10 Things Tyson Fury Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

There are a few things heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury can't live without when he hits the road. From a pack of playing cards to his head shaver, these are Tyson Fury's travel essentials.
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10 Things Tyson Fury Can't Live Without | GQ Sports


  1. Marvin Hoff

    Marvin Hoff日 前

    Tyson give his shoes to a poor guy,can the shoes fit the guy???🤔

  2. g nartin

    g nartin日 前

    Bible didn't make the list, perhaps just as well really.

  3. Daniel the boxer 2

    Daniel the boxer 22 日 前

    he beats his meat 7 times a day *~*

  4. kristijan kiki

    kristijan kiki2 日 前

    Gypsy pride 😎😎

  5. johnny tickler

    johnny tickler3 日 前

    I hope that’s lancashire tea Fury 👊🏻

  6. Molly F.

    Molly F.4 日 前

    What about Jesus?

  7. karl wilson

    karl wilson9 日 前

    I used to think fury was a bit of a nob head but after watching his documentary and hearing all the things he does for charity and helping with the stigma for mental health you can’t help but like the fella, top notch bloke makes me proud to be English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  8. Freddy

    Freddy9 日 前

    Tyson you are a very nice person - not bad a boxing either lol

  9. Eric Andre Troll

    Eric Andre Troll10 日 前

    The greatest to do it

  10. Eathan Ponton

    Eathan Ponton12 日 前

    Why didn't he add drugs?

  11. Haleem Muhammad

    Haleem Muhammad12 日 前

    Wild boar 🐗, and a floppy glove.

  12. simplyalif

    simplyalif13 日 前

    This was too real

  13. Neil Grant

    Neil Grant13 日 前

    Fury is the new face of boxing and I’m glad

  14. _____________

    _____________14 日 前


  15. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone15 日 前

    I thought he'd choose cocaine and 30$ hookers

  16. The Harlequin

    The Harlequin15 日 前

    Sunshine state is Florida.

  17. The Harlequin

    The Harlequin15 日 前

    This is my shoe. There are many like it, but this one is mine!

  18. Med XL

    Med XL16 日 前

    Proper champion....king amongst all men not just gypsies 👊

  19. Michael Collins

    Michael Collins16 日 前

    Cell phones should ALL be destroyed They are a nuisance

  20. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman16 日 前

    That bottle of aftershave is 500$ lol

  21. Jack Fialkoff

    Jack Fialkoff17 日 前

    Such a cheater

  22. deek the pict

    deek the pict17 日 前

    11. wilder fanboys with their slapping stories 12 , dailymail lies about his doping

  23. Tod Doych

    Tod Doych18 日 前

    Yep, he missed 1 thing, which is the key to all his wins. The mighty nandrolone.

  24. aesudd

    aesudd19 日 前

    He also cant live without Wild Boar meat

  25. Javier Fernandez

    Javier Fernandez21 日 前

    This man is simple... Who hating on this man? Oh right, all of Alabama...

  26. Jane Low

    Jane Low18 日 前

    & london

  27. Rafael Mertin

    Rafael Mertin21 日 前

    So not just ballers, but literally EVERYONE has Bicycle Cards?! Cmon now.... as if.

  28. Defcon Laccuci

    Defcon Laccuci22 日 前

    Tyson fury is one of the only few guy in the fight scene that's seems verry nice to spend time with, he look's like a funny guy but also the one you don't want to mess with

  29. Dawn United

    Dawn United23 日 前

    EZ stroke GK what the 🤔???

  30. Dawn United

    Dawn United23 日 前


  31. Dawn United

    Dawn United23 日 前

    I'm not judging have a nice day 😊

  32. Dawn United

    Dawn United23 日 前

    I really thought when he was talkin about that cream that there was going to be a description down below 😂 my Lord I'm sorry but this is a simple man he's got his priorities right

  33. Dawn United

    Dawn United23 日 前

    Say what you want to say about this man he keeps it simple and I can follow that I can respect that only the essentials he's not really naming anyting expensive besides the shoes it does not matter how expensive your stuff is if you stank you stank good aftershave wait a good bath then after shave he lives a modest life with just natural essentials

  34. KMZ

    KMZ24 日 前

    Nice vid



    Number eleven # glove tampering😂

  36. abdur rahman

    abdur rahman24 日 前

    Jacket is very beautiful

  37. Mg is Raw 10

    Mg is Raw 1025 日 前

    You are the best boxer

  38. 1967Rev

    1967Rev25 日 前


  39. K.L. prasad

    K.L. prasad25 日 前

    After beating wilder , fury became more famoussss and mastrubation 7 times a day is looking like fake and 3 to 4 times is possible

  40. Adam

    Adam25 日 前

    (Looks up Clive Christian Rocco.....) "Brut it is then...."

  41. Conor Galpin

    Conor Galpin26 日 前

    I thought number 1 would b coke

  42. Sonaira Khan

    Sonaira Khan26 日 前

    *What About WIFE/KIDS/FAMILY* .... Should Be Top Of Your List *Can't Live Without Them Mr TF Can You*

  43. Jordan Gonzalez vlogs

    Jordan Gonzalez vlogs26 日 前

    He can’t live without his cheating gloves

  44. That Dude

    That Dude26 日 前

    So the guy is jerking off like a pre-pubescent teenager. Yet Nofap is still being done by millions of guys, go figure🤔

  45. Khaled Al Almaee

    Khaled Al Almaee26 日 前

    That homeless guy was killed and robbed his shoes.

  46. Nate - Man

    Nate - Man26 日 前


  47. Mason Smith

    Mason Smith27 日 前

    Chaotic Good.

  48. Christian Peters

    Christian Peters27 日 前

    Sods law: a kind stranger offers you his footware but they are 13 sizes too big

  49. Christian Peters

    Christian Peters27 日 前

    Tyson also gifted him handfuls of change (all foreign currency) and an umbrella (inverted and full of holes)

  50. AntwonDaBusiness

    AntwonDaBusiness27 日 前

    can live without boxing gloves that arent on all the way haha oops

  51. HOW TO DRAW suraj karki

    HOW TO DRAW suraj karki27 日 前

    This is the coolest dude I have ever seen in earth history

  52. 915 halljr

    915 halljr27 日 前

    I respect him

  53. Skills From New Orleans

    Skills From New Orleans27 日 前

    👊😡👊 #11 P.E.D.'s and #12 Tainted 🥊's

  54. xyzxyz

    xyzxyz27 日 前

    Americans are such cry babies

  55. joseph bethrant

    joseph bethrant27 日 前

    Is he serious about the masturbation or hes messing with us playing a silly joke. Hes got to be joking. 😆 😆

  56. batmanrendon 1

    batmanrendon 128 日 前

    A cut in his glove

  57. Real Fake

    Real Fake28 日 前

    Cheating in boxing matches is one 👀

  58. pm

    pm28 日 前

    "Lasts for ages, gives me a bit of a headache" hahahaha

  59. Profiboxing Page

    Profiboxing Page28 日 前


  60. Jarod M

    Jarod M28 日 前

    🗣️ *MF'KN CHEATER* ❗‼️❗‼️❗‼️❗‼️❗

  61. Grinch Sniffer

    Grinch Sniffer28 日 前

    He's so humble best lad

  62. Marlee Roberts

    Marlee Roberts28 日 前

    imagine how good a boxer he would be with hair

  63. chris goodayle

    chris goodayle28 日 前

    If I had a step ladder,I would look him in the eye-and shake his hand for giving his shoes to a homeless man.That impresses me more then anything else he has done.A classy move by a classy man.

  64. JmanGaming TV

    JmanGaming TV29 日 前

    Brilliant and very intelligent advice at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="404">6:44</a>

  65. model marc

    model marc29 日 前

    fury u forgot to mention floppy gloves... great for cheating n boxing matches....

  66. oh damn it’s camo

    oh damn it’s camo29 日 前

    They never really were 10 things

  67. Paul Sellari

    Paul Sellari29 日 前

    Wheres the cheating gloves at

  68. T G

    T G29 日 前

    Tyson is a Legend, i like him more each day, i honestly wasn't a fan but all these haters are kinda driving me to be one, well done on beating the daylights out of Wilder BTW Tyson, Great performance, outfought, out thought, out boxed and over powered the man, brilliant, good luck in the 3rd, think it should be in the UK but i don't think Wilder would fight here plus with your contracts etc you maybe have to fight in the states. Got no idea on that one but all hail the Gypsy King - well done champ 🙌✌

  69. Evan Farrelly

    Evan Farrelly29 日 前

    I love this man ❤️❤️

  70. smanslam1

    smanslam129 日 前

    Never thought about it, but it's true. You pay more attention to your hair when you're bald. You don't want the scanty hair looking messy, so you have to shave it regularly. What an irony! "Don't go bald."

  71. William Weinberg

    William Weinberg29 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a> it's what plants crave!

  72. Anthony Walmsley

    Anthony Walmsley29 日 前

    7 times a day. Crikies

  73. I got calcium

    I got calcium29 日 前

    We just going to ignore the fact that he said LA was a state💀

  74. Michael A

    Michael A28 日 前

    Yup because USA isn't important.

  75. Shannen Finnegan

    Shannen Finneganヶ月 前

    What he said about cellphones is hella true

  76. Detective Inspector

    Detective Inspectorヶ月 前

    Failed drud test: Now world champion 👈🤣🤣

  77. xyzxyz

    xyzxyz27 日 前

    @Detective Inspector oh you mean in the past, yeah you are right. I take it back, people are saying he failed the wilder 2 test

  78. Detective Inspector

    Detective Inspector27 日 前

    @xyzxyz no he didn't

  79. xyzxyz

    xyzxyz27 日 前

    Lies , he passed vada. Thicko

  80. Jabez Sembegere

    Jabez Sembegereヶ月 前


  81. Donique Banks

    Donique Banksヶ月 前

    EVERYONE follow @Dahbrooklyn on instagram!!!!!!! i need followers

  82. Zayy Matisse

    Zayy Matisseヶ月 前

    #1: cheating

  83. Nabula

    Nabulaヶ月 前

    I’m surprised he didn’t even mention his family 😂

  84. Wonakee Amos

    Wonakee Amosヶ月 前

    10 things Tyson Fury Can't Live Without 1. Cheating

  85. Leode Siefast

    Leode Siefast28 日 前

    Hahaha bitter sore losers!

  86. chidubem

    chidubemヶ月 前

    Wilder seeing this video in his recommendations like 😡

  87. Marcus Anthony

    Marcus Anthonyヶ月 前

    How can you not like this guy.. You can't. And I'm a Wilder fan above all

  88. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前

    He’s lowkey looking like Eggman though...

  89. R.a .z.i.q

    R.a .z.i.qヶ月 前

    so tyson furry buys a 1k shoe just to flex on the homeless person