what kind of credit card was that ? lol

  28. Maria Smith

    Maria Smith29 日 前

    Asian pit bull! 😂

  29. Roba tic

    Roba ticヶ月 前

    I can’t live without family, parents, god, and friends

  30. lil turkey

    lil turkeyヶ月 前

    *you know teh... where u cut tehhhhhhh* dang his uncle is legit funny lol

  31. Miss Q

    Miss Qヶ月 前

    Jo Koy is a great comedian

  32. Goro

    Goroヶ月 前


  33. Maurice Lei

    Maurice Leiヶ月 前

    Glasses looks like it’s gonna squash your head

  34. Loma Luv

    Loma Luvヶ月 前

    I thought we were MTB, MEANT TO BE until I saw that Darth Vader machine.

  35. Richard Fernandez

    Richard Fernandezヶ月 前

    this guy is a genius!

  36. ch ln

    ch lnヶ月 前

    Hey Jo. You should be a spokesperson for the CPAP industry. Their needs to be more awareness. Their are some misunderstandings and stigma associated with CPAP(Bane reference, lol). You can bring a funny spin and at the same time educate people about it. You would contribute greatly to the health and well-being of countless people.

  37. Twanna L Wilkerson

    Twanna L Wilkersonヶ月 前


  38. R Hunter

    R Hunterヶ月 前

    I love Jo, He makes face and cheeks hurt

  39. Daddy Lyn

    Daddy Lynヶ月 前

    Man my boy got the drip 😂😂😂😂

  40. Nick Vetter

    Nick Vetterヶ月 前

    That mask is very Asian of u! Lmaoo just saying.

  41. Simmy Vlogs

    Simmy Vlogsヶ月 前

    Wat da pak josep

  42. Sophy Colón

    Sophy Colónヶ月 前

    “Tibula” and fibula?? Joseeeeep, why you didn’t become a nurse Josep???

  43. Josh Thomas

    Josh Thomasヶ月 前

    This is my favorite Can't Life Without GQ video, hands down!! Love Jo!!

  44. Lars Labrusca

    Lars Labruscaヶ月 前

    4:50 just like my sister iphone? Balakshsgsjshbddwnwjshshsbsnejsgwgehue6whejeugwgwhehjwhmcmcudgtegdtheudjrif,ir,cimedbyvftbrydmricmrncy curucnrybcurnucmrucybrcbrycurncybryncurncybrycb do u guys have black? I’ll take it😁🤣

  45. Ricky 18

    Ricky 18ヶ月 前

    He flexes so hard i love it lmfaoo

  46. Dave Ines

    Dave Inesヶ月 前

    Brother... Manong... I feel totally feel you about the glasses & big head! I like to think my big ol head is part of my pinoy-ness! Then you mentioned the "air huarache"! I had the original pair when they first came out in the early 90's! Dude, we're twins!

  47. B S

    B Sヶ月 前

    "Both bones broken, tibula and fibula." 🤔

  48. Miklo Jay

    Miklo Jayヶ月 前


  49. Stressy Poo

    Stressy Pooヶ月 前


  50. jenny gore

    jenny goreヶ月 前


  51. Edward Sullivan

    Edward Sullivanヶ月 前

    I guess you can make a lot of money being an ok comic lol jk

  52. Phoebe Venice

    Phoebe Veniceヶ月 前

    u tight josep

  53. Limelight _ Yarely

    Limelight _ Yarelyヶ月 前

    OMG one of the best comedians. PERIODT

  54. TheRealLava Lamp

    TheRealLava Lampヶ月 前

    Hawaii loves you even mo! ❤😎

  55. John Mcornick

    John Mcornickヶ月 前

    You remind me of my dad because of the sipap.

  56. Roba tic

    Roba ticヶ月 前

    I can’t live without my family, parents, and god.

  57. Caleb Holien

    Caleb Holienヶ月 前

    This is the funniest video ever

  58. Jocelle Canovas

    Jocelle Canovasヶ月 前

    i thought it said CRAP machine at first 💀

  59. REB Zumi

    REB Zumiヶ月 前

    Is there a storm trooper designed CPAP machine? That would be cool. I thought about that when I had adult onset asthma. Maybe its better for sleep apnea

  60. c2l

    c2lヶ月 前

    “i play the dumbest games!” - me!