10/31発売!!【ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル】オープニングムービー

2019年10月31日、PlayStation®4で発売「ペルソナ5 ザ・ロイヤル」


  1. ちちプー

    ちちプー3 時間 前


  2. potatoman8790

    potatoman879019 時間 前

    Yeah this is nice but when are you putting it on *switch*

  3. Infinyx

    Infinyx45 分 前

    Howcome when Persona 5 first came out you didn't care but now everyone's begging for a Switch port

  4. _deviled_eggs_

    _deviled_eggs_5 時間 前

    altus said they ain’t doin it

  5. Sylvan Glazowski

    Sylvan Glazowski日 前

    I will get this video to 1 million views...

  6. Carrot Cake

    Carrot Cake日 前

    I don’t know, man. This animation feels kinda stiff in comparison to the original persona 5’s opening.

  7. Joker

    Joker日 前

    1:28 Yall want something?

  8. 奈布.薩貝達

    奈布.薩貝達2 日 前

    (•ө•)♡(•ө•)♡(✿ ♡‿♡)

  9. nathan lyon

    nathan lyon2 日 前

    Persona 5 is really and boring

  10. xxx kasu

    xxx kasu2 日 前


  11. 森川心羽

    森川心羽2 日 前


  12. SuperMarioDude

    SuperMarioDude2 日 前

    so like do you want to switch or no?

  13. SuperMarioDude

    SuperMarioDude38 分 前

    @Infinyx I've been wishing it to come to the switch since the switch was first unvealed and persona q2 is on the 3ds and even though it's a spin off it's still apart of the persona series.

  14. Infinyx

    Infinyx43 分 前

    How come you didn't care about Persona 5 when it first came out how come now you're bitching about it not getting a switch port and stop wishing for a switch Port because Atlus confirmed it will stay exclusive to Playstation

  15. 武中太樹る

    武中太樹る3 日 前


  16. Princess X of Silverdale

    Princess X of Silverdale3 日 前

    1:20 Pause at the moment the ‘snowball’ collides with Ryuji’s face Is it just me or does Yusuke look like a ghoul here?

  17. Kae

    Kae3 日 前

    Haru got more screen time in this I think...

  18. ネオンメフェラム

    ネオンメフェラム3 日 前


  19. 0Laggy_

    0Laggy_3 日 前

    I love how in the trailer Kasumi was blown away by Joker’s moves, but she does some trippy spinning in the trailer

  20. Omega

    Omega3 日 前

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand i don't have a goddamn ps4.

  21. Fusion Afterburner

    Fusion Afterburner3 日 前

    To the people who think this intro is too lively and cheerful for a game like Persona 5, I just wanted to let you know that the OST for this opening is *literally* called "Colors Flying High". You can't tell me that title isn't supposed to sound like it's related to anything happy.

  22. Diego Mahoney

    Diego Mahoney3 日 前

    Ann got TAKEN OUT by Futaba’s tackle. But how tf did that happen?!?!? FUTABA IS A STICK AND ANN IS THICC FUTABA ISNT HEAVY ENOUGH TO TACKLE ANN

  23. NewbTacticianMark

    NewbTacticianMark3 日 前

    Can we still kill Akechi in this game?

  24. Vaporweeb95

    Vaporweeb953 日 前

    Tired of getting these games late while they get their shit early. Not fair at alll

  25. Meep

    Meep2 日 前

    Translation takes time and so does coding it in, it happens a lot with games released in Asia, at least we don’t get the short end of the stick where the English version is never released like some other games.

  26. Otaku San

    Otaku San3 日 前

    0:40 *Attack On Titans spoiler without context*

  27. 泉チン子

    泉チン子4 日 前

    0:54 2倍速推奨

  28. EchoesAmalie

    EchoesAmalie4 日 前


  29. PJ Sprite Animations

    PJ Sprite Animations4 日 前


  30. 黒桜。たぐえんリスナー

    黒桜。たぐえんリスナー4 日 前


  31. Harry Thar

    Harry Thar4 日 前

    To be frank this intro's art style looks more like an in-game one rather than the original's

  32. Brenton Taylor

    Brenton Taylor4 日 前

    1:18) The Entire fandom: *_I diagnose you with gay_*

  33. MrSaturnPK

    MrSaturnPK4 日 前

    Let's just pray for Kasumi not to be another Marie

  34. Infinyx

    Infinyx4 日 前

    Why dose this looks like Persona 5 the Animation

  35. MrSaturnPK

    MrSaturnPK4 日 前

    Well, it is said a1 (the studio of persona 5 the animation) animated the new cutscenes, but i am not sure

  36. Toad’s Mixtape Factory

    Toad’s Mixtape Factory4 日 前

    This is not P5S which will be the superior persona 5

  37. Lost Legend

    Lost Legend4 日 前

    Can we talk about how long Joker's neck is in the thumbnail

  38. lecaprine GL

    lecaprine GL4 日 前

    Why a lot of people cry over a switch port? When the game came out nobody wanted it on Nintendo but now they do because its popular? Funny it's almost like what happened to the phantom thieves themselves isn't it?

  39. nintenx123

    nintenx1234 日 前

    Atlus I get it I really do shin Megami Tensei is what you put on Nintendo but why not give us Nintendo fans a port of persona 3 fes or p4 golden at least even if you can’t put p5 or p5r on switch at least give us something mainline or persona to play while we wait for SMT5 (I really hope you guys make smt5 better than P5. mainline SMT really deserves more attention and care and if it’s not at least as good as persona 5 you really will lose all the new Potential SMT fans to the spin-off game persona and neither of us want that)

  40. Ren Elsi

    Ren Elsi5 日 前

    Hmm 3 summon persona with gun 4 summon persona with tarrot card 5 summon persona rip the mask What else? P6 (MC wear headphone and play music for summoning persona?)

  41. 橘イツキ

    橘イツキ5 日 前


  42. アサシンゴンゾー

    アサシンゴンゾー4 日 前

    橘イツキ ほぼ完全版に近いやつ

  43. Galear Grimoire

    Galear Grimoire5 日 前


  44. KuzunohaXIV

    KuzunohaXIV5 日 前

    Yeah nice Atlus now guess I'll seat here and grow roots waiting for something about SMT V

  45. Lima Sierra

    Lima Sierra5 日 前

    J'ai tellement hâte !!! C'est si magnifique ! ❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Fedorasaurus Rex

    Fedorasaurus Rex5 日 前

    0:54 Best Part Free

  47. Weebus Christ

    Weebus Christ5 日 前

    Nobody is talking about headless joker

  48. Hugo Reque

    Hugo Reque5 日 前

    Translate to spanish, please!!

  49. M .K

    M .K6 日 前

    早くやりたい! ペルソナシリーズめちゃくちゃ好き😘

  50. シープ

    シープ6 日 前


  51. Yolo Page

    Yolo Page6 日 前

    Am I the only one who thought Ann was wearing Maya Amano's jacket?

  52. Infinyx

    Infinyx4 日 前


  53. もちこ。

    もちこ。6 日 前

    なんかさ、ペルソナシリーズって必ず元の作品のプラスしたやつ売るじゃん。 ペルソナ4とか3とかはまだ 結構時間たってからソフトを出したからアレだけど、いくらなんでも今作ははやすぎると思う。 ペルソナ5を新品で予約で買った私としてはやっぱりかと思いつつショックでした。

  54. おんぱ

    おんぱ6 日 前


  55. kjxboy121

    kjxboy1216 日 前

    1:18, that look like a good cover for a BL doujin

  56. わんころね

    わんころね6 日 前


  57. Wolf Gl

    Wolf Gl6 日 前


  58. 小田部雅

    小田部雅6 日 前


  59. chapachuu

    chapachuu6 日 前

    Am I the only one who isn't a fan of adding Kasumi? Just feels unnecessary. Like Marie from 4. I'll take more Akechi and Haru screentime though.

  60. MJ Seg

    MJ Seg6 日 前

    Akechi muh boiiiii

  61. JarretGamz 554

    JarretGamz 5546 日 前

    1:18 Uh, I think Akechi died of too much shiny dimonds. (Too much Shine)

  62. Luis Diaz

    Luis Diaz7 日 前

    1:20 Wouldn’t getting slapped in the face with a handful of uncut diamonds kill you, or at the least seriously cause a large scratch your face. Or even make you blind from a diamond penetrating your iris?

  63. lkevsan

    lkevsan7 日 前

    Was this animated by A1 Pictures? It really looks choppy. But the song is amazing.

  64. lkevsan

    lkevsan日 前

    @Jun Kurosu Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable have good intros so no.

  65. Jun Kurosu

    Jun Kurosu日 前

    Its a tradition that persona rerelease have worser openings

  66. Jonah Laining

    Jonah Laining5 日 前

    lkevsan I only said that because some other person gave me ration of shit saying that “it was done by A1.” Otherwise... I agree, the animation is pretty choppy. It is what is, though. Can’t change it, now.

  67. lkevsan

    lkevsan5 日 前

    @Jonah Laining I wasn't far off. Yikes it shows that they had some stuff left from the crappy anime adaptation.

  68. Jonah Laining

    Jonah Laining5 日 前

    Actually, it was done by CloverWorks. A1 is connected with them, but it was CloverWorks.

  69. Huy Trương Văn

    Huy Trương Văn7 日 前

    The animation is not good. The previous op is much better in term of visual. DId the team that animated the anime's adaptation made this?

  70. 。 MIOYA

    。 MIOYA7 日 前


  71. -アルミン-Armin

    -アルミン-Armin7 日 前

    Hey Atlus make Persona 5 in french please.

  72. moriy mori

    moriy mori7 日 前


  73. ovitaL

    ovitaL7 日 前

    hope that they take the extra mile and add a few more frames to that kasumi part